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Africa is opening up for economic development. First and foremost natural resources, but also major infrastructural and industrial projects are surging ahead.
As part of the SouthScan service we deliver country and sectoral reports and risk assessments on African countries for clients interested in the new commercial and investment possibilities. SouthScan Associates in Johannesburg, Brussels, Washington or London are available for individual consultation or can deliver information and analysis tailored to your needs.

 The entire region from Cape to Congo is opening up for international trade and investment as never before, often using the springboard of South Africa. But risks abound - for business, for aid organisations, for individuals. Stability is precarious. Government policy is fluid.

In this climate South African and international companies are signing reconstruction deals to rebuild shattered infrastructure and stagnant businesses. Parastatals are being privatised and tariff barriers are dropping. Commodities from copper to oil are booming. Governments are grasping at foreign investment and trade opportunities. Throughout Africa new political actors are coming to the fore.

If you are contemplating investment or are extending trade, or simply monitoring some of the world's biggest newly emerging markets, and want to keep ahead of fast moving events ... talk to us.

Our clients and subscribers include leading businesses - like ·Shell Exploration ·De La Rue ·Smith & Nephew ·Barclays ·Philip Morris ·Press Corporation, Malawi ·BP Namibia ·Innovest, Malaysia - Aid agencies like ·CIDA ·Africare ·DanchurchAid - academics, government administrators and diplomats throughout the region and abroad.

 Reports and trends
·Investment and aid ·Regional structures ·International links ·Infrastructure ·Political news and analysis ·Commodities and mining ·Development ·Trade · SA economic trends.

· Risk assessment · Latest indicators from leading analysts Morgan Stanley Capital International · Latest South African economic indicators from Johannesburg-based Stanbic · Latest commodities indicators · Latest political intelligence from regional correspondents.

Authoritative analysis
Our service is carried by the Financial Times/ Dow-Jones/ Dialog Corp. online services.

 If you are considering trade or investment in Africa contact our Washington office and see how we can help.

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