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Index Vol.10, 1995

Vol.10/01 6 January


Oil sales to be privatised

Summit between Savimbi and Dos Santos moves closer


AIDS assistance

EU cuts back benefits of GSP

Gencor and Lonrho to mine in Russia

Japan may increase investment

Spain and UK on corvette shortlist


Banda and Tembo arrested after murder inquiry pins blame


Gun battle between police and soldiers

Police minister appointment slammed

Renamo to pop key question on provincial governors


Arms smuggled from Namibia to SA

Mass repatriation to Mozambique from SA

SA development

East, West Cape medicines battle

Eskom meets RDP targets

Media conference to debate law

Minerals paper issued

Whites only car industry union under threat

SA economy

Massive foreign debt bill will cut reserves and end Finrand speculation

SA politics

ANC has R70m debt

ANC maintains unity, but with a harder edge after historic conference

Boesak due for sack as aid scandal mounts

Impatience focused on slow change in public service

Mandela biography tops sales

Mandela seeks to take chiefs out of politics

NP fills cabinet post

PAC's new leaders seek revival

Provincial border dispute hots up with 'squatter invasion'

Slovo gets top award


Unip to hold congress to decide on Kaunda's comeback


Federalist party seeks to knit opposition

Vol.10/02 13 January


Military leaders lend new impetus to peace

Shots still across Namibia border

South Africans fighting on both sides, says general


Japan to get intelligence service, SA a target

Old nuclear scandal may hurt France's relations as Pik Botha comes clean


Government 'will not interfere in murder case'


Government will add 18,000 men to armed forces

Renamo boycott 'to end in March'


Zinc mine likely to find eager buyers


Peace-keeping meeting held in Cairo

SA may help restore Zaire rail line

Sweden freezes aid, cuts countries

Warning of renewed drought from Mozambique to Namibia

Zimbabwe may not join Comesa

SA development

Japan to send in grant aid team

Labour bill will cut working week, extend workers' rights

New forestry policy ahead

Over 160 foreign delegations visited

Record high for tourism

US editor for new paper

SA economy

Finrand drops

SA politics

Black Sash rescued for six months

Impatient crowd held official hostage

Killings mount again among ANC and Inkatha supporters

Mbeki makes plea for foreign capital as investors grow nervous of emerging markets

New housing minister named

No delay on local elections says Zuma

Police chief resigns on eve of Vlakplaas trial

Zuma seeks to cool border dispute


Violence threats 'serious'


Privatisation of ZCCM 'by end-March'


Bank says high growth could be damaged by drought, public spending

Vol.10/03 20 January


Journalist shot dead

New finance minister

Savimbi meeting to keep peace process on the road


Chinese Triads after perlemoen

Hints that Daimler may revive defunct SA satellite

SA offers Singapore military space

SA owes UN $104m

Saudis may hire oil storage space


Court ruling may hit water scheme

Moshoeshoe returns to throne


Concern at possible rise in government spending


Anglo to mine in Mali

SA development

Drought aid measures discussed

Law Commission suggestions

Non-racial schooling starts for first time - but resource problems loom

Operation Self-reliance to kick-start RDP and boost local elections

R6.1bn levy for national health

SA economy

48% of JCI for black stakeholders

Fewer retrenchments

Incomes policy may lie ahead, set up through Nedlac

SA politics

Armscor seeks amnesty at inquiry

Confused history of amnesties

Contralesa weighs in against Buthelezi's elevation

Defence spending under spotlight at secret cabinet meeting

Failure of secret bid to amnesty police and former ministers threatens NP unity

NP congress to map out new path


Guards in cities after arson attacks on official targets

Vol.10/04 27 January


Gloom settles again as rival army chiefs fail to meet

Zimbabwean battalion 'depends on SA involvement'


German states to twin in SA

Indian Ocean body backed - but in vague terms

SA may sell nuclear technology abroad

Vietnam blames SA company


Air France to end Maputo flights

April start to Cahora Bassa work

Chissano appoints governors for Renamo provinces


Border tension defused


SADC turns to the private sector as donor help recedes


Economy: Anglo presses for Sunday mining

Politics: Armscor gets ANC man

Politics: As talks on constitution begin Inkatha raises stakes with challenge to police minister

Economy: Economic indicators rise

Politics: Gangs attack illegals in Alex

Politics: Irregular unit set up by province

Politics: Mokaba-led tourism body to close

Politics: More sabre-rattling forecast as NP ends congress

Politics: New chiefs for spy agencies

Economy: New look at land financing

Politics: Peace-seeking IFP members killed

Politics: Police 'filled in standard form'

Politics: Police generals decline offer

Politics: Police told they can keep silent

Development: Shortage of school accomodation

Politics: Tension as delays mount on forum for traditional leaders


Investment ahead - at a price

New airline formed


Anglo announces investment

Vol.10/05 3 February


UN readies itself for peace force deployment

Unita troops barter arms for food


SA backs Japan for Security Council, Mandela to visit


Onumoz administrators stay on


Drought conference for April

SA takes over management of SADC's economic reform


Army service corps set up

Decentralise bureaucracy call

English phased in for army

Federalism main focus for debate for SA's final constitution

Government turns screw tighter to boost black

Homeland troops hired

Land restitution money sought

Mandela travels to sort out chiefs' impatience

Massive wildlife parks planned

MK caches recovered

New forum on tendering

New police chief faces riots and disarray in his force

New police chief takes on KZP

Pressure on Eskom supply

Rocky to 'advise' Molefe

Syndicates major crime threat

Truth commission hits heavy flak from rights groups


Budget aimed at hardening reforms will not aid poor

Tariffs on again as government heeds damage


Mugabe says structural reforms went too fast

World Bank loans $600m

Vol.10/06 10 February


Luanda claims Unita is secretly re-arming

New oil deposit discovery off Cabinda

UN agrees to send in peace force


Compulsory draft on the cards

Insurgent groups linked to Tekere


Items mount as government spending rises 15%


EU fails to agree new aid package for ACP countries

USAid loans $100m for business


'2% of gold output smuggled'

ANC gets voter registration and yields on mediation

Arms industry documents published soon

Boesak to face charges over Scandinavian aid money

Broadcasting Bill for all provinces

Business groups merge

Confrontation averted over KZP police graduation

Education department to publish

Far-right discovers it has missed the boat

German labour relations aid

KwaZulu violence could threaten local election says rights

Mandela cautions on following Angola route

Mbeki makes information act pledge

MK fighters block Durban road

Outgoing police chief warns he will tell who gave dirty war

Premiers prepare for Olympics

Provinces forced to re-submit figures

R100m from EU for health

Sharif to boost SA tourism

Standard Bank wins in Gauteng

Students seek warship money

Swedish PM to visit

Transnet health train a success

Water needs in N. Transvaal


Arsonists hit parliament building


Media parastatals collapse


Trade with SA worth R2bn

Vol.10/07 17 February


Government rejects Unita call for joint policies

Unavem III - facts and figures


Call for extradition treaty with SA


Cahora Bassa wire recovered


Cautious welcome to budget which raises

Feasibility study for Cunene dam

Mediation on contested Chobe river island


AfDB to visit SA

France calls off top level Lome meeting


Armscor will keep secret activities

Attack on Indian school

Biko relatives at seminar

Boesak may face ANC hearing

Buthelezi attacks Meyer over international mediation

Dissidents to attend Commission

East Cape security chief under fire

East Cape teachers' jobs to go

Farmers resist land tax idea

Firm line by Mandela seen as crucial to stop corruption

Local government 'could be undermined by RDP'

Lubowski inquest reopens

Plan for District Six

Police chief seeks to dilute KZP

Political prisoners' fund

Right-wingers may have neutron bombs - allegation

School nutrition row

Split in West Cape ANCYL

Troops to go into PE

Unisa to remodel courses

Violent response to bussing raises fears for integration

White union secures guarantee from Eskom on

Youth warn on divisions


Ministers queue to tell of assets


Mugabe ends local contest with vice-president

Russian accused of spying

Vol.10/08 24 February


More violations as blue helmets prepare to go in

SA prepares to invest $120m if peace secured


Accusations fly after riots


Australia prepares conference on Indian Ocean bloc

Mandela calls for more business with Sweden

Nzo to debate China issue in Beijing

R2bn Hong Kong trade announced

SA establishes full links with Palestine

SA urges Japan to buy from local black business


Guerrilla groups 'expanding bases'

Renamo seeks part of state finances as UN


pressed to move from disputed island

First mosque opened


SA mercenary company secures more orders


AIDS rate listing

As sides harden positions Inkatha walk-out threatens

Bank rate increased 1%

Key hit-squad court case begins

Law group backs change of amnesty date

Murder charge against Molefe

Muslim traditionalists battle

New urgency in Cape education after race incident

Post for spy chief

Soekor moves on oil find

Squatting invasion brings housing issue to boil in Gauteng

Thumbs down for Renamo adviser

Top level denials follow police spy's admission

Viljoen and Chissano agree on white farmers' deal


'One in ten carry HIV virus'


Tariff relief on textile exports to SA sought

Pension fund managers accused of corruption

Small arms sales bring in 'millions'

Vol.10/09 3 March


Bakongo group claims success

High level defector claims Savimbi plans more war

Unavem man says Unita is stalling


Argentine agreements

CIA fears chemical arms

EU-SA deal will sidestep Lome aid

Mbeki seeks telecomm route

UK business group to close

US puts SA on par with Russia


Cabinet reshuffle


Mutiny in south ends


Sleaze slammed by ex-minister


'Only three issues disunite government'

Anglo and JCI restructuring

Army to back up police as ANC takes crisis measures to

Code of conduct for MPs sought

Coloureds launch political party

Extra R1.59bn agreed by Treasury

Homolisa lifts lid on NP fraud

King seeks probe into 'murder bid'

Million and half seek jobs

More than 300 crime syndicates operating in SA

Mortars used in battle with mutinous Transkei police

Mutiny in Johannesburg

New campaign for rents payment

Polarisation looms after clash with Winnie Mandela

Probe into fraud in Public Works

Speaker apologises for apartheid crimes in Mozambique

Thumbs up for language policy


Ministers' cars 'stolen property'


Central bank governor ditched


Parties threaten poll walk-out in face of foregone

Trade pact finally agreed

Vol.10/10 10 March


Landmine clearers killed

Regional summit to discuss Angola peace crisis


Currency instability puts Finrand issue on back burner

Denel seeks Indian helicopter deal

EU gives R20m for adult literacy

New Belgo-SA construction firm

Thailand backs Indian Ocean bloc


Border tension over stock theft

Security chief held in mutiny


Chissano seeks to get rid of Malawi's Young

Renamo names new officials


Drought task force to meet


'Return Hintsa's head' demand

850,000 HIV positive

ANC can appeal in camps case

ANC holds to hard line on mediation

Confrontation over troop withdrawal

IBA grants more radio licences

IFP formally rejects truth commission

Mandela attacks civics in bid to win chiefs for election

Mines education deal signed

Muslim feast official

Over 2,000 European immigrants

Police seek freelance unit

Public service body for Gauteng

Riemvasmakers return

Second RDP draft in June

Sharp differences emerge in IFP over 'moderate' decision

Winnie Mandela appears to brush off bid to exert control


Reshuffle after cars scandal


Unita barter may supply arms to Lozi secessionists

Vol.10/11 17 March


Aid agency pulls out in anger


Austria writes off debts

French-SA deal agreed

SA to follow own course on Cuba

Storm over right-wing links in Namibia

UK firm to bid for corvettes

Vietnam seeks closer ties


Maputo-E. Transvaal links proposed

Oil exploration to resume

Washington keeps pressure up for accomodating Renamo

World Bank seeks end to controls on cashew nuts


Pensions to be invested in Namibia


Agreement in motor industry

ANC accuses Mangope's party

ANC hits at prisoners group

AWB talks of overseas office

Battle between Zulu king and Buthelezi heads for courts

Bid to end labour dispute history

Business world holds its breath for unitary Rand

Chiefs' role after election clarified

CP connection claimed

Foreign debt rescheduling

Hard line taken on students

History of controls

Miners seek quadrupled wages

Over 14,000 applied for indemnity

Q' gives details of police Vlakplaas hit-squad base

Stress on foreign investment in business-friendly budget and scrapping of Finrand

Stricter rules for aliens

Torture allegations against police

Tourism to generate R700m

Trials reveal more details of undercover destabilisation bid

Ulundi meetings discussed assassinations


National strike succeeds


Anglo help in restructuring ZCCM sought

Vol.10/12 24 March


French minister alleged to back Cabindan secession

Savimbi seeks closer SA and US involvement in process


Dutch and Belgian aid

EU team to visit SA

France reassures SA ahead of Lome Pact talks

Mandela to spearhead drive for Middle East trade

Plan for 21,000-mile fibre-optic cable round Africa


Austerity budget ahead


Concern over Zimbabwe water

Denel confirms land-mine contract bid


Cuban role in war acknowledged

Nujoma's reshuffle concentrates his power


Victory for Africa aid lobbyists


AIDS 'biggest threat'

Arms export figures given as military chiefs defend sector

Book-keeping chaos bemuses auditors in former homelands

Boost for trade and investment

Chiefs and Boers with long memories bitter over visit

First comunity radio on air

Gold production drops

Hong Kong office to open

Million new telephones sought

Namaqua farmers seek return of land

PAC Bop soldiers call

PAC targets local election in drive to renew itself

Police integrated

R25m for KwaZulu information

Re-training and RDP built into new union package

Soldiers reassert British traditions

Structural unemployment on increase despite strong economy

Summit on Olympics wrangle

Top IFP officials implicated in trial may be summonsed

White promotions under attack


Kaunda discovers popularity backlash against ruling party

Vol.10/13 31 March


Go-head given for first Unavem troops


Mandela to visit Taiwan

Positive discrimination backlash spills over into SA

SA at loggerheads with Brussels as EU refuses Lome accession

Trade delegation for Saudi


$5m sought for resettlement


Business seeks slice of refugee aid funds


Nujoma orders SA jets out


Rwanda wants SA judges to help


Airport name changes

ANC blames power sharing for slow progress

Back-tracking on pay as police go slow

Black business makes its stock exchange debut

Canada mining deal

Corvette money approved

First oilfield on stream next year

Lowest casualties

No progress as IFP mediation deadline nears

No storm yet after Winnie Mandela sacking

Regional energy body sought

State intervention call

Telkom discussion paper soon

Warning as closed shops end

Warning on creaking provincial administration


Army alerted but strike called off


SA to revitalise railways


Mining rights law soon


Sackings 'double official figures'

Vol.10/14 7 April '


will be sole regional troop supplier


EU appoints joint venture banks

Indian Ocean rim to set up forum

Japan extends Y10bn loan

Russia moves into tourism

Samsung to boost SA electronics


Woman behind Banda's throne charged in murder case


Diversion from Durban urged

Smuggled gold 'reaching Tanzanian bank'


SA brewery move blocked


Tutu on mission to Nigeria


200 SABC staff retrenched

ANC proposes solution for impasse through senate veto

Bop debt weighs on North West

Cabinet agreement to limit secret hearings at truth commission opens the way for speedy law

Heat off IFP in KwaZulu trial

Helicopters were part of UK corvette deal

IFP, without former military clout, seeks high ground

Leader of PAC, party of land, faces eviction from farm

Now estimate is 10 years to cure SA's housing backlog

Only 55 KZP recruits succeed

Police action threat hangs over crime-ridden country

Prison chiefs warn on budget

SA agents in Zimbabwe jail urged to confess to bombing campaign

Telkom moves to black firms

Viljoen finds another ready taker for Afrikaner farmers

Whites want death penalty

Winnie Mandela raises stakes to force debate on sacking


Drought aid sought

Polygamy blamed for AIDS spread


Kaunda presses for early elections


Tekere' dissidents acknowledged

Trade fair attracts more

Vol.10/15 14 April


Support for Japan in UN

Uncertainty remains over summit meeting


Belgium announces fresh grants

Bid for UK arms sales

Eskom signs new foreign deal


Regional leaders meet on constitution


Cell phone network on air soon

Company wins sea-borne coal deal


Another brief victory for Winnie

Community police 'hi-jacked'

Concern grows at apathy over voter registration

Farmers' union splits

Forgotten Volkstaat Council comes up with new blueprint

Former police arrested after hauls

IFP pull-out from Constitutional Assembly sets relations with ANC back to Codesa talks phase

IFP to censure officials for fraud

Lowest political death toll

Mangope angry he is singled out

Now S.Africans massively see police as on their side

NP under strain after deal on truth commission

SACP hits out at demagogs

UN becomes the acceptable face of SA arms sales


SA bank bids for Meridien


World Bank freezes road money


Defeat for opposition exceeds expectations

Vol.10/16 28 April


New US ambassador

Summit meeting set for Lusaka


Better chance for SA accession to Lome

SA will not cut ties with Taiwan

US 'concerned at nuclear relations with Iran'


Reconstruction plan gets welcome from all parties

Road damage calculated


Common market plan suffers from lack of interest

SA calls for SADC aid for Rwanda


After one year figures reveal RDP billions still sitting idle

Buthelezi begins to mobilise for local elections

Chemicals at Mossgas

Confusion as Mbeki jumps in to back Boesak

Cosatu calls for new regional migrancy laws

Food cost pushes inflation up to over 10%

Gold production outlook 'bleak'

Goldstone 'sought to indemnify De Kock'

KwaZulu-Natal conference

Latest AIDS figures show two in 25 have virus

Media attacked by education chief after mass sackings report

New competition policy drafted

SA must aid neighbours' - Mbeki

SABC calls for retention of three TV channels

Secret ANC-Inkatha meeting admitted

Trade balance dips

Trainee diplomats thwarted in bid to win postings

Voter registration period extended


Mobutu under pressure to move on democracy

Vol.10/17 5 May


Bid to host US meeting

Infrastructure rebuilding begins

Mine clearers finish training

Summit holds first hope for peace, but wariness remains


EU urges closer NGO links with SA government

Japan invites Mandela

Row over SA nuclear decision


SA bank buys Meridien in Tanzania


Boesak hounded, according to secret police document

Government suspicion of 'white' press stays constant

Mass prison amnesty may have averted revolt

Military awards ceremony cancelled

Political temperature rises as Mandela rounds on Inkatha

Poor May Day attendances may signal basic change in SA political scene

Students injured in racial clashes

Top police generals get training

Unity theme in Cape Town


Arms cargoes for Angola denied


Humane' structural adjustment

Vol.10/18 12 May


Negotiations begin on political power carve-up


Cubans offer to fill gaps left by departing doctors

Dutch-SA deal on small industry

E. European steel plant planned

More UN business comes to SA

SA slows down oil sales


Fears mount of gun rule after government's first year


Five year reconstruction plan gets all party support


SA to ease investment in Southern Africa

Zim gold production up, SA production down


Affirmative action bogged down

Bop AWB killer for court

Both sides of industry fear escalating violence

Children released from jails

Further probe into Boesak's missing funds

Mandela seeks to placate Inkatha with mediation pledge

Mandela seeks to reassure ahead of rugby invasion

Police stay unreconstructed despite new dispensation says report

Truth draft clears hurdle

US rights group blames IFP

Winnie diamond hearing adjourned after 'illness' plea

Vol.10/19 19 May


Cabindans want mediation

Link with Ebola virus denied

Mandela brings reconciliation experience to bear on Savimbi

Unita seeks to end SA mercenaries' role


EU's $157m aid for RDP

SA to ratify landmine pact


SA police extend reach over border for stock thieves


New liberal constitution 'closes sad chapter'


$25m from EU for Cahora lines


Chiefs warn against 'city-bred democracy', seek 'African state'

Delay on corvette decision as cabinet swings to the doves

Economic growth knocked by low mining output and drought

Gauteng unemployment highest

Gender centre planned at UCT

Into Japanese bond market with $346m offer

Mandela hints at amnesty date deal to bring right-wing onside against Inkatha

No action despite promises on Inkatha

Non-African missions attacked

Student summit mooted

Trouble brews for ANC in unstable North West

Uncertainty about plastic houses

Volkstaat now seen as cultural homeland for Afrikaners

Voter registration reaches 50%


Crisis talks start with IMF on bridging loan


Media under fresh attack from confident government

Probe into armed group

Vol.10/20 26 May


SA firm to help open Benguela rail

Savimbi top post 'unlikely'

Unita 'to free SA prisoners'


Russia seeks new diamond deal with De Beers

SA concedes on full Lome membership

SA gun undergoing trials in India


Rioting in Maseru


100,000 may starve

New security service chief

State buildings being sold off


Kudu gas depends on local deals


50,000 classrooms needed

56% of voters registered

Charges against 2,000 police

Ciskei hit-squad seeks indemnity

Constitutional battle over free economic activity

Expropriation 'unnecessary'

Gauteng's 15,000 house scheme

Inkatha begins hardline strategy to challenge ANC for control of province

Olympics deal by black group

PAC, ANC squatters clash

Police hit squad 'used prominent ANC and IFP agents'

Privatisation ahead for Mossgas

Sexwale launches major bid to secure Far Eastern investment

Unions seek sex harassment clauses in new labour law


Trouble looms in Shaba as election is postponed


Billions printed to keep Meridien afloat, says minister


Drought will lose country Z$840m

Vol.10/21 2 June


UN aims for more security after Bosnia experience


ACP countries prepare welcome for symbolic Lome entry by SA


Pressure on for legalising dagga


Vociferous denials of SA arms supply to Rwandans

Warning on massive AIDS budgets

SA development

Caning to be banned

Illiteracy rates measured

Slovo's housing plan starts up

Television relaunch in February

SA economy

Anglo announces record dividend

SA politics

ANC military action 'a crime'

Inkatha document sets out 'secession' strategy

KZN task force nets senior security policeman

SA Police Union action 'sabotage'

Storm over Mandela's sympathy for volkstaat proposal

Talks hold-up gives labour movement chance to re-launch itself

Vlakplaas prosecution stumbles


Mandela backs pluralism


Anglo 'involved in deal to privatise mining giant'


Domestic borrowing leaps over double budget estimate

UN regional peace-keeping may centre on Harare

Vol.10/22 9 June


Unita and government work together on relief


Phones are tapped says Dingake


SA wields military stick again in face of disorder


AIDS figures rise sharply

SA farmers seek Niassa tourism development

SA to help against Maputo underground explosives threat


Large-scale cuts in SA armed forces proposed

US military chiefs swing through region to explain role

SA development

Land rights given to tenants

Violence warning as land hunger affects military base

SA economy

Business confidence slumps

Differing views on labour legislation as unions march

More foreign investment incentives sought

SA politics

End of death penalty celebrated

Ex-ANC dissident forms party

Local election under threat

More arrests of 'third force agents'

PAC distances itself from Truth Commission

Storm over Mandela admission on Shell House shootings

Top level cabinet team will seek to defuse looming ANC-Inkatha confrontation


Furore among opposition over Anglo's Gecamines plans

Vol.10/23 16 June


Oil prices rise 14,000%

Talks begin on status of Savimbi


'Thousands' of SA mercenaries may be banned

SA to lease Iran storage facilities

SA to pay up on US arms ban case

Sinn Fein leader begins visit

Way cleared for deal on EU trade


Government 'seeking to build private army'

SA development

Bureaucrats blamed for failure to disburse RDP funds

Corvettes deal to be re-examined

Foreign affairs think tank mooted

New plea on dagga cases

New Sunday paper announced

Swing to use of official English

SA economy

Plans unveiled on ending of tariffs

Foreign exchange reserves swell

Paper cartel probe

Thebe to set up black bank

SA politics

'Heyns killer arrested'

Demarcation disputes threaten local elections

Gender commission bill presented

Mbeki backtracks on airtime bid

Plea for tighter border controls

Victims' families say No to Truth Commission amnesties

SA politics (Vol.10/23 16June95)

IFP suspects provocation but keeps walking into the trap


Emergency food relief agreed


Renowned minister was extortionist says court

Zim Dollar set to weaken

Vol.10/24 23 June


Roads open up to food transport

SA government of national unity model followed - with variant


EU bank clears way for loans

SA signals independent line

Swedes to help SA police


Extradition pact set up with SA


Four accused of seeking to kill Catholics bishops


Chinese eye minerals

SA police destroy weapons


Borehole scandal returns to haunt as new drought funds sought


Algeria-SA gold mining deal

Harassment of journalists continues, says institute

SA Customs Union seen as obstacle by Chiluba

SA development

1.2m HIV positive

National health plan costs totalled

SA economy

Competition report slams SA manufacturing firms

Diamond sales rocket over 50%

Harbours throughput increases 11% as trade soars

SA politics

AWB invaders acquitted

Defence policy draft boosts regional security

Emergency powers to be clarified

Fears over hit squad arrests now dominate Inkatha's thinking

Gwala's death leaves gap in province for IFP to fill

Mandela's plan for chiefs involves modernisation of institution

More military land to be returned

Unions hail success of mass strike


Students, workers go into action


Shaba business trip off as unrest and uncertainty grows


Tariff announcement means easier SA trade - but still no pact

Yugoslav builders stayed on

Vol.10/25 30 June


Bid to put schedule on track as Savimbi offers peace

Brazilian drugs flood through


Dutch NGO helps in Gaza

Government denies SA farmers will secure a tenth of the land


Parliament runs out of issues, takes a holiday


Burundi minister seeks safety

Mine clearing will cost $57bn

OAU puts troops on standby

SA military wants to re-electrify border fence with Mozambique

SA seeks regional deal

SA development

Housing mortgage deals slow

Prisoners still abused in SA

Success for police crime plan

Tribal land reform mooted

SA economy

Platinum giants merge

Reserve Bank warns on slackening rate of growth

Safto closes shop

SA politics

Boesak 'not yet in the clear'

Corvettes decision upsets Spain

Demarcation disputes and IFP hold up election progress

Inkatha raises temperature in KZN Midlands

Modise seeks far-flung role for SA military in Africa

Referendum offered on volkstaat

Rugby triumph opens way for ANC to woo whites

Truth Commission will probe covert cross-border raids


Kaunda starts come-back


Mugabe expels rebel members

Report sees continuing deterioration in economy

Vol10/26 7 July


New currency removes noughts

UN chief to visit as attacks continue


Chevrolet returns to region


EU goes slow on deal to give more time to SA

Far East trip for Mandela


SA extradition pact not operational


Defiance from pro-Renamo chiefs


Head of broadcasting sacked

SA development

Support for medical plan

SA economy

Conference on gaming

Negative reaction to rates rise

SA politics

14-week abortion recommendation

End to rocket test site

First 11-language document issued

Former agent details destabilisation campaign against ANC

Gwala's departure opens way for ANC 'moderates'

Mine safety ideas agreed

Northern electric fence mooted

Psychological warfare in SA

SA farmers up in arms against land bills


Border becomes backdoor for SA entry


Kaunda gathers forces against ruling MMD


Concern among NGOs as government seeks new powers

Water rationing in Harare as drought bites

Vol.10/27 28 July


IMF type reforms set for next year

Infant mortality is one in three says UN report

Banda is on trial for the murder of four politicians in 1983.


EU compromise on agriculture

Iran deal frees up SA oil store

Iscor secures key Saudi deal

Japan intercepts SA arms

Prominent rightists in Washington face major embarrassment

SA conference on Cuba mooted


Muluzi wants truth commission on SA model


Frelimo throws out the old guard

Hopes for Commonwealth entry

Portuguese to aid military intelligence


Eskom in Kudu field talks

SA development

Signs grow of split in housing ministry under new team

Special presidential RDP projects also slow down

SA economy

Government deeper in debt that finance ministry indicates

State eases black business

SA politics

Burundi makes request to KZN

Dirty tricks units now in right-wing parties

Divisions surface in NP over loyalty of Meyer

Massive fraud adds to doubts local election feasibility

Pressure mounts in Inkatha for provincial elections

Right leaps to defence of Armscor

SACP veteran dies

Whites fewer in civil service


Kaunda sets out policies


US aid to boost black business

Vol.10/28 4 August


Agreement reached on fourth branch of unified army


Muslims backed by DR Church on Bosnia

Relations between US and SA turn sour


Biggest privatisation nets beer maker for SA

Government 'prepares force against Zimbabweans'


African concern grows about Nigeria democracy

SA politics

ANC expresses confusion over strategy on IFP

KwaNdebele demand for Gauteng incorporation

Police may have suppressed warning on Hani assassination

RDP minister demoted as cabinet goes for growth


UK says aid depends on reforms

Vol.10/29 11 August


First Zimbabwean peace keepers

Unita diamond smugglers clash with government and SA troops


EU calls for postponement of poll


Civil servants in action

SA farmers on the move to Mozambique and Congo

SA development

Government turns to NGO sector to save failing RDP

Inquiry set up into land deals

Japan water assistance

Long way to go on rights as first Women's Day celebrated

Roll-over of charges agreed

US gives boost to housing bank

SA economy

New union federation set up

Unions warn on economic policy

SA politics

Azanla prisoners to get indemnity

Battles are for consolidation of territory says HRC

Crisis could follow phased elections says new report

Draft law for friendly police

Gauteng takes on services

IFP tightens screws on Zulu king as hardliners exert control

KZN builds links with Namibia

New DP programme announced

Support reported for Afrikaans TV

Trade unions restructure to confront Inkatha


China agrees loan to boost Tazara


EDF aid to save vet services

Vol.10/30 18 August


Savimbi 'accepts vice-presidency'


Decision soon on Taiwan issue

SA to chair chemical arms body

US official plays down dispute


EU gives $35m


Red tape cut as path for foreign investors eased

Renamo seeks EU funding to 1999


EU pledges massive drought aid

SA part of Congo electrification

SA takes share in AfDB

SA development

Abortion on demand mooted

Battle lines drawn on RDP failures

EU says funds will be spent

Hard line on squatting announced

Hundreds die as witches

SA economy

Biggest mining contract

New airport opens in North

President gets Bank powers

Stark choices' to be made by top cabinet committee

SA politics

ANC will reassert itself in new session of parliament

Armscor chief resigns

Ban on foreign fishing sought

Constitutional conflict looms closer in KwaZulu-Natal

Court rejects W. Cape action

Generals express support for Truth Commission

Housing dream may bankrupt country, minister warned

Killing of MK veteran condemned

KwaZulu visit to Namibia 'underwritten' by company

Plea for feasible crime-fighting


Arms smuggling action announced with SA


Cheating' private banks blamed for economic ills

Unip leader defects to MMD


Demonstration in SA against Mugabe's anti-gay stance

Vol.10/31 25 August


Two leaders to seek international funds for reconciliation effort

World Bank urges 'coherence'


Joint African approach planned at Beijing women's conference

Large energy sector deals announced with US

SA opens Gaza office


Trade unions angered at EPZ rules


Industrial policy discussed

Iran in deals with Zimbabwe, Mozambique

Mugabe to present Nigeria issue

SADC summit will discuss trade,

SA development

Buck-passing as toxic waste cargo discovered

IBA will cut one of SABC's terrestrial TV channels

More flak for housing policy

SA economy

14,000 short term jobs announced

Concern grows as Mboweni keeps labour bill under wraps

Farmers to seek UN help

Hilton hotels enter SA

Reserve Bank focuses on labour in conservative message

SA politics

71,000 illegal guns found

Inkatha hardliners fail to secure federal plan support

New chief for SAIRR

Party talks soon on constitution

R200m on army retrenchments

Scandinavian evidence on Boesak

Summit may break W. Cape demarcation deadlock


New constitution promised

Vol.10/32 1 September


Billion dollars a year needed

SADF ivory reports confirmed


Key Iran deal stopped for inquiry

US deal on nuclear cooperation


Cattle-for-dagga exchange


Fence electrocution figures given

Rebels fall out with Renamo

Sweden holds back aid


Food shortage finance agreement

New AfDB head wants bank to 'respect

SADC summit agrees on water crisis

SADC to set up regional airline

SA development

100 land claims investigated

Battle looms as minister disagrees

New name for Eastern Transvaal

Population figures published

Rent control act ahead

SA economy

Malaysia visit throws choices for

SA politics

Cosatu tells its KZN workers to bring

IFP and A-G vulnerable to ANC

Local elections 'on schedule'

Mangope funding probed

Most want volunteer military

NP shows disquiet over threat to

Public service may collapse

State may penalise newspapers


SA admits to 'excellent' military links as

Vol.10/33 8 September


Unita says renegades responsible for continuing attacks


Joint commission with SA agreed


Iran oil deal signed


Corridor deal by November?

Dissidents 'preparing to attack'


Nujoma gives up home affairs


Frontline's successor meets

SA development

Housing minister seeks to avoid telling construction figures

Over half shack dwellers have TV

Unitary education system proposed in new Bill

White paper on film industry

SA economy

Labour law compromise slips through parliament

SA politics

1.8m gun licences in SA

Armscor accepts control

Crisis as absentee MPs lose vote

Farmers resist end of commandos

IFP hardliners torpedo constitutional compromise

Mandela intervenes in 'clash for leadership of Northern Province'

Mandela seeks to staunch 'brown nationalism'

New ranks for police

Prosecutor sacked ahead of key hit-squad case

Race clashes erupt in rural towns


Land claims back on agenda


SA wants labour standards included in trade deal

Vol.10/34 15 September


SA delivers first logistical support to demob camps

Unita warns it will hang on to diamond areas


Germany pledges to support SA on EU trade pact

Israel takes up Washington's complaint against SA


Amnesty warns of climate of fear


Renamo wants to be part of SA-Mozambique force


backs intervention

Nigerian opposition seeks more

Security hot line to link ministers

SA economy

Departments sought a too much

Labour law will bring stability

SA politics

Another 'red mercury' killing

Bill passes at second go

Compensation for Bisho victims

Education bill to be challenged

Judges panel sought on bugging

Mandela hints at federal concession after Kohl visit

SA announces rocket breakthrough

Security clampdown cuts KwaZulu violence

Widespread voter registration manipulation alleged


EU will supply two-thirds of aid


World Bank unhappy with Anglo's Gecamines privatisation deal


Kaunda survives Chiluba's 'bunker torture' revelation

Privatisation chief appointed


More cuts in public service

SA textile makers fears dumping under new trade pact

Vol.10/35 22 September


SA gold mining in Cabinda claim


Japan to lend $140m

Major UN conference for Gauteng

Mining co-operation with Iran

SA makes a point by visiting PLO

SA moves into missile club


Dissidents 'now in Manica'

New law moves toward privatisation of land

Wage rise averts general strike


Short shrift for Hereros


SA business fails to grasp UN procurement opportunity

SA may give permanent residence

SA development

Affirmative action surveyed

Bid to move doctors to rural areas

New study shows little economic improvement for blacks

R1.5bn spent on housing

Taxi owners to get training

SA economy

Concern as tariffs stay uncollected

Manufacturing surges

Massive premium rises ahead

Recrimination as black empowerment bank fails

Reserve Bank backs IMF restrictive findings

SA midway in corruption stakes

SA politics

Constitutional issue moves to a head with IFP rifts

Ethnic electioneering as IFP makes Coloured pact

Mandela, under pressure, anounces truth panellists

Parliamentary committees remain

Police pay R2.6m for De Kock

UK seeks to sell plane to SAAF


IMF cuts off funds as government spending continues

Vol.10/36 29 September


Material incentive to Unita demobilisation

Reconstruction era begins as millions are proffered in aid


Aborigines say No to visit

Mandela to visit Canada

Minerals deal signed with Iran

SA bans landmines, seeks new self defusing technology

US sees SA as security key


Local 'RDP' poverty fund set up


Spain to boost police force

Training for troops in Zimbabwe


African growth rate to triple, says World Bank

SA development

Black farmers seek easier access

Gauteng to get most casinos

RDP hopes placed on new trust

SA economy

Commercial crime drops

High SA gold price attacked

Iscor loses patience on Saldanha

Unicef base for Northern Province

SA politics

Ethics code for MPs agreed

Furore as ANC Contralesa chief seeks IFP common ground

Human rights body appointed

Intelligence defends its budgets

Mandela defends criticised cabinet ministers

New police union rules installed

Parliament to be recalled after NP wins constitutional issue

Radio Freedom gets short licence


Unip warns against bar on Kaunda


Currency continues to weaken

Vol.10/37 6 October


Cabinda rebels sign ceasefire

France offers aid but wants repayment of debt

Unaware' of devaluation


China trade fair opened

SA formally abandons Lome club demand in EU talks


Top officials on fraud charges


Battle renewed over Sofala

Government will return aid money

Query over slowing of repatriation

SA development

Fewer managers leave country

Game park clash between environment and development

Lower construction demand

SA economy

Deal struck with artisan mineworkers

Investors prepare AfBank rescue

Mboweni decides to use new mediation powers

SA politics

Another Boesak bill lands

Banditry and corruption make homelands near ungovernable

Black business hopes to take major slice of media

Border quarrel delays poll

Crime becomes main electioneering issue

Dispute over air force integration

Inkatha hardliners spurn alliances but keep strategy dark

Intelligence agents to co-operate against criminal syndicates

KZN legal chief likely to be moved

No answers on agent's killing


Cabinet divided on Kaunda exclusion issue


$1.8m ivory stockpile announced

Vol.10/38 13 October


Deal agreed with SA farmers

Savimbi hopes for warmer links with new Portuguese government


EU agrees more SA aid

Mandela adopts Cuban cause in high profile announcement

SA will not seek Nigeria sanctions


Corridor for Pakistan drugs

Donor states oppose IMF hard line

Food riots break out in Maputo


Agriculture deal with Angola

Former Plan fighters under attack


SA signs water deals

SA economy

Black managers in demand

Business confidence rises to new high on falling inflation figures

SA holds off from seeking World Bank loans, despite reports

SA politics

Deaths in province continue low

Eleven ex-guerrilla generals

Fraction of RDP funds reach KwaZulu-Natal

IFP constitution tabled next week

Massive ignorance' ahead of local government election

Police seek to learn from NYPD

RDP construction teams head for townships on election's eve

Suicide verdict likely on intelligence chief


MMD limits on Kaunda may stay


Growth eludes economy

Mozambique-based 'Chimwenjes' linked to coup plot

Vol.10/39 20 October


Large French business delegation includes industrial giants

Savimbi gives his 'guarantee' on end to civil war


Little improvement noted after ILO textiles report


IMF agrees soft loans to ease government's deficit


Aid for parliament 'insufficient'

Renamo 'swearing in more traditional leaders'

Zulu king welcomed


EU agrees to help fund Trans-Caprivi highway

Married women's rights on parliamentary agenda


Food situation worsens says SADC security group

SA development

East Cape township spending to be boosted

Eviction orders halted

Region should copy RDP

Regional training mooted to boost peace-keeping

Training planned for gambling industry workers

UN may give SA housing aid

SA economy

African Bank finds rescuer

Manuel announces anti-monopoly tribunal, hits at SA business

Nedlac to revise 'social partnership' ideas

SA politics

ANC backs off over IFP Vlakplaas court revelations

Azapo calls for election boycott

Buthelezi woos Xhosa chiefs for local elections

Mangope trial will spotlight large-scale corruption

Ministers rush to reassure on police, army loyalty

NP members break ranks over KZN law enforcement

RDP money to fight Gauteng crime wave

Support shown for chiefs

Trojan Horse' will be probed


Chiluba proposes exiling Kaunda


Veteran politician Sithole charged

Vol.10/40 27 October


Savimbi delays move to Luanda after demob hold-up


End of US curb on Armscor urged

EU's proposed treaty will hit SA's customs union neighbours


New political party formed


Churches begin trade for guns

IMF agrees fresh funds after summit meeting

SA development

New board for HSRC

SA may slide into African 'soft state' situation

SA economy

3% growth rate in 1996 forecast

New chief for African Bank

Report on privatisation soon

SA begins pumping own crude

SA politics

Agreement sought for rival KZN constitutions

ANC gets blast from unions

Constitutional draft finalised

Crime means more troops deployed than during border wars

Mandela to meet bombers

Mass purge of homeland civil servants coming soon

N-arms in right wing hands claim

On eve of poll ANC changes views on crime fighting

Over 500 die in custody

Union presses for migrant vote

Votes in complex system will end local apartheid


Deal reached on modified structural adjustment


AfDB recovers unused loan

MMD retreats on Kaunda threat


100,000 to die from Aids in 18 months says health minister

More arrests in 'coup plot' case

Zanu leaders hit at tribalism

Vol.10/41 3 November


S. Africans held as more foreigners hunt diamonds


Coup rumours fly as Mbeki makes surprise visit


Drug lords may control regional governments - warning

French investors switch target to anglophone South

SA under pressure to cool relations with Nigeria

SA economy

Auditor task force to assess Gauteng's books

Migrant workers get residency

SA politics

Allegations of coup plot in KwaZulu-Natal

ANC believes it can ride out strains in government unity

ANC claims early victory in successful local election

Battle school protestors

Bid to kill provincial leader

East Cape security minister dismissed after inquiry

Romanian accused of bribe

Trial of the generals bound to implicate top NP leaders


Warning after race riots


Double agent report denied

Zanu independents take heart

Vol.10/42 10 November


Unita troops using Cabinda

Clinton invites Dos Santos


Limit to president' s term agreed


ACP to develop new EU policy

Differences over Nigeria tactics


Tension after stock thefts


Government prepares to confiscate Banda' s empire


Enron ' pressured government'

Ex-Renamo troops form group


EU, SADC develop anti-drugs plan

SA ties up power deals with Egypt

SA development

Emigre doctors cause funding penalties in medical schools

SA economy

Confidence soars again

SA politics

Defence policy paper soon

How the votes went

Local election - how parties fared

Military style attack on SANDF

Police were readied for destabilisation after generals' arrest

Reasons for non-delivery end with ANC' s poll victory

Security forces blamed in KZN

Truth Commission list given


Lozis threaten separation

Reform retrenchments ' too costly'


Agreement with IMF reached

SA agrees on textile trade pact

Vol.10/43 17 November


US warning bears fruit


Gulf arms sales are the target

Iranian president to visit


Bid to protect AIDS sufferers

Concern among some Portuguese at Commowealth entry

EU warns of new fighting

Pande gas deal finally signed


Arms for former Rwanda rulers 'still being bought in SA'

Water levels threaten power

SA development

Bankrupcy warning in East Cape

SA economy

Upturn in growth maintained

US deals worth $5bn in a month

SA politics

ANC wants to replace senate

Different views on Truth Commission function

Final poll was low

Mufamadi rapped for statement

Rightists say generals refused aid

SA foreign policy in crisis after Nigerian debacle

Signs Inkatha may return to constitutional fold


Conference calls for king to leave


Another private bank fails


Textile deal with SA falls through

Zanu accused of fomenting riot

Vol.10/44 24 November


Cabinda talks fail this time

EO troops 'in battles with Unita'

Unita troop confinement begins


Armscor in Pakistan military deal

East Timor help sought

Mandela takes lead against Nigeria regime

Nigeria on Gore-Mbeki talks agenda

NP hits at McBride's new job


Fears for massive revenue loss after SA migrant status decision


Compensation for Mozambican refugees sought


Ministers want staggered poll

Nigerian shot by police


Curbs on foreign land ownership

Nujoma faces $600m aid shortfall

Troops will aid landmine clearing

SA development

Cuban doctors to take place of SA emigres

Healers seek recognition

SA politics

Draft constitution leaves all major issues undecided

Mandela visits PW Botha, seeks to head off crisis

More troops for KZN

NP to propose new power sharing model in constitution

Permanent elections body

Phosa calls for arrests of police

Vlakplaas chief in East Cape police murder indictment


Moonies leader visits Mobutu, SA


Mugabe strikes deals in Malaysia

One China' policy supported

Vol.10/45 1 December


African cosmonaut offer on Russia visit

Canada deals boost growing trade

EU unveils R3bn aid package

Nigeria policy may change again

SA to engage with economic equals in Indian Ocean rim

SACP chief meets Chinese


Battles on border with rustlers


English gift confirms fears


Drought now threatens development throughout region

SA economy

Trade deficit largest in decade

SA politics

Few secrets at Truth Commission, Tutu stresses

Government now stakeholder in African Bank

Moderate' Coloured nationalists break away from KWB

New body should smooth farmers' trek into Mozambique

PAC calls for 'African' senate

Purge of homeland civil servants


Security minister threatens NGOs

Vol.10/46 8 December


Dos Santos finds Washington critical after government attack


Gore and Mbeki agree

Nigeria policy fades into 'multilateral' approach

Taiwan to aid demobilised troops

US investment in SA rockets


IMF gives thumbs up, but urges continued austerity measures


Fleets move into Angola waters

India pledges drought aid

SA development

2m HIV infections estimated in SA

Call for energy policy forum

Disabled white paper soon

EU re-commits itself to NGOs

Report on women calls for action

White health officials cut back

SA politics

Calls increase in communities for own policing to counter gangsters

Court loosens IFP's grip on chiefs

Fraud office talks to Boesak

German arrest points to continued AWB arms buying

Holomisa fears attack by 'elitists'

Indictment details Buthelezi's role

NP fails in Cape boundaries battle

NP opposes SABC grant

PAC youth call for new leaders

Trial and elections point way to showdown with IFP


Hardline response prepared for demonstrators

Vol.10/47-8 15 December


Dos Santos seeks to woo US with peace concessions


ANC backs Western Sahara

Investment protection deal signed with Cuba ahead of new business


to get $332m in aid


New funds from Norway after deal on missing money


Mandela and SADC back off from Nigeria confrontation

SA finally accepted into AfDB

SA development

Civil servants cuts to cost R165m

Good rains may break drought

Language policy set out for TV

SA economy

Breakthrough with Malaysia helicopter deal

Car prices set to fall

SA politics

ANC independents suspended

ANC re-thinks on Youth League

Battle looms with trade unions over privatisation

Buthelezi says trial a 'witchhunt'

Charges may face company after fighter part export

Contralesa chief 'has support in six provinces'

Lowest political death toll in year

Medals for MK provoke furore

NP and IFP seek to go it alone over constitution

Phosa's 'would-be assassin' freed

Warnings of East Rand flare-up


Troops burn down 2,000 homes