Analysis, forecasting, risk assessment in Africa since 1986.

SouthScan Ltd is a UK-based company set up to aid understanding of the dynamic processes of change in Africa.

The SouthScan service on South Africa and the Southern and Central African region is a premium political and economic analysis service established in 1986, publishing for our clients impartial reports from Johannesburg and other regional centres, and from Brussels, London and Washington. Our analysis is forward-looking and geared to the needs of business, non-governmental and government policy strategists.

Our political and economic reports are compiled by experienced and well-placed analysts. At critical junctures we carry rolling news and analysis on our website.

Please have a look at the sample material on this site - and we hope you decide to join our subscribers and clients, too. Our reports will give you the insight on African policy issues you or your organisation may need, beyond the news.

SouthScan's clients are diplomats, business leaders, academics, aid agencies, government administrators from all over the world - in fact all those whose special interest is Africa.

They include leading businesses - like Shell Exploration - De La Rue - Smith & Nephew - Barclays - Philip Morris - Press Corporation, Malawi - BP Namibia - Innovest, Malaysia - Aid agencies - like CIDA - Africare - DanchurchAid - academics, government administrators and diplomats throughout the region and abroad.

  • SOUTHSCAN BULLETIN: Bi-weekly subscription-only reports on politics in South Africa and its neighbours;

  • SOUTHERN AFRICA MONTHLY REGIONAL BULLETIN - MRB: Monthly reports focusing on economics and business in Southern African Development Community countries; from March 2009 we have rolled the political and economic reports into one monthly publication.

  • Country and sectoral reports, purchased individually.

  • Online or CD-Rom guides to the DR Congo

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SouthScan Associates provide consultations to individual clients and commissioned reports on sectors of interest to clients.

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