Southern Africa Monthly Regional Bulletin
Vol 9/ 2000
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MRB 01/00
Bid to tax informal diamond market with mining areas retaken
Israel link threatened
Ivorian coup is a serious setback for Savimbi's network
Moves to meeting IMF transparency requirements on oil revenues
MRB 02/00
EU agrees to humanitarian aid
Funds from US to buy food
SA tells Luanda hardliners they need to negotiate with Unita
MRB 03/00
EU agrees to humanitarian aid
Inflation slows, currency stable
Unita still using diamond funds for arms says report
MRB 04/00
Energy accord with Namibia
Faint praise for sanctions report
Fresh offshore oil find
Government set to open telecomms sector
Luanda focuses on its regained diamonds
New Unita military structure
Restructuring begins with announcement of IMF agreement
MRB 05/00
Bid to revitalise coffee production
China to build motorcycle assembly line
MRB 06/00
Brazilians will renovate power
Government and Unita meeting claimed as amnesty announced
Luanda to privatise port terminals
Southern road repair
Spain to finance Cabinda power
MRB 07/00
Army claims Unita ousted from diamond areas
Israeli companies prepare
Italy to help finance de-mining
MRB 08/00
ADB to resume cooperation
Unita raids diamond mine
MRB 09/00
$15m to combat AIDS
GDP for five years totalled 6.5%
Normalisation process begins in pacified zones
Soldiers withdrawn
USAID to help on nutrition, health
USAID, Texaco contribute
MRB 10/00
Ahead of key IMF oil audit Luanda is set on rehabilitation course
Biological arms accusation
Red granite to be quarried
Steel, manganese to be relaunched
MRB 12/00
Oil accounts review agreed

MRB 01/00
EU to aid government in skills training
Hyundai shuts down
MRB 02/00
EU to fund forestry development
Opposition leader quitting
MRB 03/00
BDF gets new funding
MRB 05/00
Aids will shrink economy by nearly a third
Evacuation plans for farmers
MRB 06/00
Central bank urges more liberalisation, fewer subsidies
MRB 09/00
Reshuffle as Khama returns
MRB 11/00
AIDS causes half natural deaths
MRB 12/00
New mine announced by De Beers

Congo DR
MRB 01/00
Kabila fails to show for summit
Massacres in east 'continuing'
MRB 02/00
Battles around key river town but elsewhere positions consolidate
Chevron to invest $75m
Devaluation and economic crash 'caused by war'
Diamond exports drop
Telecel seeks comeback after talks with Kabila
MRB 03/00
Peace force gets clearance - but SA will not be welcome
MRB 04/00
Deep crisis among rebels
Zimbabwe troops seen as block to movement on an effective ceasefire
MRB 06/00
International calls resume
Kabila ditches bank's staff
MRB 07/00
Costs of peace mission set
MLC leader accuses UN of partiality as fighting spreads in the north
SA peacekeepers on hold after Kabila's block
MRB 08/00
Diamond monopoly with Israelis
Escalation of war likely after Lusaka summit failure
Iscor keen to restart Kipushi
Rebels use new openings to boost economic activity
MRB 09/00
Brazzaville wants to join peace process
Clampdown on media
Diamond deal to cut smuggling
Diplomatic offensive after failure of Lusaka summit
Economy worsens
MRB 10/00
Arrest warrant attacked
Kabila's personal airline has monopoly
Maputo summit agreement will be hard to implement
One million said to be infected
Parastatals 'killed' by government
TV and radio station taken over
MRB 11/00
Economic production collapses amid fresh fighting
MRB 12/00
Foreign minister replaced
Opposition seeks to isolate Kabila
UN monitoring to be extended

MRB 01/00
Bid to end tied aid running into the sands
EU-SA trade delays will not affect short-term growth
SA in mid-range of emerging markets
Uganda and Congo bottom of UN aid list
MRB 03/00
Belgium opens diplomatic offensive in Central Africa
MRB 04/00
ACP-EU deal up for ratification
MRB 06/00
Chinese privatisation experience sought by S.Africans
MRB 07/00
Foreign interest in mini N-reactor
NGOs seek united policy from EU on Great Lakes conflict
MRB 08/00
Mbeki to visit Brazil
MRB 09/00
Iraq seeks power deal with SA
SA seeks changed IMF vote system
MRB 10/00
EU and ACP split over Zimbabwe
EU MPs back African AIDS drugs production
Russia, SA to sell refurbished Mirages
US trade act intended to boost Africa's light industry
MRB 11/00
EU to announce support for AIDS work
SA, China sign medical science deal
US-SA trade deal sought
MRB 12/00
EU donates R500m for water and sanitation
Jay Naidoo for UN telecomms body

MRB 03/00
Political tensions rise
MRB 04/00
SA agrees to pay for intervention
MRB 06/00
One per cent growth forecast
MRB 09/00
Government accused of delays
SA company gets road contract
MRB 10/00
Radio transmitters destroyed
Scientologists' breakthrough
MRB 11/00
Group buys 70% of Telkom
SA seeks to boost co-operation
MRB 12/00
Call for voter fingerprinting

MRB 01/00
EU helps set up blood transfusion service
Political parties in local polls queried
Support for roads and rural development
MRB 02/00
Business seeks more security
Counterfeiting racket
Mining sector for promotion
President sets up advisory group
MRB 03/00
Africa's highest maize surplus
Consultants to assess privatization of telecomms
Foreign firms to boost defunct railways
New cabinet 'too regional'
Revenue collection privatised to cut corruption
MRB 04/00
Cut spending ahead of debt relief, says IMF
Government to repossess idle land
MRB 06/00
Communications company is split
Corruption 'snares a third of revenues'
Targets missed
Tobacco prices hit currency
MRB 07/00
High rate of deforestation
Parastatals under fire in budget
Scarcity of potable water 'serious'
MRB 08/00
Fish harvest collapses
US textile sales sought
Work accidents on the rise
MRB 09/00
Gloomy forecast for economy
IMF warns on high-level fraud
Japan grants debt relief aid
US gives for poverty reduction
MRB 11/00
Mixed reaction to new cabinet

MRB 01/00
Old guard is removed from government as Frelimo digests its electoral near disaster
MRB 02/00
Aid after severe flooding
German bank funds electricity project
Refugee influx from Great Lakes region
Renamo gives next ultimatum
MRB 03/00
Floods disaster may hit new investment, but yield more debt relief
MRB 04/00
EU and US agree to fund railway rehabilitation
Gemstone mine project
High growth rate still sought
Landmines rise after the floods
Mozal construction in final phase
New debt reduction package
Renamo seeks governorships
SA may review Cahora Bassa agreements
Sugar company to relaunch livestock
Whites farmers to move over
MRB 06/00
Cashew industry still threatened
Consultative group meets funding needs
Funding needs supplied, but with conditions
HCB chairman calls for privatisation
Mines cleared from Sena rail
Post mortem on election performance
Telecomms centre for Tete
MRB 07/00
AfDB funds dam project
Rail talks resume with Malawi
Transport deal with Zimbabwe
MRB 08/00
Nacala port services to be boosted
Poverty programme rushed through
Steel project feasibility examined
MRB 09/00
British consortium heads private management of Maputo port
Gas pipeline to begin next year
Ireland funds projects in Niassa
Japan to help build bridges
Renamo turmoil after expulsion
Sena line may be rehabilitated
UK timber firm exports suspended
MRB 10/00
AIDS said to cut workforce by 15%
Challenge to Dhlakama
Lake service to boost trade
UK donates to health sector
MRB 11/00
Airport management to be privatised
Gas pipeline deal signed
Government eyes UAE free zones
Spectre rises of renewed fighting
Talks on resolving Cahora Bassa impasse delayed
US agrees to rail rehabilitation
Waste disposal problem stays
MRB 12/00
Fund set up for slain journalist
IMF eases economic reform pressure
LAM domestic monopoly ends
Post-flood pledges not fulfilled

MRB 02/00
Politicians get off the tax hook
MRB 03/00
Diamond mining firm posts strong growth
Unita talks sought amid more fighting
MRB 04/00
DTA, UDF named as official opposition
MRB 06/00
Oil firm signs up
Rights activist expelled
Warning on competitiveness
MRB 07/00
Aids blamed on Angolans
Land issue raised by Toivo
New policy on privatisation
Thousands flee fighting
MRB 08/00
Soldiers detained
Talks on troubled Trans-Kalahari
MRB 09/00
Anglo-American to develop zinc mine, refinery in south
Government to repay airline debt
Hereros seek compensation
Sea water desalination plant planned
Spread of HIV/AIDS reportedly slowing
MRB 10/00
Airline signs with BA firm
MRB 11/00
China to set up space tracking station
Construction contracts for zinc mine
Geingob seeks land reform aid
Kudu gas likely to go to Cape

MRB 01/00
Boost for SADC investment bodies
More debt relief in pipeline
SA and SACU concerned over rules of origin in SADC trade deal
SADC's growth outstrips the rest
War boosts AIDS but data still unreliable
World Court finds for Botswana
Zimbabwean spanner may be tossed in the Burundian works
MRB 02/00
Bank appoints Zimbabwean
Crops hit by floods
Economic decline ending says ADB
MRB 03/00
EU to boost Comesa's free trade push
MRB 04/00
Conferences, workshops, meetings
SA may help boost Nigeria's armed forces
Survey focuses on spill-over of regional war
MRB 05/00
Calls for increased US investment
Hopes for electronic processing of SADC deals
Trans-frontier conservation area
MRB 06/00
Comtel 'operating in August'
Conservation area will cross borders
De Beers seeks collective deal on 'conflict diamonds'
EU to assist SACU to face the FTA shock
Harvest outlook bright, but not in Mozambique, Namibia
Leadership issue raised in Burundi peace process
MRB 07/00
Control system on conflict diamonds agreed
Eskom to help solve Nigeria's power cuts
Hopes that world powers will take on Africa's Aids battle remain unrealised after Okinawa summit
Pharmaceuticals giants, hopeful of deals, take criticism coolly
SADC trade pact 'by September'
Support for democracy strongest in Botswana, weakest in Lesotho
WEF focuses on profitable sectors
MRB 08/00
Aid to Africa continues down
Emergency rations
Free trade zone will be based on well-established SACU, rest may align later
Malawi threat to Mozambican tobacco
SADC discusses diverting Congo River
The ring of truth
MRB 09/00
Burundi and the DRC claim to be ready for talks
Conflict on conflict diamonds
SA government under attack shifts Aids focus to drugs' price
SADC plans regional arms manufacturing venture
Sasol technology for Nigeria
Study finds hope for Africa's mining industry
Tanzania, Uganda veer to SADC, Comesa moves to FTA
MRB 10/00
Cashew, coffee support
Foreign direct investment still going to mines, oil
Mbeki seeks to revitalise Renaissance idea on tour
Members go slow on Comesa free trade plan
Upgrade for US crisis force
MRB 11/00
Botswana and Mauritius rated Africa's best risks
Brewer may prefer Mozambique
Joint SADC telecomms approach urged
Mandela threatens Burundian rebels
SA firm to build Kampala inland port
SA may go into Sierra Leone
State of the African Internet
Transfrontier park deal is signed
MRB 12/00
AIDS meeting hears costing for reversing epidemic
Embarrassment over Renamo meeting
Platinum rices set to rise
SA signs oil deal with Algeria

South Africa
MRB 01/00
Left blamed for economic failures
More European arms makers may invest
Radio highlights plight of refugees
Signs of turn-around give Manuel the strategic advantage
MRB 02/00
Arms loans for R29bn signed
Behind signs of turn-around lurk fears over foreign investment
Bid to sell stockpiled ivory
Boost for palladium prices
Economic impact of AIDS emerges
Less corruption in five years?
Low inflation sets scene for rates cut
MRB 03/00
AIDS initiative may signal denial of disaster
Amplats registers record production levels
Budget at a glance
Development elements of give-and-take budget outflank critics
Illegal migration from Mozambique likely to increase
Inflation concern means Mboweni may damp down growth
MRB 04/00
Exports hit historic high point
Go ahead for titanium project
Growth trend continues
Inflation targets hit by outside factors
Mbeki begins lobbying on AIDS
New nuclear reactor mooted for Koeberg
MRB 05/00
Aids is 'spreading faster'
Export target is million tonnes of maize
Mbeki seeks US aid to counter continuing domestic and foreign investment drought
Norway to help develop water sources
Oil flows from Oryx field
Panel gives 'dissidents' new lease of life
Rand slides fast on Zimbabwe news
Upturn ahead says rating agency
US to give $250m for development
Zimbabwe turmoil hits SA railways
MRB 06/00
Economy still sluggish after first year of Mbeki's rule
Investment in new chemical plants
Trade figures still sluggish
US giant leaves Pande pipeline
MRB 07/00
Further slump in employment
How SA's climate of denial arrived
Mbeki hears of 'Marshall Plan'
MRB 08/00
AIDS calculator
Arms exports decline
Doubts cast on size of profit from privatisation policy
Increasing regional involvement
Optimists see turnaround
MRB 09/00
Banks warned to change risk criteria
Global vagaries cause Rand collapse
Growth set to accelerate
Iscor in Japan steel deal
MRB 10/00
Arms maker's revenue surges 20%
China, Nigeria double taxation deals
Reserves, other indicators up
ANC business links unravelled
MRB 11/00
Increased spending, capital investment in upbeat plan
Mineral rights will shift to state
River dispute with Namibia looms
MRB 12/00
Church calls for a GE food moratorium
GEAR Mark Two aims to lure more investment and boost jobs
Water find may not save large-scale agriculture

MRB 01/00
Constitutional review attacked
MRB 02/00
Japanese grant to increase food
MRB 03/00
Deficit crisis looms because of less tariff revenues
Newspaper forced to close down
MRB 05/00
Investment treaty with Mauritius
MRB 06/00
Draft constitution by October
Industrial law plans changed
MRB 07/00
Bid to boost foreign investment
MRB 09/00
EU steps in to boost SACU receipts
Japan in deal for road construction
Labour law hits US trade status
Top aide sacked
MRB 10/00
Arms destruction equipment given
MRB 11/00
Opposition to monarchy widens but mass action is blocked
Power from sugar cane sought
MRB 12/00
Optimism as US hurdle overcome

MRB 02/00
Compensation from Uganda
French firms bid for water board
Prawn project abandoned
Revenue collection doubles
MRB 03/00
Port operations reportedly below target
MRB 04/00
Gas power generation soon
SA's ABSA gets stake in leading bank
MRB 05/00
EU targets weak anti-corruption strategy
Tobacco production in sharp decline
MRB 06/00
Business hits at failure to protect domestic industry
Coffee production rising
MRB 07/00
Export processing zones planned
Fresh World Bank lending
MRB 08/00
New mine commissioned as gold exports soar
MRB 09/00
Grain reserves dwindling
New port for Great Lakes
MRB 10/00
Large leap in gold, diamonds earnings
MRB 12/00
Approval sought for debt relief

MRB 01/00
EU funding to expand lake port
WFP seeks aid for relief airlift
MRB 02/00
Budget aims to foster new growth in mining and tourism
Japan grants $4.5m in debt relief
Mine owners to undertake environmental studies
MRB 03/00
Chiluba seeks more Chinese investment
ZCCM sell-off opens the way for more debt relief
MRB 04/00
Chinese planes criticised
ZCCM unions bite job loss bullet
MRB 05/00
Fears for Copperbelt peace as sackings grow
MRB 06/00
Britain gives $80m grant for mine
Debt relief in sight
MRB 09/00
EU gives massive $100 million for budget support
Over 2,000 prisoners die from Aids
MRB 12/00
Donors to relieve pressure on currency
Farmers complain at Zimbabwe tariff barrier

MRB 01/00
Brits yield on Congo arms
Pace of land reform criticised
Rautenbach wins SA court case
Registration begins for general election
South African banks suspend credit lines
MRB 02/00
AIDS drugs smuggled in
AIDS levy to yield at least ZD500m
Argentina offers nuclear reactors
Coffee earnings plummet
More privatisations ahead
Mugabe is rejected and SA watches in trepidation as fears of unrest mount
MRB 03/00
Mugabe ratchets up populist support as economy crumbles
SA uses fuel lever in hope of better relations
MRB 04/00
Concern grows in SA as consequences of Mugabe's land take-overs are weighed
Fears of e-mail interception
MRB 05/00
Election outcome may turn on a credible opposition land reform policy
Mbeki's sugar coated barbs
World Bank suspends loans
MRB 06/00
Election result appears best for stability and transition
Gradual return to normality expected, but economic crisis will linger on
Parliamentary targets
MRB 07/00
Makoni takes a gamble
Mugabe braves Matabeleland
SA to press IMF on loans for Mugabe's wrecked economy
MRB 08/00
Economic reforms may be too little, too late
Fresh uncertainty over farming
Fuel shortage becomes critical
SADC support ties SA in to Mugabe's game plan
Zanu considers successor
MRB 09/00
Anglo keeps its land in deal with Mugabe
Dismay spreads as Mugabe again chooses route of public spending
Iran may sell oil
Massive costs of Congo adventure revealed
Rautenbach extradition?
Targeted farmers will get no loans
MRB 10/00
Rioting reveals Mugabe can depend on army
MRB 11/00
Budget presses right buttons - but Mugabe may ignore it
Harare blocks Matabeleland link
International land plan hatched
SA business backs Mbeki line
MRB 12/00
Open prisons seen as success
Political crisis brings donor fall-off
Zanu-PF sets about restructuring after polls challenge