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Vol. 9 1994


Vol. 9/01 7 January 1994

angola: little enthusiasm seen as peace talks reopen in lusaka

angola: unita shells raise questions on strategy

international: iran reopens links with sa

lesotho: fears that diplomatic break with taiwan will endanger business links

malawi: opposition's border claims rebutted in dar es salaam

malawi: young pioneers 'flee to renamo bases in mozambique'

sa: 'new murder trial for gqozo after election'

sa: 50% surge in moves out of sa

sa: adelaide tambo may be london ambassador

sa: alexandra, on brink of peace breakthrough, plunged into violence

sa: azapo region seeks boycott

sa: bop detains anc figures

sa: buthelezi holds out of next deadline - January 24

sa: citizen force and commando pay increased

sa: crucial battle for natal lists

sa: delay till april for acceptance of gatt deal

sa: key question is where the floating voters will find a home

sa: local government summit

sa: lp header hendrickse decides to stay on

sa: luanda appears determined to press war reparations claims on anc government

sa: pub killings turned to account in battle on tec powers to send in police

sa: radio pretoria helps mobilise right wingers

sa: sexwale elected

sa: speed-up on deployment of peace-keeping force despite doubts

sa: two thirds want new 'workers party'

zambia: foreign minister mwaanga resigns over drug allegations

zimbabwe: bar on aids 'cure' claims

zimbabwe: drought induced imports register massive trade deficit

Vol. 9/02 - 14 January 1994

angola: coffee becomes second source of finance for rebels

angola: talks focus on police role while fighting intensifies

international: china-lesotho links

international: opic announces business mission to sa in February

mozambique: wildlife park on sa border comes step closer

sa: amidst inkatha bluster sa police quietly sent into kwazulu trouble-spots

sa: banks refuse east rand township home loans

sa: conciliatory path adopted as anc gives zuma narrow win for natal premier

sa: furore likely when radical anc economic manifesto published

sa: gqozo, under pressure from military chiefs, says ciskei will join tec

sa: hidden motives seen behind police clamp-down on pac

sa: high risks seen in sa

sa: pwv next to natal in death toll

sa: sacp veteran mhlaba selected for eastern cape premiership

sa: shooting incident turned against anc-linked armed groups

sa: transkei calls for tec to pursue sun city chief

zaire: uncertain future for mobutu's prime minister

zambia: chiluba sacks whistle-blower ministers

zimbabwe: ifc investment

zimbabwe: political leaders seek to undercut development of ethnic split

Vol. 9/03 21 January 1994

sa: likelihood of anc landslide bring new opposition strategies

sa: neglected rural areas not part of anc landslide

sa: frustrated right-wingers move closer to action

sa: crunch deadline approaches for freedom alliance

sa: no ciskei indemnity

sa: all killings to be probed

sa: little chance that pac's call for end to armed attacks will be heeded

sa: health programme drafted

sa: root and branch changes ahead in anc's new education plan

sa: un and other observers will number 5,000

sa: inkatha denials on payments for king's rally fail to stick

sa: ciskei delays entry to tec

international: france to aid peace-keepers

sa: electoral commission and tec add to pressure on bop to join elections

sa: sadf to replace isu in violent east rand townships

sa: namibia: preparations intensify for hand-over of walvis bay

namibia: civil servants dismissaled for misconduct

zaire: catholic church under pressure after archbishop sides with mobutu

zaire: sa diamond cutting works mooted

zambia: 'coup' warning

mozambique: renamo warns on government delays in demobbing

angola: economic package aims at fixing currency rate

lesotho: sa warns against opposition coup-makers as fighting breaks out in army

Vol. 9/04 28 January 1994

angola: fresh ethnic separatist noises from bakongo

angola: luanda backs away from economic reforms

sa: 'activist records' brought sacp members onto list

sa: anc publishes candidates list

sa: homeless take over land

sa: inkatha moderates gloomy on chances of fighting election

sa: new election dates will be imprinted by voter education

sa: pac discusses amnesty with government

sa: protest from anc members against moderate leadership

sa: pta chief resigns from udf

sa: radical afrikaans weekly bites the dust

sa: radio stations focus afrikaner right-wing autonomy demands

sa: regional breakthrough as sa is invited to help lesotho mutiny task-force

sa: role of police isu tops agenda in talks on new peace-keeping regime

sa: row looms with artists as anc prepares to maintain 'white-oriented' groups

sa: sanco will urge residents to join community police

sa: venda leader, link between sadf and mk, gets top peace-keeping post

zambia: budget prepared on failing record after high hopes

zimbabwe: probe ordered into companies' diamond racket

Vol. 9/05 4 February 1994

angola: chissano and dos santos seek cure to mutual ailments of war

international: 'no evidence of third force'

international: canadian trade could double

international: senior pentagon team visits to prepare closer ties

lesotho: mutineers lay down arms after commonwealth team brokers peace

malawi: uk agrees partial and conditional funding

mozambique: funds agreed for renamo and demobbed troops

namibia: lubowski inquest date set

namibia: no luck with first oil well but exploration goes on

namibia: police sent in after caprivi riots over land

reg: sa arms sales to rwanda confirmed, but questions over payments remain

sa: 'no' to toxic waste

sa: a third are 'poor'

sa: anc faces backlash from stalwarts overlooked on candidates list

sa: anc seeks to placate mining houses

sa: attack motive unclear as gwala escapes in shooting incident

sa: azapo to continue its war - and fight election

sa: doors stay open to buthelezi after hardliners win in inkatha meeting

sa: inkatha official submits documents to tec

sa: new dates again for election

sa: new peace plan goes into operation on east rand with sadf replacing police

sa: pac's transkei branches in rebellion over armed struggle decision

sa: preparations begin for setting up new provinces

sa: protests against venda leader chosen as peace chief

sa: tec pulls rug from under gqozo

sa: top generals' warning to de klerk may hide double agenda

zaire: mobutu sacks bank chief

zambia: truckers buy in zimbabwe

zimbabwe: major diamond find near botswana border

zimbabwe: shifting economic power discussed

Vol. 9/06 11 February 1994

angola: fresh fighting theatens advance in lusaka talks

malawi: kwacha floats free in dramatic move to boost export earnings

mozambique: renamo allegation

reg: nigerian sees regional role for sadf

sa: amnesty hits at security forces' role

sa: bop military prepared to use force against anc electioneering

sa: ciskei hit-list published

sa: constitutional problems on reintegration of ciskei

sa: fears for election in natal without inkatha support

sa: feud grows in natal anc branch

sa: kzp chief appears before tec, denies hit-squad involvement

sa: police responsible for sisulu shoot-out deaths

sa: popcru finally wins union rights in police

sa: repressive laws stay on books in preparation for clampdown on right

sa: senior london policeman in monitor group

sa: senior officer changes story in goniwe inquest

sa: tec prepares to discipline peacekeepers after riotous assembly

sa: zulu king shows hand in demand 'tantamount to independence'

swaziland: leaders reopen issue of return of kangwane homeland

zambia: chiluba launches corruption damage-limitation exercise in europe

zambia: new corruption allegations

zimbabwe: free sa agents to be freed

zimbabwe: ilo sets out measures to relieve poverty

zimbabwe: pressure mounts on reform package

Vol. 9/07 18 February 1994

angola: flec summit planned

angola: israeli aid?

international: canadian firms score

international: reebok returns to sa

mozambique: un accused of arms deals with frelimo

malawi: chakuamba set to take on presidential mantel of ailing banda

mozambique: renamo neck and neck with frelimo after sharp rise registered in polls

mozambique: repatriation of refugees postponed because of rain and landmines

nam: lubowski inquest may lie behind extradition treaty deadlock

namibia: inquiry into alleged misuse of drought relief

sa: anc appeals for funds for radio slots

sa: anc concessions weaken cohesion of right, but inkatha remains outside

sa: blow to hopes for early integration of rural local councils

sa: bop leaders show fresh willingness to talk as homeland anxiety grows

sa: ciskei's webb for tec

sa: electoral tribunals to be set up soon

sa: finrand abolition hint

sa: fresh showdown looms in culture wars with anc's arts supremo

sa: inquiry proposed into sa's future n-power needs

sa: more reassurance by anc on issues of foreign investment and minerals policy

sa: natal churches call for international peace-keepers

sa: ngubane keeps second job

sa: parallels spotted in angola

sa: platinum prices rise amidst concern over stability

sa: pondo king sees possibilities for restoration

sa: question marks over pac guerrilla chief's road death in tanzania

sa: world bank suspends township visits

zimbabwe: provincial elections exacervbate zanu differences

Vol 9/08 25 February 1994

angola: press muzzled by government and rebels says report

angola: sa right-wingers 'aiding unita in lusaka peace talks'

international: us stops toxic waste ship bound for thor chemicals

malawi: conference fails to address constitutional crisis of banda's death

mozambique: sa firm is front-runner in bid to clear mines

namibia: riot on eve of hand-over of walvis bay

sa: anc sets out details of new concessions amid massacres in natal

sa: canton strategy revealed as more afrikaner towns declare udi

sa: ciskei denies formal pact as pac casts around for electoral allies

sa: holomisa decides to remain transkei ruler - and anc candidate

sa: hopeful return to paying rents

sa: ideas awaited on flag

sa: kwazulu capital of ulundi tense as alleged anc supporters flee

sa: lloyds adds risk clause for sa elections

sa: more anc activists arrested in bop after demonstration

sa: more details of 'third force' likely after elections

sa: mutiny by prison warders in ciskei ends

sa: nineteen parties registered

sa: no hope for natal poll say peace monitors

sa: right-wing war 'to start when parliament sits'

sa: tec takes over minister's radio licence functions

sa: two-thirds of army now black

zimbabwe: prospects for good harvest fade

zimbabwe: telecomms strike breaks long period of industrial peace

Vol. 9/09 4 March 1994

angola: 'new realism' seen in government plan for restructuring economy

angola: aid agencies return to unita headquartersinternational: more monitors arrive to boost contingents

international: us leads boost in foreign investment with $100m fund

malawi: frelimo says it will use force to remove young pioneers

malawi: kenya's ruling party promises election help to mcp

mozambique: border may be re-electrified

mozambique: government begins unilateral demobilisation

mozambique: sa companies get aid to buy in mozambique

sa: anc takes gamble on 'impartial' international mediator to break impasse

sa: bumper harvest may divert hardline farmers in avf's heartland

sa: confusion remains over azapo's role in election

sa: dp sets out its manifesto for 'social market'

sa: funding crisis looms as anc gets into election stride

sa: iec gets guarantee of free electioneering from each party

sa: names proposed for iba

sa: peace-keepers go on strike

sa: r23m to be spent on protecting police homes

sa: recalcitrant homelands will be forced to allow voting says tec

sa: strikes spread in bop over pensions

zimbabwe: demonstrations legal after court case

Vol. 9/10 11 March 1994

international: black americans take place of whites leaving sa

international: israel visit only after peace

international: non-lethal technology on offer as un considers sa mine vehicles for bosnia

international: visit soon from germany's finance minister

international: sa-russian business deal signed

malawi: banda teeters into view to boost morale of ruling party

reg: sa airways fills flights gaps in cameroon

sa: anc-ifp youth find harmony in joint congress

sa: buthelezi finds new delaying tactic over candidates

sa: buthelezi-mandela talks appear to open loopholes for voter education

sa: chaos in bop opens way for split in right-wing as awb drives for war

sa: generals seek to dispel view that afrikaner volksfront is splitting

sa: gold and foreign reserves fall to r8.8bn after 'bullet' payment

sa: hospitals agree to voter education

sa: level of political killings is falling says hrc

sa: new figures given on black poverty levels

sa: np stands to gain 10% if right-wing continues boycott

sa: public servants share misgivings on future after reincorporation

sa: rising tide of attacks reported by monitors

zambia: car gang crosses borders

Vol. 9/11 18 March 1994

angola: hopes mount of peace deal

international: sa concentrates on gulf sales after earlier success

malawi: opposition bickering and banda's resilience open way for ruling party

mozambique: cashew privatisation

right-wingers train over 1,000 inkatha volunteers in natal

sa: anc faces task of sacking homeland civil servants

sa: ciskei civil servants seek reassurance from gqozo

sa: critical ag report

sa: depleted right-wing threatens come-back in 200 small towns

sa: dissent over peace-keepers' inflated pay rates may spread to sadf

sa: elections body seeks to adapt as rules broken

sa: gunmen kill three in homeland church attack

sa: hopes plummet for peaceful election in natal after attacks on anc rally

sa: mopping up begins after mangope's downfall

sa: new 'interim' flag finally decided on

sa: pac lists candidates

sa: shoot-out with germans

sa: umlazi incident may become catalyst for tec

zambia: better tax collection

zambia: hardline gesture to convince donors

zimbabwe: internal crisis in forum party

zimbabwe: summit brings optimism on mozambique peace

zimbabwe: voter registration drive begins

Vol. 9/12 25 March 1994

angola: allegations of sa military aid flights to unita

angola: church takes issue with cabindans

angola: divergent views of peace process

malawi: donors cautious of government call for food aid

mozambique: renamo wants 20,000 ceiling on troops

namibia: deal with sa on walvis bay staff

reg: mozambique arms for inkatha fears

region: taiwan denies rhino threat

sa: airforce signs secret deal with israel

sa: arrested german is wanted arms specialist

sa: arrested german is wanted arms specialist

sa: business fears during election

sa: business voices fears over election disruption

sa: ciskei is reincoroporated as gqozo throws in towel

sa: ciskei reincorporated as gqozo throws in the towel

sa: first non-racial city list

sa: goldstone puts official seal on third force claims

sa: housing scheme go-ahead

sa: moratorium on landmine sales

sa: more signs of coloured swing to np

sa: new afrikaner radio takes to air

sa: np finds acclaim in coloured area

sa: opposing wings of afrikaner right prepare for poll and volkstaat future

sa: pressure on credibility of buthelezi

sa: prisoners want vote and freedom

sa: prisoners want vote and freedom

sa: right wing radio goes on air ahead of new law

sa: showdown looms in natal between buthelezi and tec

sa: tec asked to act on sudan arms claim

sa: tec task force identifies hit-squad evidence from buthelezi's office

zimbabwe: manicaland starvation threat

zimbabwe: minister defends take over of white farm

Vol. 9/13 8 April 1994

namibia: koevoet members seek to return from sa

namibia: official arrested on fraud allegations

reg: anc zimbabwe fund-raising

sa: 'apla' members arrested in transkei

sa: deal institutionises talking about volkstaat

sa: defiant police chiefs leave posts again

sa: denel seeks to placate scientists

sa: evacuation plan stories criticised

sa: final polls show np gains and anc not yet breaking two thirds barrier

sa: goniwe verdict onlt after election

sa: guerrillas return to integration in new army

sa: half peace-keeping force needs re-training

sa: iec tribunals face long haul in natal

sa: moslems attack move as splittist

sa: mystery on johannesburg 'snipers' continues

sa: natal emergency lacks credibility as troops depend on police

sa: new anc economic draft pushes union role

sa: pressures grow on pension funds as homeland civil servants panic.

sa: radio pretoria seeks to stay on air for six years more

sa: saaf calls up part-timers

sa: whites flee to 'escape town'

zimbabwe: leaflet airdrops to fight voter apathy

Vol. 9/14 15 April 1994

angola: 'prisoners dying in main jails'

angola: troops skirmish over diamonds

angola: unita says zambia's electoral system should be adopted

international: delhi prepares for worst in sa

malawi: foul play seen in elections process

mozambique: world bank agrees loans for rebuilding roads

sa: 'volkstaat' towns begin recruiting and preparing for breakdown of order

sa: anc commits itself to joining sadc after election

sa: development bank must go says civics group

sa: far left begins to organise as sacp prepares for battle

sa: finrand buckles under impact of panic stories in white community

sa: magnate o'reilly organises $6m for voter education

sa: massive backlog in voter arrangements

sa: military's secret budget will help pay for reconstruction plan

sa: mk says it will hand over arms caches to new force

sa: tec faces rolling public servants strikes

sa: tec gets elections broadcasters of financial hook

sa: top mk officers in new unified force 'were government agents'

sa: violence changing character as mediation collapses

sa: white emigration triples

swaziland: only ship missing at sea

tanzania: sa company invests

zimbabwe: mugabe agres to farms probe

zimbabwe: stock market plunges

Vol. 9/15 22 April 1994

angola: sa mercenaries' role described

lesotho: government paralysed by fear of army coup

mozambique: passenger rail links again

namibia: first private radio station

namibia: inquest hears of ccb involvement in lubowski's killing

region: 'rwandans sought sa arms'

sa: anc struggles uphill to prevent second wealthiest

sa: bomb blasts in right-wing strongholds as elections

sa: buthelezi 'was preparing to fight it out'

sa: buthelezi retains options despite collapse of his house

sa: debacle as peace-keepers move into east rand

sa: diary for election and change of government

sa: fresh killing leads to suspicion of 'third force'

sa: iec pulls out all stops to accommodate election

sa: largest contingent of mk will not return until after

sa: police brush aside questions on supply of guns

sa: police promotions and retirements mount

sa: pretoria capitulates on armscor extradition case

sa: urgent push to cover newly secure no-go areas

sa: winnie case haunts anc as pac hits at zambian

zaire: sa exports soar to $100m

zimbabwe: secret parliamentary committee favours mugabe tribe

Vol. 9/16 29 April 1994

angola: news system for fixing kwanza rate

angola: unita allegedly waiting for sa election results

international: uk study spells out difficult task of new government

lesotho: minister flee to botswana

malawi: violence continues to threaten prospects for

reg: adb, a bank on the rocks, waits to welcome sa's

region: world bank focusses on living costs

rwanda: old antagonism to rebels may lie behind

sa: administrators stay in former homeland

sa: all electoral rules bent in remote rural areas

sa: anc looks into fuels protection

sa: british cabinet model will be used in bid to control

sa: critical views taken on time needed

sa: economic pressures likely on peace keepers

sa: election reveals sa's hidden millions

sa: fishing industry to be opened up - anc paper

sa: local authorities seek to rebuild finances

sa: regional links high on new agenda

sa: right-wing terror attacks expected to continue despite

sa: row looms on tv downgrading of afrikaans

sa: union membership falls

zambia: airforce deal with sa

zimbabwe: 'shots at presidential motorcade'

zimbabwe: nkomo seeks foreign investors

Vol. 9/17 - 6 May 1994

angola: cabinda offensive in preparation

angola: group threatens attacks on zaire from angolan bases

angola: major issues remain despite deal on election details

angola: portugal sees role for new sa

burundi: sa rifles found at base of hutu 'army'

sa: former mk guerrillas rebel in camp

international: ahead of inauguration donors line up

international: australia sees emergence of indian ocean triangle

international: european investors will hold off for year or more

international: imf believes sa will rely on foreign funds

international: taiwan, uncertain of links, offers loans

international: us companies increase stake in sa

malawi: electoral pact agreed

namibia: grootfontein 'dangerous'

region: adb acknowledges that sa not so keen to join

region: call for transport funding

sa: 'deal struck with inkatha over control of kwazulu natal'

sa: affirmative action main hurdle for business

sa: as election dust settles anc leaps in with land reform plan

sa: computer fraud adds to other rigging charges

sa: mandela seeks to create future for losers

sa: mass housing starts unlikely before next year

sa: move begins to unite homeland police with sa police

sa: natal's saga of inefficiency and ballot rigging

sa: picture of population shifts in sa remain unclear

sa: senior police generals quietly step down after report on 'third force'

zaire: paramilitaries on rampage

zambia: unfair trade attacked

zimbabwe: hard hit workers stay away from may day celebrations

Vol. 9/18 13 May 1994

angola: expectations raised for peace talks after anc election win

angola: imf team in talks with government on new loans

angola: un appeals for more food aid in 'fragile' situation

international: bid for us pension funds

international: eu plans conference on links with southern africa

international: japan plans more aid

lesotho: army called after police strike

mozambique: dhlakama denies harbouring young pioneers

mozambique: fresh demobilisation delay as 10,000 go missing

region: $200-$350m of adb funds earmarked for sa

region: central power authority planned

region: pta bank in trouble

region: pta chief asks sa to join grouping

sa: despite respectable showing afrikaner conservatives fail to clarify intentions

sa: inkatha acquires significant power base in kwazulu natal

sa: key police ministry goes to low-key communist mufamadi

sa: pac's uk man returns after briefest of elections

sa: r100m for aids call

sa: top law and security posts are kept in hands of anc

sa: tussle continues on presidency of constitutional court

zambia: eu grant for refugees

zimbabwe: students join in as strike pressure mounts

Vol. 9/19 20 May 1994

angola: washington seeks to break impasse in peace talks

international: as summit starts brussels hints it wants to deal with sa outside lome pact

international: sa caught between china and taiwan

international: us n-equipment slipped through net

lesotho: defence ministry set up in tentative bid to control unruly army

malawi: 500,000t of food aid needed

malawi: new president seeks to defuse consequences of ethnic vote

mozambique: lack of traning facilities for half of proposed army

namibia: 550 koevoets and families seek to leave sa

namibia: probe set up into university finances

namibia: windhoek's experience with civil service holds lessons

region: sa denies it is considering intervention in rwanda

sa: after election sa's risk rating improves

sa: anc boycotts first joint meeting with inkatha claiming broken promises

sa: british military trainers to arrive in june

sa: business gets 18 months to promote blacks

sa: gqozo's party lives on

sa: mandela to call on youth to return to classrooms

sa: meiring spells out constitutional army role

sa: military expenditure in front line of battle for reconstruction funding

sa: political killings drop in kwazulu natal

sa: regional cabinets selected

sa: wide-ranging national health plan announced to cost over r13bn

zimbabwe: britain gives aids help

zimbabwe: in face of sa's attractions mugabe seeks investment

Vol. 9/20 27 May 1994

angola: diamonds guarantee ivorian friendship

angola: relief flights suspended

angola: vatican group proceeds with medition effort

international: mbeki calls for creation of nuclear free zone

international: un lifts arms ban on sa - and opens way for boost in weapons trade

international: undp chief calls for ban

lesotho: tense situation as government ministers held

malawi: muluzi's cabinet choices damage prospects for coalition with aford

mozambique: anxiety over security of miner's jobs in sa

mozambique: maharishi's land deal under spotlight

mozambique: refugees choose to remain in sa despite unhcr repatriation bid

mozambique: troops mutiny

sa: anxieties in richest province about carrying the can

sa: battle continues over seats in natal government

sa: controversy continues over issue of land cession

sa: death toll still falling

sa: ill-fated peace unit to be disbanded

sa: mandela calms nerves as sa's reserves scrape bottom

sa: mhlaba bans strikes

sa: modise appoints meiring sandf chief

sa: new police fail to allay suspicions in townships

sa: parliament prepares to deal with amnesty and the past

sa: ramaphosa gets top constituent assembly job to add to anc post

sa: sa may still purchase despite budget cuts

sa: vlakplaas chief faces four murder charges - many other still unanswered

sa: zulu king starts to shift loyalty from buthelezi

Vol. 9/21 3 June 1994

angola: luanda offers more posts as pressure mounts on warring parties

international: sa rejoins ilo

international: sa rejoins international organisations

malawi: first cabinet meeting

mozambique: fears mount for frelimo's electoral popularity

mozambique: washington concerned government may be withholding troops

namibia: bid to make government more transparent

namibia: ccb revelations expected from lubowski inquest

sa: amnesty cases mount as goniwe judge finds security forces guilty

sa: anc ends cabinet boycott despite failure to secure police ministry

sa: anc opens battle on township crime

sa: cp leader's talks with mandela produces further split among volkstaat supporters

sa: farmers say they will move to neighbouring states to help boost production

sa: frontline states meet with mandela to consider common future

sa: kzp hit-squad report finally surfaces

sa: largest jobs potential in kwazulu natal province says report

sa: meyer gets job or organising for next major hurdle - local election

sa: pac to 'change image'

sa: private radio grows impatient at iba delays

zimbabwe: attempt to form a credible opposition in disarray

Vol. 9/22 10 June 1994

angola: attacks on besieged city intensify

international: undp 'concerned' at arms plans

international: value of us trade concession questioned

lesotho: frontline warns of military action

mozambique: frelimo walks out after questions on missing 12,000 troops

namibia: slanging match highlights issue of corruption in government

new mps are given constituencies to make up for pr system's shortcomings

plans announced to clean up air pollution

president picked for sa's constitutional court

region: aid threaten sa's reconstruction - report

region: lome states arrive at formula to incorporate sa in pact

region: new business regional body agreed

sa: 'truth commission' to exchange indemnity for information on apartheid era crimes

sa: anc's honeymoon seems over as 'orchestrated' land occupation begins

sa: anc's reconstruction plan being married with 'normative economic model' says stals

sa: bbc for re-broadcast

sa: chiefs seek representation

sa: emigrant numbers double

sa: half of value of armcor's deals was in counter-trade

sa: inkatha renews call for mediation on constitution

sa: kwazulu natal violence on the increase despite anc reconciliation stance

sa: kzp still in charge as anc activists killed

zambia: new plan launched to promote privatisation

zimbabwe: nyerere fuels local discontent at imf adjustment

Vol. 9/23 17 June 1994

angola: control of huambo province main dividing issue

angola: kaunda 'called for mpla-unita unity government in 1974'

sa consumers pay over the odds for sa exports after bumper maize season

sa: amnesty issue gets tangled

sa: buthelezi angry as government delays giving provinces power

sa: buthelezi seeks to head off anc alliance with zulu king

sa: competition grows between sadc and pta

sa: cosatu scores with decision of bank workers to join

sa: drought and war brings renewed regional demand for maize

sa: hawks and doves battle over future of military policy

sa: modise backs down on bid to prevent revelations on agents

sa: pressure mounts on mandela to accept security role for sa in region

sa: prisoners' revolt shakes government

sa: regional neighbours prepare to amnesty apartheid era offenders

zaire: kengo's premiership comes with backing of western cabal

zaire: zaire officer seen as key in rwanda, unita arms supply

zambia: impeachment call after chiluba son's arrest

zimbabwe: food security comes back onto the agenda

Vol. 9/24 24 June 1994

botswana: loan to imf to boost voting rights

international: veil lifted on sa's purchase of enriched uranium from china

lesotho: uncertainty as government plays down possible task force role

namibia: chevron will drill first exploration well in January

namibia: ombudsman finds obstacles in his way

namibia: us donates planes in first step to creation of air wing

region: meeting on customs union soon

region: sa sends recce team before humanitarian aid for rwanda

sa: black consumer spending overtakes that of whites

sa: chiefs call for more powers in constitution

sa: de klerk opens debate on allowing breakaway parties in parliament

sa: families sue new government for cross border attack

sa: first post-apartheid budget seen as hang-over from former regime

sa: fresh scandal brews round diamond dealer's purchase of house for winnie

sa: increased sa tv content plea

sa: new role for anti apartheid movements

sa: niehaus is anc whip

sa: parastatals to be retained

sa: police chief warns of fall-out for anc ministers

sa: reinsurers still cautious on sa

sa: sa's hiv infection rate doiubling every 13 months

sa: site of kwazulu natal capital remains contentious issue

sa: troops move in to quell mutiny in transkei

sa: trust feeds police go free after de klerk indemnity

zimbabwe: mengistu 'has role in intelligence'

Vol. 9/25 1 July 1994

angola: luanda reports it hold cuito against rebels

angola: search fails to turn up former civil guard chief

international: us sanctions stay

lesotho: last ditch missions in maseru

namibia: attention turns to extradition as ccb accused of lubowski murder

sa: 'fundamental mischief' of old constitutional system remedied

sa: anc attends ulundi cabinet meeting in new detente to receive rdp money

sa: anc begins retrenchment of staff

sa: cost of transition added up

sa: democratic transition costs will hit few only

sa: gambling route to housing gets thumbs down

sa: intelligence agency comes clean with parliament

sa: key moment for defence industry to announce satelite launch date

sa: local election date recedes in bid to avoid repeat of april experience

sa: massive rates rises ahead

sa: mk generals move in as kasrils gets deputy defence minister job

sa: mk police killing case opens

sa: rdp bond mooted to woo relictant us investors

sa: thefts give bad impression say civil servants

sa: third of land to be redistributed over five years at cost of r2bn

sa: transkei military report soon

swaziland: nine point economic plan

zimbabwe: knives out for election campaign

Vol. 9/26 8 July 1994

angola: summit is first test for mandela in new regional role

angola: un denies aid programme biased to luanda

international: germans plan eu cooperation arrangement with sa

international: japan offers massive $1.3bn aid package

international: mandela dashes french hopes for rwanda backing

international: mossad accused in case of murdered engineer who 'planned to aid arabs'

malawi: muluzi presses ahead with minority government despite resistance

mozambique: sa firm wins out as un awards de-mining contracts

namibia: opposition parties agree to combine

namibia: pension rates desegregated

namibia: s&s gets miss world hotel contract

region: oxfam warns of shortages

sa: call to end emergency after outbreak of peace in kwazulu-natal

sa: computer deal for thebe associate

sa: cultural advisers selected

sa: dbsa ready with r1bn

sa: extradition process seeks to net right-wingers and fraudsters

sa: hostage taking reveals new attitude to authority

sa: kriegler gets job of probing prisons

sa: mandela sees first state visit to mozambique as key to region's stability

sa: natal anc leadership rallies behind gwala after sacp suspension

sa: no education yet for 1.6m black children

sa: no purge of civil service likely

sa: np against poll on ulundi

sa: task force to help unify police forces

sa: test of new finance minister likely to be handling of finrand issue

zimbabwe: white farmers go to court over land issue

Vol. 9/27 15 July 1994

sa: business goes on the offensive as polarisation looms over economy

sa: anc warned on formation of new, venal elite

sa: military seeks to ring-fence domain against demands from rdp planners

sa: political death toll rising again

sa: free health services announced

sa: police minister under attack for inaction while kwazulu natal violence mounts

sa: no release for some juveniles

sa: peace institute for robben island

sa: ccb agents to fight extradition to namibia

sa: kwazulu politicians accused of inertia

sa: one-off hand-outs begin for job creation infrastructure projects

sa: east transvaal grapples with mozambican cattle rustlers

sa: concern that pwv will divert scarce water resources

international: british business team reminds euphoric sa of central europe competitors

international: new us-sa tax deal ahead of business links

international: mfn status for india, sa

international: caricom to train sa students

namibia: land issue moves quickly onto election agenda

zambia: kaunda prepares to re-enter politics

mozambique: pressure grows on chissano to accept national unity government

angola: limited gains from sa summit

renamo's strongholds

region: sa university wins eu aids grant

region: eskom zimbabwe grid start

zambia: zccm unbundling report

Vol. 9/28 22 July 1994

angola: unita meets in sa, but remains cool on regional diplomacy

international: $833m french aid package

international: eu trade offer to sa

international: moscow prepares to reenter african arena with arms sales

international: sa 'developed weapon for unita with german help'

malawi: us troops in joint manoeuvres

mozambique: mandela arrives for talks after deal on arms smuggling

namibia: mininstries accused of fruad by auditor-general

region: sadc says military forces should be cut, cooperation increased

sa: allegations of bugging give rise to fears about intelligence agency's loyalty

sa: ceasefire agreed in east rand townships

sa: citroen into kwandebele?

sa: graves may be monuments

sa: gunmen kill family

sa: gwala seeks second chance

sa: inkatha's constitutional conference mirrors view of federal future

sa: mufamadi under fresh attack

sa: police plan to install massive us computer network

sa: row with israel over mossad threatens relations with np in government

sa: union movement at crossroads as retail workers strike

zaire: new government seeks to stabilise situation

zimbabwe: new zambezi dam agreed to boost power supply finally agreed with zambia

zimbabwe: swedish aid announced

zimbabwe: teachers demand salary increases of up to 60%

Vol. 9/29 29 July 1994

angola: peace talks in crisis after furore over sa mercenaries and zambia's secret aid

international: backing for black franchises

international: israel-sa arms contract details released

mozambique: extensive pact agreed with mandela ahead of october election

mozambique: mutinies among troops spread to maputo

mozambique: sa business seizes investment opportunities

namibia: epupa hydro scheme fails to secure local support

namibia: slow return for koevoets

region: sa, set to join sadc, invited to join pta also

sa: 'fragile' staff relations at dbsa forerunner of troubles elsewhere

sa: anc youth seeks influence

sa: bid to avoid confrontation as strike wave spreads to new sectors

sa: market theatre comes away empty-handed from culture chiefs

sa: military chiefs seek to instil discipline in move to integration

sa: no to tax breaks in e. cape

sa: outgoing kwazulu police chief now admits to existence of hit-squads

sa: pac seeks to gain from strikes

sa: police seeks right-wing bombers in namibia

sa: police torture accusations

sa: reports of a possible billion rdp borrowing to fund rdp

sa: sabc board chief admits to little change as yet

sa: sacob warns against state intervention on rdp

zambia: turn-around on batoka dam deal

zimbabwe: agreement with sa on provision of food supplies

Vol. 9/30 19 August 1994

angola: negotiators try to sidestep huambo control issue

international: cuba issue demonstrates difference between sentiment and new realities

international: mandela to visit us

lesotho: palace coup brings decision on regional task force intervention closer

mozambique: government admits battle continues with 'rombezia'

mozambique: pretoria agrees cahora funds

namibia: mandela suggests writing off r800m debt but is unmoved on reparations

sa: anc agrees to get things started in ulundi

sa: anc sets about reorganising after leaders are creamed off into government

sa: car unions seek to keep governmennt out

sa: divisions across political spectrum after r7bn military budget

sa: in the provinces first 100 days sink without trace

sa: intelligence agency sets out clean image of its past ahead of integration

sa: long wait for provincial powers

sa: manufacturing industry deal ahead of gatt implementation

sa: mboweni prepares for new labour law

sa: mufamadi to pursue hit-squads

sa: natal massacre trial begins

sa: new immigration policy unveiled

sa: r700m in township repossessions

sa: rdp savings 'will not affect government spending'

sa: steyn gets senior defence post

sa: transkei bequeaths massive overdraft

sa: unions' relationship with rdp to be defined at forthcoming congress

sa: venda job creation project

sa: voters' roll by next year promised

sa: zulu nationalism expands from rural domain and surfaces on campus

zambia: cheap imports from sa force factory closure

zimbabwe: official seeks interim pact with sa to end tariffs

Vol. 9/31 26 August 1994

angola: now unita seeks to involve catholic church in talks

international: eu to increase aid package by 25%

international: eu's 'concessionary' tariff offer to sa turns out to be paper tiger

lesotho: king faces sanctions pressure from pretoria and region

mozambique: renamo leader guarantees no return to war under any circumstances

namibia: swapo to hold pre-election consultation

namibia: embarrassment for nujoma as police search for major investor

region: 'sam-7 via kamina downed rwanda plane'

sa: affirmative action tendering inytroduced

sa: anc gets key security seat in return for yielding on kwazulu capital issue

sa: atomic energy corporation seeks to prove value with enrichment process

sa: civil service dismissal plans

sa: cosatu affiliate loses support to newcomer after truckers' blockade

sa: crieidtors swap debt for equity, ease way for new loans

sa: more trees for housing

sa: motor industry strike costs workers

sa: parliamentary white paper prepares ground for debate on rdp

sa: spate of police killings blamed on apla dissidents

sa: theme committees on constitution

zaire: china agrees to step up military aid

zaire: sa seeks to develop links with diplomatic winner mobutu

zambia: maize deficit warning

zimbabwe: platinum mine is biggeest foreign investment

Vol. 9/32 2 September 1994

angola: fighting intensifies as government prepares for offensive

ang: foreign mercenaries still being recruited

half region's cereals to be imported

international: eu lays down conditions for development aid

international: iaea says all nukes dismantled

international: protest over mandela's visit to indonesia

international: sa helicopter sale under threat from us competitor because of armscor sanctions-busting record

region: sa and tanzania rail systems to join up after tazara deal

region: sa formally joins sadc amid suggestions that pta be split

zaire: sa subsidiary may help build hydro plant

mozambique: sa unions to support frelimo

sa: 'affirmative action' tendering under attack

sa: 'postponement likely for local government elections'

sa: awb insists it is recruiting because of affirmative action programme

sa: deals struck over influential parliamentary committees

sa: integrated johannesburg will be largest city in country

sa: mandela's health adds to anxiety over fragile economic recovery

sa: mk officers into air force and navy

sa: police attempt to thwart probe into kzp hit-squads fails to get off ground

sa: re-electrifying border considered in bid to counter crime wave

sa: uncertainty about future of peace groups

lesotho: threat of military intervention in lesotho recedes

angola: un holds off on sanctions against unita as dos santos adopts had line on war

Vol. 9/33 9 September 1994

angola: katanga gendarmes again

angola: unita returns to talks while war advances on all fronts

angola: zaire continues support for unita

international: japan to send economic mission to sa

international: taiwan allocates r1bn for rdp projects

international: vaunted berlin meeting fails to address key issues for sa and region

lesotho: death in royal family gives letsie last minute reprieve

region: boutros-ghali launches attack on land-mines

region: despite debt burden growth predicted for africa

region: eskom starts work on zimbabwe line

sa: bid to bring kerzner to trial

sa: boycott threat as black township urges faster city integration

sa: car workers return with no gain and much bitterness

sa: cosatu may seek to strengthen alliance with civic associations

sa: mossgas to continue receiving finance

sa: new delays loom over integration of police and intelligence services

sa: new rdp anti-poverty projects announced

sa: no decision yet on bisho charges

sa: terror attack arrests made

sa: troops to be deployed on borders to quell rush of illegal immigrants

zimbabwe: government seeks to give massive boost to black economic power

zimbabwe: major arms deal with france reported

Vol. 9/34 16 September 1994

angola: angolan government prepares for push on rebel headquarters

angola: government prints money to pay for war

angola: heightened threat to oil installations in cabinda enclave

botswana: discrimination against women alleged

botswana: factions battle in ruling party

international: few illusions in region about eu's sentiments at berlin conference

international: holomisa on us visit

international: japan prepares for possible sa metals disruption

international: ngos hit at vagueness of conference

international: russia, sa seek military and debt arrangement deals

international: sonn to be us ambassador

international: swedes take issue with world bank debt

lesotho: military and economic pressure from sa forces king to yield

malawi: fortunes of former president's entourage under spotlight

mozambique: fears increase that election will follow angola example

region: mauritius to join sadc

region: pta objects to sadc plan for splitting it

sa: anc unveils strict code of conduct

sa: biko case to re-emerge

sa: buthelezi prepares to knit alliance with chiefs against zulu king

sa: slow pace of restructuring of security forces

sa: conflict in major union over regional control

sa: major government spending cuts ahead

sa: outsider to head w. cape anc

sa: peugeot considers investment

sa: population sa's 'chief problem'

sa: three year limit for land claims

sa: workers warned against german model

zambia: split in government over break-up of zccm

zimbabwe: 'whites still own 90% of wealth'

zimbabwe: entry restrictions on sa tourists and traders

zimbabwe: textile companies protest as subsidies cut

Vol. 9/35 23 September 1994

angola: 'sa approach adopted to accommodate savimbi as deputy president'

angola: curfew in diamond town under unita attack

angola: trade unions decide to change course

international: austria offers sa diplomatic mediation with moscow

international: modise to probe lebanon arms deal

international: pretoria likely to gain from change of government to old allies in sweden

international: thatcher pours cold water on major's optimism

international: us phone card deal

international: washington accused of haiti force 'pressure' on sa

lesotho: sa and others keep wary eye on deal after king capitulates

namibia: large-scale litigation threat against rtz

namibia: mismanagement at university may endanger katjavivi's post

region: $30m food fund agreed - donors sought

regional features

sa: anc veteran dies

sa: debt trap concern

sa: fears mount that split with king may end in division between 'zulus' and 'buthelezis'

sa: key witness in torture probe shot dead

sa: racial divide opens as coloureds allege discrimination in pwv

sa: restructuring ahead for commando units

sa: troops break up truckers' protest

zambia: 'privatisation delays helps corruption'

zambia: trade minister seeks tariff cuts from neighbours' in bid to rescue industry

zimbabwe: alarms sounded by industry

zimbabwe: no economic direction changes expected from zanu congress

Vol. 9/36 30 September 1994

angola: quibbles over names at peace talks

international: armscor's 'lebanon' sale deals blow to its business as usual campaign

international: german mps seek to boost federalism

international: s. africa hand may get top europe defence post

international: sa joins s. america in south atlantic group

international: sa warns against travel to plague spots

international: us business confirms investors not yet moving into sa

malawi: opposition leader accepts vice presidency

mozambique: renamo's financial problems solved as italy makes largest contribution

region: green light ahead for bilateral eu-sa cooperation

region: pta tries again for visa and tariff relaxation

region: us company wins more cell phone contracts

sa: after long period of inaction major changes in education heralded

sa: black business to get part of lucrative gaming industry

sa: final weapons caches of mk being unearthed

sa: fishing deal comes unstuck

sa: hit-squad probe now includes anc groups

sa: local election task group announced

sa: mandela holds cabinet together after buthelezi's sabc debacle

sa: mass amnesty includes hit-squad chiefs with embarrassing secrets

sa: sexwale to give away rented soweto homes

sa: verwoerd airport to be renamed

swaziland: warning of 'civil war' unless politics freed up

zambia: eu prepares more aid for structural adjustment

zimbabwe: land redistribution worsens farm workers' situation

zimbabwe: trade unions mount pressure to save textile jobs under threat

Vol. 9/37 7 October 1994

angola: murky tale may indicate armscor aks were destined for unita

angola: inflation in luanda grows

angola: unita blamed for namibi border deaths

botswana: slowdown in growth

international: contradictory investment rating means pension funds stay distant prospect for sa economy

international: mandela's washington visit unlocks mainly black us investment capital

international: nuclear safety deal with us

international: pepsi returns with black americans

international: regional response on haiti request needed says mandela

lesotho: court decision gives diamond mine owner hold over water scheme

namibia: forecast is swapo will exceed two-thirds majority in forthcoming election

region: news agency for sale

sa: business bankruptcies up 28 percent

sa: buthelezi returns with veiled threat tactic

sa: clash over pwv housing heralds wider constitutional conflict

sa: coloured activists seek ethnic separation

sa: district six trust formed

sa: guns hand-in day announced

sa: hit-squad witness ambushed

sa: liberal constitutional provisions under pressure as crime wave rises

sa: oil reserve to be sold off while prospecting continues

sa: royal statements sow confusion over intention of zulu king

sa: sharp surge in imports

sa: unbundling soon of anglo controlled company

swaziland: second poll held

zaire: belgium warms links

zimbabwe: attack on whites 'are not racist'

Vol. 9/38 14 October 1994

angola: texaco announces $600m investment

angola: uncertainty remains over unita 'offer' of unilateral ceasefire

international: call for un reforms

international: eu deal show up schizophrenia on sa's third world role policy

international: sa is setting conditions for aid

malawi: plea for food aid

malawi: strike against asian shopkeepers

mozambique: neighbour closes border ahead of possible upheaval

mozambique: plague incidents

namibia: farm owners should cooperate or 'face russian revolution'

region: sa considers 'green card' system to thwart illegal immigrants

sa: arms conferences compete

sa: armscor's ak scandal may hit international deals

sa: building expectations are down

sa: ivory inquiry will put military under spotlight

sa: military faced with large-scale mutiny by mk soldiers

sa: minority puts spanner in local authority wheel

sa: nedbank corners restructuring deals

sa: no high taxes pledge

sa: non-payment culture undermines sabc's bid for finance

sa: order books get boost

sa: poverty in former homelands stimulates drift to towns

sa: sacc gets new head

sa: sifiso 'in danger of execution'

sa: task group set up

sa: zulu king bids for support of chiefs

zaire: france also warms up relations

zimbabwe: government backs sa drive against 'illegals'

Vol. 9/39 21 October 1994

angola: un force likely to rely on regional and sa peacekeepers

angola: wariness remains but internal and regional pressure for peace deal grows

botswana: opposition makes strong showing

international: japan increases pressure for disbursement of aid

mozambique: movement restrictions 'a threat to election'

mozambique: renamo sets out basic programme

sa: anc mps allocated constituencies

sa: anc pulls out of w. province government amid accusations

sa: armscor inquiry panel will suggest guidelines for future sales policy

sa: buthelezi resists rural local elections

sa: de beers for indian exploration

sa: discount on finrand indicates rising foreign confidence in sa economy

sa: electric fence may be extended

sa: moratorium on death penalty to stay

sa: more tax relief sought for oil companies

sa: producer inflation

sa: right-winger exposes plot to kill anc leaders

sa: taxi war breaks out again

zambia: '40% of earnings service debt'

zambia: ministers sacked in zccm battle

zambia: rebels sell arms to poachers

zimbabwe: cotton crop will be higher

zimbabwe: free seeds give maize crop boost

zimbabwe: more calls for state protection

zimbabwe: plague cases reported

Vol. 9/40 28 October 1994

angola: bombing of zaire base 'an accident'

angola: frontline will commit troops to un force

mozambique: food crisis looms as donors fail to pay up

mozambique: sa logistics support likely if task force needed for disorder

region: us discovers high cost of setting up a regional task force

sa: car strike post mortem reveals union 'lost control'

sa: dramatic rise in tourism ahead

sa: farmers prepare to emigrate to west africa

sa: fraud 'industry' surges out of control of police and experts

sa: homeland movement joins anc

sa: housing minister slovo takes lead in ending township non-payment

sa: iec suggests ngo is best for next election

sa: impatience at slow pace of devolution

sa: keys reveals truth behind resignation

sa: language issue obscures sabc's bid to hang on to commercial tv

sa: mk soldiers return to base

sa: more delays ahead on truth commission

sa: new police union

sa: peace personnel likely to go to provinces

sa: question mark hangs over anc organisation and ramaphosa's role

sa: referendum bid in e. cape fails

sa: sa gives up on independent space programme in face of us pressure

sa: tensions rise in cabinet between de klerk and mandela

sa: way is cleared for integration of intelligence agents

Vol. 9/41 4 November 1994

angola: dorbyl starts platform construction

angola: government seeks to drive home military advantage

angola: savimbi to be vice-president

angola: zambia offers 1,000 troops

botswana: government to face economic critics

international: de klerk in argentina

international: iran to store oil at saldanha

international: japan gives credit rating

international: japan sees sa as conduit

international: pentagon eyes sa weaponry

international: uk still wary of sa's risk

malawi: expenditure cuts announced

mozambique: hopes for future stability pinned on cabinet deal

region: aids threatens insurance business

region: kenya denies sa dumping claim

sa interest in ghana mines

sa: agents names to be kept secret

sa: agriculture plan for blacks

sa: historic housing accord locks all sectors into rdp

sa: hit-squad chief to avoid inkatha link charge

sa: ngos secure grace period

sa: opponents join hands to claim griqualand town

sa: police generals warn of criminal anarchy spreading

sa: post-mortem reveals election risk

sa: stakes raised as buthelezi seeks to marginalise king

sa: thozamile botha for top ep post

sa: trouble looms with unions as government announces privatisation

zaire: china will sell cheap arms

zimbabwe: german aid service to continue

zimbabwe: parliament agrees to epzs

Vol. 9/42 11 November 1994

international: eu's investment bank announces leading role

international: portugal secures acp post

mozambique: refugees speed up return

mozambique: sa delegation rams home message of stability

namibia: two presidential candidates only

region: ministers challenge drugs

region: scandal at pta bank

sa: anc seeks to forestall internal divisions

sa: armscor seeks to keep lid on earlier deals

sa: co-habitation under threat after zulu chiefs boosted

sa: crime fears as over 2,000 mk fighters leave camp

sa: de klerk on affirmative action

sa: inkatha's scientology link

sa: legitimacy tangle in transkei

sa: mandela slams mine labour practice

sa: organised crime and security forces in taxi wars

sa: police slammed after massacre

sa: population growing at 2.1%

sa: right-wing destabilisation rears its head again after assassination of drc cleric

sa: waste embargo threatened

zaire: franco-african summit welcomes mobutu

zimbabwe: schooling, but not free

zimbabwe: threat of malnutrition

Vol. 9/43 18 November 1994

international: france offers submarine sweetener

international: gulf state links stressed by nzo

international: irish minister anticipates increased trade

international: pik botha denies lockerbie fore-knowledge

international: sa joins un council

international: sa yields on elephants

mozambique: funding help for frelimo

mozambique: renamo's alleged plans to take beira are denied

namibia: share ownership deal with cdm and state

namibia: talks ahead on re-forming sa customs union

namibia: war of words over air route

region: cold water poured on french peace force idea

region: oau members warned on defaults

sa: armscor bought 35,000 aks from china, for unita inquiry hears

sa: boost to sa economy from us pension funds decision

sa: civilian control of mllitary planned

sa: exchange controls will go when reserves reach r20bn

sa: fishing war between provinces

sa: human rights bill moves on

sa: intelligence service bills passed

sa: land rights restored

sa: miners object to fewer holidays

sa: mk soldiers threaten to resume 'armed struggle'

sa: poor wheat harvest in sa

sa: sdu members taken into police

sa: sexwale retains anc pwv job

sa: university cooperation

zimbabwe: aids conference will prepare ground for employment code

zimbabwe: exile ethiopian president charged

zimbabwe: grain export to neighbours

Vol. 9/44 25 November 1994

angola: bodyguards deal for savimbi

angola: ceasefire fails to bring more certainty of peace

angola: presidential election on cards again after ceasefire deal

international: business friend of buthelezi in trouble

international: disbursement hold-ups in sa threaten eu aid line

international: mandela calls us aid 'peanuts'

international: uk now leading trade partner

mozambique: chissano prepares to offer role for dhlakama

namibia: fishing catch limits set low

namibia: sa breweries discuss plant

namibia: women to get equal rights

region: lusophones postpone

region: sa drops rail tariffs for zaire

sa funding for katende

sa: 'truth' bill postponed

sa: civil service restructuring ahead

sa: drive against model c schools

sa: foreign ministry seeks to avert arms embarrassment

sa: ground-breaking deal signed in motor industry

sa: local elections under threat from chiefs as kwazulu-natal feuds re-ignite

sa: medical projects held up

sa: monarchy plea to queen

sa: north-west focuses on feud

zambia: state airline takes a dive

zimbabwe: uk grant when target met

Vol. 9/45 2 December 1994

angola: portugal sensitive to attacks

angola: un peace force will be largely regional troops

sa: 3.4% growth forecast for 1995

sa: bid to overturn kwazulu law in supreme court

sa: car-makers flock back to sa

sa: conservative councils stall on integration

sa: housing backlog overcome 'only in 1999'

sa: internal anc fall-out now in free state, too

sa: local authorities evoke fears among chiefs

sa: modise blamed for attempt to hide armscor customers

sa: political prisoners backed

sa: rebels set up new grouping, court hears

sa: voters' list begins next month

sa: zuma seeks changes to boost political profile

zambia: concern after airline bail-out

zambia: copper prices give hope

zimbabwe: mugabe hypes economic growth with 5% claim

zimbabwe: protection for workers in epzs sought

Vol. 9/46 9 December 1994

angola: ceasefire 'begins to hold'

angola: namibia seals off border near unita's jamba base

angola: no combat troops for sa un contingent

angola: stronger government forces sought despite ceasefire

angola: unita officials seek to damp down speculation on savimbi

international: eu conservatives seek mandela backing for rwanda campaign

lesotho: sa companies get contract

mozambique: foreign minister mocumbi tipped for prime minister job

mozambique: japan defence chief on tour

mozambique: telkom expects business boost

mozambique: un force hurries to leave

namibia: new chief for swawek

namibia: on eve of namibia election sa writes off total debt

namibia: reports of secret executive jet purchases

sa: black business threatens to break from employer body

sa: clash with traditional leaders heralds deeper splits

sa: coup bid arms found in cache

sa: economy will grow 3.4% says sacob in upbeat review

sa: first gathering for anc as ruling party

sa: reaction strengthens against secrecy compromise on truth commission

sa: support for anc falls, poll shows

sa: us pension funds strong backers of sa's bond issue

sa: zuma aims for double at anc national conference

zambia: bank study calls for slow-down

zambia: last ditch airline revival bid fails

zimbabwe: independent newspaper to close

Vol. 9/47-8 16 December 1994

angola: first crude from new offshore field

angola: un to boost monitoring force amidst violations

international: bond boosted to $750m after big welcome

mozambique: foreign investment three times higher than last year

mozambique: officers sold off army property

mozambique: private militia on rampage

mozambique: sweden to back cahora bassa power line to zimbabwe

namibia: no constitutional change before referendum says nujoma

region: engen in congo oil deal

region: few takers at minerals forum

region: doubts surface as comesa common market is launched

sa: armscor list unsurprising

sa: armscor takes over chemical war company

sa: at year-end mandela calls for more patience

sa: coal demand too much

sa: commission proposes new tax system

sa: cosatu throws down gauntlet on economic policy

sa: editor of o'reilly paper resigns

sa: general shot as transkei declared out of control

sa: hard line signalled against mk

sa: hardliners plan inkatha move from government to opposition benches

sa: housing delivery under spotlight as squatters engage in gun battles

sa: housing white paper targets

sa: indemnity for arms-bearers

sa: minerals policy document published by anc

sa: new ambassadors announced

sa: polls reveal cross-ethnic support maintained for mandela

sa: pwv becomes gauteng

sa: reserves rise

sa: sabc yields and calls on partial state support

sa: sasol deals announced

sa: soros to give $55m

sa: taiwanese to buy mossgas?

zambia: lay-offs agreed to secure aid

zambia: new airline mooted

zimbabwe: new tax measures aim to boost investment