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Vol.12 1997

Issues 1-48, January 10 - December 19

South Africa

SA development

No.01 10 Jan 97: Chiefs to lose out as former 'homelands' change to freehold; Mine hostel system to end; New plans after 1,100 road deaths;

No.01 10 Jan 97: Russian mafias infiltrate SA while local criminals move abroad;

No.02 17 Jan 97: 60,000 military jobs to go as SANDF restructures; US jails model praised by minister;

No.03 24 Jan 97: AIDS breakthrough drug' queried; Cash-strapped SABC may drop four languages, sell TV channel; Government to allow sub-division of farm land; National health insurance, social security planned;

No.04 31 Jan 97: Radical shift as government moves to expropriate farms;

No.05 7 Feb 97: Bar on tests of AIDS drug; Mines may pay for pollution; Private sector begins loans to crisis-ridden local authorities; Swedes warn government to take responsibility for social goals;

No.06 14 Feb 97: 20% of SANDF personnel to go; Armscor boosts black firms; Retrenchment mistakes admitted; SA employees more negative now; Training after affirmative action;

No.07 21 Feb 97: Brain drain much worse than official figures state; Mineral rights and urban land claims could bring massive costs;

No.08 28 Feb 97: Education cuts bring riots; Farmers angered by evictions law; Land mine ban welcomed; Meeting aims at easing strains between ANC and civics;

No.10 14 Mar 97: Housing backlog up by 150,000 p.a.; Massive support for mineshaft prisons notion;

No.11 21 March 97: Affirmative action ruled unconstitutional; Bill will boost film industry; Farmers protest against killings; Government keeps lid on council finances to hide lack of expertise; Mine violence commission set up; More women seek death penalty; Police plan to boost numbers; Special unit is set up to probe R5bn official fraud;

No.12 28 March 97: Bisho massacre site marked; Major education overhaul; Ship also considered as prison;

No.13 4 Apr 97: Hospitals renamed; Tourism rise creates 13,000 jobs; Township economies to get boost;

No.14 11 Apr 97: Local government teetering; More funds for NGOs; Navy modernisation guaranteed; State land transferred; Tax base' policy tested in court;

No.15 18 Apr 97: Call for declaration of emergency to counter crime wave; Court decision ensures that wealthy suburbs will pay; Doctors to train longer; Elections organiser warns on dangers to 1999 poll; SABC on the ropes as audience leaves and staff prepares for cuts; Tourism numbers fall;

No.16 25 April 97: Angry bankers seek top level meeting on robberies; Broadcasting regulator slammed; Land Bank gets new head;

No.18 9 May 97: Killing of taxi chief sets back peace hopes in industry; Minister holds emergency crime summit as police plans falter; Troops may form union' as grievances stay unresolved;

No.19 16 May 97: 800,000 housing subsidies given; Applications for asylum soar; No role for women in combat; Waste management slammed;

No.20 23 May 97: Discrediting of IBA puts question mark over TV channel; NGOs hope for rescue from new development agency; Sasco criticises white paper;

No.21 6 June 97: Anti-crime strategy 'moving from theory to practice'; SABC claims 'no crisis' as senior TV staff pack their bags;

No.22 13 June 97: Call for radical rethink on entry of skilled migrants;

No.23 20 June 97: Crime levels stay but clampdown announced on figures; Ex IFP leader to control City Press; First co-ordinating youth body; Government backtracks on farm worker security law; Progress reported in taxi conflicts; Telkom rapped for Internet bid;

No.24 27 June 97: Anti-crime blockade disregarded; DBSA raises R700m for local infrastructure projects; Large increase in pay-outs as police exodus swells; Security of tenure act 'more acceptable' say farmers;

No.25 4 July 97: Crime stabilises says US business; Lower population figures make problems less intractable; Olympic games 'overestimated'; Police agree on affirmative action;

No.26 11 July 97: Employers exploit illegals; House building target 'achievable';

No.27 18 July 97: ANC accepts 'patriotic bourgeoisie' notion; Black economic empowerment aided by state tenders; Eastern Cape kings want same pay as Zulu king; Government does about turn on schools language policy;

No.28 8 Aug 97: Kahn outlines plans for police; More service cut-offs ahead in bid to end non-payment culture; New law will harden up affirmative action policy;

No.29 15 Aug 97: No full audit for RDP Fund; Tight control on free-spending IBA;

No.30 22 Aug 97: Military seeks spending 'certainty'; Scientists join brain drain; Study shows migrants create jobs;

No.31 29 Aug 97: Call for civil service to be slashed; IBA delays TV deadline again; Northern Province growth plan;

No.33 12 Sept 97: Defence sums fail to add up; Drought committee set up; Housing backlog figures doubled; Murder rate declines;

No.34 19 Sept 97: Channel aid directly to NGOs - NP; Housing delivery increasing; Housing scandal led to sacking; Millions pumped into East Rand; Tourism seen as jobs creator;

No.35 26 Sept 97: Deadline for land claims extended; Investor conference for East Cape; Land planning to be reshaped; Megacity referendum held;

No.36 3 Oct 97: Fresh attack on press by Mandela raises new fears in media; New bail system tried; Tax relief for housing call; West Cape reels in gang warfare;

No.37 5 Sept 97: Buthelezi criticised on immigration policy;

No.37 10 Oct 97: Violent crime higher than shown;

No.39 24 Oct 97: Controversial drugs bill gets initial go-ahead;

No.40 31 Oct 97: South Africans becoming 'more realistic' about government;

No.41 7 Nov 97: Gender commission warning; Motheo only 'technically illegal';

No.42 14 Nov 97: Afrikaner business apologises; Conciliation process overwhelmed; Gangs rule most areas says report; Government refuses to bail out near-bankrupt provinces; Union invests under new umbrella; White business owes blacks;

No.43 21 Nov 97: Challenge to costly Liberian; Housing programme 'on track';

No.45 5 Dec 97: Domestic issues dominate popular thinking, survey shows; Hints at mining redistribution; Serious crime levels 'stabilising'; Tighter administration ahead after Mbeki's take-over;

No.46 12 Dec 97: Large tracts of land to be transferred to the poor;

No.47-8 19 Dec 97: Police restructuring plan;

SA economy

No.01 10 Jan 97: High risk' choice for investors; Trade talks with EU to start;

No.02 17 Jan 97: Foreign borrowing falls with Rand; Manuel launches charm offensive; Ramaphosa joins major bank; Skweyiya to be Worldwide boss;

No.03 24 Jan 97: Agenda set for EU free trade talks; High growth catch to black empowerment deal; Mabuza leads black directorships;

No.04 31 Jan 97: Malaysian firm to launch new daily newspaper; Manufacturers lose ground to European competitors; Rand rises as foreign banks express new confidence;

No.06 14 Feb 97: Business confidence surges back; Mass outflow of funds planned; Mossgas redefines its output; Telecomms restructuring begins;

No.07 21 Feb 97: Government says it will meet deficit squeeze targets; Helicopter 'will create 6,000 jobs'; Sigcau rejects public debate; Tax amnesty call rejected;

No.08 28 Feb 97: Industry fails to deliver despite favourable economic climate; Rapid acceleration of RDP projects as fund is boosted;

No.09 7 March 97: Exchange controls may clash with constitution says bank; Malaysian-US group wins Telkom; Protests at retrenchment plan;

No.10 14 Mar 97: Broad welcome for first ANC budget, misgivings on jobs;

No.11 21 March 97: Doubts on wage discipline; Freeing of blocked funds 'not considered'; Growth held back by 'lack of productive behaviour'; Privatisation proceeds could be used to reduce debt;

No.12 28 March 97: New trade union body formed;

No.13 4 Apr 97: Battle for foreign direct investment still not won; New mining chief seeks 'strategic accord' with unions; US companies' social spending up;

No.14 11 Apr 97: Fewer work days lost; Foreign reserves rise; Government shifts on airline sale; Labour questions savings; Major battle' warning on wages;

No.15 18 Apr 97: No books kept in homeland; US debt maturities shorten;

No.16 25 April 97: IMF gives gloomy growth forecast; Strike called off - but quandary over job creation remains; Warning on gold price as mines face falling profits;

No.18 9 May 97: Business optimism stays low; Electrification speeds up, prices drop as parastatal delivers; Wage increases below inflation;

No.19 16 May 97: Call for 'small firms minister'; Government admits it cannot meet its job creation targets; Mbeki suggests business donates;

No.20 23 May 97: Mandela calls for debt relief; Summit announced to work out employment strategy;

No.21 6 June 97: A third of Anglo's profits foreign; Uneven results from strategy;

No.22 13 June 97: Manuel pleased after Edinburgh; New investment at 15% of total; Signs of turn-around as search for foreign investment continues;

No.23 20 June 97: BA may seek stake in SAA; Gencor to list subsidiary in London;

No.25 4 July 97: Bated breath for exodus of capital as forex controls go; Mine unions sign deal; More patience urged as job losses continue to mount; Rate cut fall forecast;

No.26 11 July 97: Foreign direct investment up; Growth hopes dented as gold price plummets; Nedlac eyed by neighbours;

No.27 18 July 97: Employment bill - government fires warning shot; Malaysians launch new bank; Mines productivity deal agreed; One percent rate cut anticipated;

No.28 8 Aug 97: Sub-texts reveal ANC battle lines on economic policy;

No.29 15 Aug 97: Closer co-operation with Reserve Bank proposed as indicators fall;

No.30 22 Aug 97: Business winning the argument;

No.31 29 Aug 97: Cosatu calls for more regulation; Employers may draw on pensions; GDP grows but fears remain that economy is slowing down;

No.33 12 Sept 97: Ministers acknowledge growth rates failing to hit target;

No.34 19 Sept 97: Warning on growing underclass;

No.36 3 Oct 97: Gold miners to extend working; Reserves rise to R26.5 billion; Strike activity hits seven-year low;

No.37 5 Sept 97: Exports move up on weak Rand; Malaysian investment in Jo'burg;

No.37 10 Oct 97: Labour costs blamed for jobs lack; Mpumalanga nets investment;

No.38 17 Oct 97: De Beers agrees deal with Russia; Mobil returns after eight years;

No.39 24 Oct 97: Reserve Bank independence comes under scrutiny; SA may mine in Guyana;

No.40 31 Oct 97: Economy's shallow foundations shudder in stock market crash; Gold price tumbles again; No quotas to be set for affirmative action; Optimism on growth prospects;

No.41 7 Nov 97: Labour bill set to be passed; R1bn for small business; SE Asia fall-out to delay rate cuts;

No.42 14 Nov 97: Big business pioneered apartheid;

No.43 21 Nov 97: Battles continue over 'flexibility' in disputed labour conditions bill; SE Asia crisis 'not serious for SA'; Signal from finance ministry that deficit target will be missed; Unmanned aircraft developed;

No.44 28 Nov 97: Manuel's ministry seeks to hold the Gear line in cabinet; More job losses as gold crashes; Provinces 'get more than share'; Trade surplus leaps ahead;

No.45 5 Dec 97: Forex reserves down; Gear targets revised down in medium term plan; Unions slam Gear on job losses;

SA politics

No.01 10 Jan 97: Buthelezi rejects ANC proposal for KwaZulu amnesty extension; Government castigates cabinet reshuffle reports; Holomisa moves into TV business; Intelligence agencies slammed after bombings; Intelligence job vacant again; PAC hopes rest with new leader; Stofile set to take over East Cape;

No.02 17 Jan 97 SA Military Intelligence 'smeared' EO says mercenary boss;

No.02 17 Jan 97: ANC seeks to woo revamped PAC into government; Mandela hopes to mobilise the ANC around old theme; TRC at centre of press row; Underground leader Nyanda groomed to be next SANDF chief; US attack on Syrian arms deal exposes SA controls confusion; Zuma moves to save embattled KZN amnesty plan;

No.03 24 Jan 97: 1,000 more amnesty pleas ahead; Mbeki takes charge of economic plan; Modise's brother-in-law exposed ; PAC looks set for cabinet post; Police 'hits' in Lesotho, Botswana; Political parties scurry to find new allies before poll; SANDF chief 'third force man'; TRC faces internal race row;

No.04 31 Jan 97: Casino boss may be extradited from US to face bribery charges; Funding for parties 'next year'; Inkatha's leading moderates resign as Buthelezi digs in; TRC breakthrough as Biko, Goniwe killers seek amnesty;

No.05 7 Feb 97: Acid test of loyalty to Buthelezi looms for IFP members; Alliances are cutting the NP out; Hani accusation raises the prospect of poll dirty tricks; Holomisa presses ahead; Kingpin' of secret chemical warfare programme arrested; Viljoen to seek amnesty;

No.06 14 Feb 97: ANC women line up against Zuma; Biko family opposes amnesty; Debt write-off follows riots - but underlying crisis is unresolved; Former agent dies after 'accident'; Hani family suspects ANC involvement in killing; IFP presents 'new image' to voters; Mandela blames crime on massive police corruption; More secrets revealed from chemical war files; Tension in the ranks casts doubt on NP's restructuring; TRC budget slashed;

No.07 21 Feb 97: A quarter of blacks want a one-party state with no opposition; Calls for military demonstration; Free State election thwarts ANC national leadership; Killings linked to Vlakplaas; KZN police team disbanded; League meeting postponed; Mass rallies planned by Holomisa; NP to dissolve in favour of 'new political movement'; Third force still operating; TRC must now give notice;

No.08 28 Feb 97: Breakthrough as ex-police minister seeks amnesty; Disbanded unit is mobilising support for Holomisa; Government on defensive over employment of Basson; Intervention in parks scheme; NP wins small victory; PAC set out conditions;

No.09 7 March 97: De Klerk wants TRC to stress reconciliation now; Democratic Party spurns offer; Mbeki warns new black elite to avoid 'parasite' image; Muslim radio station accused; Tensions resurface in PAC; TRC blocks bid to reveal 'government agent' names; TRC, rates office damaged;

No.10 14 Mar 97: Cabinet to probe fundamentalists; Ethnic factor may play larger role; Floodgates may open with revelations on ANC agents; Former MK chief for top post; IFP march begins search for revival outside heartland; Now CP plans new movement; Pik Botha may be implicated; PW Botha will not be summoned;

No.11 21 March 97: ANC rolls out red carpet for Boesak ahead of fraud trial; De Klerk bows out of Yale; Ex-spy 'foiled chemical weapons'; New death squad revelations emerge from De Klerk's era; Unions on confrontation course over labour laws, democracy;

No.12 28 March 97: ANC MPs and Cosatu agree to differ on budget; Claim that Muslim vigilantes 'trained in Sudan'; Combative statements 'threaten spirit of reconciliation'; Court blames IFP for Shobashobane massacre; No room for Holomisa says ANC; Overt third force' considered; PAC leader upheaval continues; Sanco criticises ANC on crime; Speculation grows after mystery death of top policeman; Story of Pondo revolt finally told;

No.13 4 Apr 97: Auditor-general finds government finances in sorry state; Battles ahead as SACP leaders launch broadside at ANC; Claims of 'old boys club' in police; Cultural shock at festival; KwaZulu-Natal amnesty discussed; Military chiefs demand guarantees against extradition; PAC leadership tumult continues; TRC indictment of De Klerk closer;

No.14 11 Apr 97: Chiefs warn of 'civil uprising'; Dispute between minister and police chief highlights crime crisis; NP in discussions with Holomisa; PAC suspends Makwetu; Shell House inquiry opens; Unmasking of top ANC spy boosts 'third force' theory on violence; Youth League votes against Zuma;

No.15 18 Apr 97: Afrikaner right regroups against affirmative action and TRC; ANC closes ranks as spies scandal escalates amid new revelations; Azapo splits with national leaders; Church concern about labour law; Fresh testimony on Webster murder again pins it on CCB; Underlying problems remain despite bid to soothe alliance;

No.16 25 April 97: AWB leader found guilty; Buthelezi seeks to prevent rump party developing in KZN; Civics pledge support to ANC - on condition RDP is followed; Intelligence chief's death probe; Malan reverses position and agrees to testify to TRC; Women's League battles ahead;

No.17 2 May 97: ANC's anxiety deepens after Women's League vote; NP attacked for avoiding TRC; Poll shows Mbeki has not yet made the grade; Viljoen welcomes Malan's decision to testify;

No.18 9 May 97: Confident De Klerk, Malan refuse amnesty chance, but ANC applies; Just war' concept debated by Viljoen, Kasrils; NP's modernisers sidelined as Meyer loses reorganisation job;

No.19 16 May 97: ANC's gesture removes individual leaders from TRC limelight; Death threat' after Winnie challenged at congress; IFP keeps door open; Kill the Boer' amnesties rejected; Malan trial 'eases civil case'; Military chief 'tried to fund Basson's defence'; NP in turmoil as Meyer prepares to jump ship; PAC expels Makwetu;

No.20 23 May 97: Fresh calls for McNally to go; Kasrils could face prosecution; Killer of councillor known; Mandela again hits at black journalists; Meyer announces formation of new movement; Tensions with Africanists in ANC are 'exaggerated'; TRC in quandary over reparations to victims in neighbouring states;

No.21 6 June 97: ANC hands over names to TRC; Buthelezi's demands dampen hopes for reconciliation; Chiefs may play alliance game; Cosatu's strike was aimed at core government strategy; Newspapers 'appeased apartheid';

No.22 13 June 97: Boesak gets US church backing; Buthelezi may elude ANC tactic to shift him upwards; Mbeki gives warning that transition could fail; Meyer, Holomisa set up joint committee for new party;

No.23 20 June 97: Another NP official leaves; Clash on defence budget cuts; Cosatu decision casts doubt on future of Nedlac; Doctors warned by TRC for apartheid era abuses; End to 'reconciliation politics' signalled in language changes; Few fears of backlash after AWB leader is sentenced; Staff at Foreign Affairs protest;

No.24 27 June 97: Anglo chief suggests piecemeal deal with labour, praises economy; Buthelezi rules out alliances; Key union conferences show SACP influence again on the rise; NP goes ahead with TRC case; Reluctant ANC politician punted to avoid internal competition; Strains show in ANC alliance over terms of IFP peace deal; TRC may reveal truth around Winnie Madikizela-Mandela affair;

No.25 4 July 97: Emergency bill published; Ideological' strike looms; IFP hopes for breakthrough after Mbeki's talks on Zulu kingdom; Top ex-security chiefs to appear; TRC probes Paris assassination;

No.26 11 July 97: ANC centre learns from mistakes in Gauteng contest; Buthelezi seeks crime beating role; DP warms to Meyer and Holomisa's new party; Hijack' attempt on ANC politician;

No.27 18 July 97: Arms exports 'over emphasised'; Draft law to ban mercenaries is finally published; Fears increase after attacks on Jewish institutions; IFP official resigns to boost 'Afrikaner trade union'; Political motive seen behind criminal destabilisation;

No.28 8 Aug 97: Amnesty for Coetzee contested; ANC leadership accused of heavy-handedness in Gauteng election; Correction; Government 'committed to volunteer defence force'; New bid to stop chemical war papers' release; Tension high as feud between ANC and NCF escalates;

No.29 15 Aug 97: Battle with Mbeki gets under way for re-shaping the ANC; Felgate, key constitutional negotiator, quits IFP for ANC; Hani assassin gives details of foreign right-wing contacts; Mass exodus from Richmond areas as clashes continue; Meyer whittles away at NP base; Pagad 'more professional'; Threat to arms contracts through media publicity feared; Warning of violence if growth stays low;

No.30 22 Aug 97: ANC seeks fuel fund probe; ANC still deadlocked on Sexwale's successor; CCB head refuses to reveal foreign operations; Mbeki gives warning on mounting corruption 'crisis'; Meyer and Holomisa to spell out new party timetable; Peace meeting goes ahead in KwaZulu-Natal; Support for ANC government drops 10% from election date; Unions in undercover deal despite mass protest action;

No.31 29 Aug 97: De Klerk quits politics, tilts NP into crisis, ends challenge to ANC; Further extension for amnesties; Probe into De Beers' sought; Richmond impis feud on;

No.33 12 Sept 97: ANC quandary over Winnie returns amidst leadership quest; ANC runs damage control after Winnie allegations; Possible return to cabinet left hanging by new NP leader; Smit murders to come before TRC;

No.34 19 Sept 97: ANC women nominate Winnie for deputy president; Business unconcerned as Mandela yields to political expediency; Concern that Nkabinde's arrest may not end violence; New bid to end Transkei killings; NP and DP come closer to electoral understanding;

No.35 26 Sept 97: Cosatu postpones debates as struggle for clarity
continues; Government's promises stumble on provinces' inability to deliver; New Meyer-Holomisa party stays vague on detailed policy; NP and TRC reach settlement but concern grows for reconciliation; NP launches discussion document; Relations with chiefs still vexed; Tension with PAC leader denied;

No.36 3 Oct 97: Enthusiasm for new party at launches in Gauteng, East Cape; Gauteng election shocks ANC leaders as manoeuvring fails; Meeting to shore up alliance; Top apartheid leaders and SSC to appear in final TRC act;

No.37 5 Sept 97: Alliance partners agree to disagree on economic policy; Barnard held over Webster murder; IFP leader warned to co-operate; Top black NP leader declines; TRC 'taking appeal court rights';

No.37 10 Oct 97: Afrikaans TRC coverage attacked; Contralesa cuts loose from ANC; Move to solve Heyns murder; New violence in Richmond; NIS 'conspired to discredit SADF'; NP loses support in stronghold, 40% of voters undecided; Probe of police corruption probe; Right and Left cross swords publicly over ANC alliance; TRC hears military covert operations revelations; US joins opposition to Zuma bill;

No.38 17 Oct 97: Afrikaans business reparations; Cosatu strikes set to go ahead; EO seeks regulation; Mbeki allows insights into the future presidency; Probe into farm killings agreed; TRC hears rhetoric and some candour from former NP ministers;

No.39 24 Oct 97: Aide claims he followed Boesak; ANC, IFP defend clause preventing political defections; Bid for consensus on labour bill; Death penalty 'not human rights violation' TRC told; Dispute at diplomats' school; Maverick mine workers support for Holomisa tested; Mbeki starts tightening organisational control on ANC; Pagad 'not a political threat'; Posthumous readmission of Fischer requested; SACP may launch youth league; Tutu commends NP ex-ministers; Winnie slams opposition to bid;

No.40 31 Oct 97: Basson tells of foreign spy action; Battles loom after TRC proposes reparations package; Farm killings 'organised terrorism';

No.41 7 Nov 97: ANC and UDM in dirty tricks counter claims; ANC youth divided on nomination; DP, NP in secret alliance talks; Goldstone brought in to probe bizarre TRC accusation; Mbeki says race riots ahead if whites fail to redistribute wealth; PAC to interrogate former Apla commander;

No.42 14 Nov 97: Foreign planning unit to be set up; IFP seeks alliances against ANC; Mangope moved R1.3m offshore; Relations sour between government and business; TRC traces 195 shallow graves;

No.43 21 Nov 97: France denies assassination; IFP members killed by ANC; Jews would support wealth tax says chief rabbi; UDM vies for the floating voter; West Cape constitution approved; Winnie opens her campaign by whipping up anger at ANC diktats;

No.44 28 Nov 97: ANC and nation battle to unravel their Winnie dilemma; ANC suspends PAC MP for naming 'agents' in government; Former guerrillas may be key to spate of farm killings; Subpoena served on PW Botha;

No.45 5 Dec 97: Blanket amnesty for ANC leaders; Goldstone clears truth commissioner of charges; Murders open way for right-wing to mobilise again; Women's League opponents undermine Winnie's bid;

No.46 12 Dec 97: ANC 'did not consult enough'; Intelligence services undermined from within says Mandela; Judge finds no criminal liability for Shell House deaths; KZN officials seek loans; Left caucus' confident of making gains at ANC conference; New black police body 'could unleash race divide'; Report completed on farm killings; TRC pre-empts opposition by going to court on ANC amnesty; Winnie still the wild card as ANC gears up for conference;

No.47-8 19 Dec 97: ANC to oppose W. Cape cabinet; AWB reported to have funded German neo-Nazis; Business 'must be socially accountable'; Corruption believed widespread; Mandela sets tone for hardline Mbeki presidency;

Southern Africa


No.02 17 Jan 97: EU grants $17 million aid package;

No.03 24 Jan 97: Savimbi may be 'adviser' and opposition chief;

No.06 14 Feb 97: Unita expels leading economist;

No.07 21 Feb 97: Savimbi drops 'adviser' bid;

No.08 28 Feb 97: Fresh delays in formation of government of unity;

No.09 7 March 97: Fighting renewed in Cabinda;

No.10 14 Mar 97: Russians to help clear mines; Unita forces in Zaire end myth of total demobilisation;

No.11 21 March 97: FNLA seeks recall of SA troops; Unita MPs arrive but dispute continues on new programme;

No.12 28 March 97: Last hurdles to unity government overcome says Savimbi;

No.13 4 Apr 97: Green light for unity government;

No.14 11 Apr 97: Way opens for new government;

No.15 18 Apr 97: Cabindans seek meeting on future; Demobilisation of 100,000 begins; New cabinet appointed;

No.17 2 May 97: Debt issue looms large for new government;

No.21 6 June 97: Battle opens for Unita's smuggled diamond wealth;

No.22 13 June 97: Fighting intensifies in diamond province of Lunda Norte;

No.23 20 June 97: Differing views on conflict in diamond province;

No.24 27 June 97: Demobilisation of Unita's 'hidden army' is sought;

No.26 11 July 97: Border situation 'tense'; Diplomatic ties with Vatican;

No.27 18 July 97: Unita seeks international support;

No.28 8 Aug 97: Border security tightened north and south to isolate rebels; Washington seeks to secure peace with lure of new diamond wealth;

No.29 15 Aug 97: Unita in last-ditch sanctions offer;

No.30 22 Aug 97: Major oil find will boost government reserves; Unita 'transferring military HQ out of reach' to near Zambia border;

No.31 29 Aug 97: Unita allows Luanda to take control of some of its territory;

No.34 19 Sept 97: Arms build-up mounts as Luanda orders from East Europe; Diamond plan discussed; Macro economic plans need access to Unita territory;

No.35 26 Sept 97: Peace hopes hang on US diamond deal between warring parties;

No.36 3 Oct 97: Deadline extended for Unita;

No.37 5 Sept 97: Mercenaries recruited' as Unita prepares again for war;

No.38 17 Oct 97: Diamond deal gives chance for peace - but Luanda jumps the gun; Portugal seeks oil for debt deal;

No.39 24 Oct 97: Congo take-over will ease Cabinda problem for Luanda; Criticism ahead of PM's visit;

No.40 31 Oct 97: New Central African bloc may counter SA influence in region; Unita sanctions to go ahead;

No.41 7 Nov 97: Tentative economic reconstruction plans; Unita backs off from threat to abandon peace process;

No.42 14 Nov 97: Luanda gives warning to Zambia on Unita flights; Summit 'by end of the month';

No.43 21 Nov 97: Pressure on Unita ally may cut off new diamond route;

No.44 28 Nov 97: Savimbi maps out an ethnic political battleground; Unita divisions become clearer under government provocation;

No.46 12 Dec 97: Unita urges supporters to close ranks behind Savimbi; Savimbi again demands 'special status' in new government;


No.06 14 Feb 97: Mining boosts growth hopes;

No.11 21 March 97: Tourism policy revisited;

No.18 9 May 97: Independent press council ahead;

No.26 11 July 97: Air ready for privatisation;

No.33 12 Sept 97: President reshuffles cabinet;

No.35 26 Sept 97: Debswana head slams policy;

No.36 3 Oct 97: New party faces uphill struggle;

No.37 10 Oct 97: Voting age lowered;

No.42 14 Nov 97: AIDS figures remain gloomy; Masire announces retirement date;


No.20 23 May 97: France loses as new regional balance is worked out; SA presses Kabila to join SADC regional grouping;

No.21 6 June 97: Massacres obstruct Kabila's bid for stability and development;

No.22 13 June 97: Opposition parties join in condemnation of ban;

No.24 27 June 97: Anglo calls for restoration of 'transparent' mine tendering; Kabila puts Belgian visit on hold; SA agents helped smuggle out Mobutu hoard;

No.25 4 July 97: Kabila tries to secure buttress precarious stability;

No.26 11 July 97: Angola, Zambia to train police; Kinshasa cools diplomatic relations with Brussels;

No.28 8 Aug 97: Discussions continue with De Beers on diamonds; EU reopens relations;

No.29 15 Aug 97: Museveni talks of joint ventures;

No.31 29 Aug 97: Plotting' generals top SA agenda;

No.33 12 Sept 97: CIA gave $100m to Kabila;

No.34 19 Sept 97: EU aid made conditional;

No.35 26 Sept 97: Fighting continues against Rwandan-led forces; Israel withdraws security;

No.36 3 Oct 97: Call for opposition conference; Development put on hold with rights issue still unresolved;

No.37 5 Sept 97: Peace continues to elude Kabila;

No.37 10 Oct 97: US corporate giant to write reconstruction plan;

No.39 24 Oct 97: Kabila lobby on the Internet;

No.41 7 Nov 97: Assassination attempts' reveal turmoil in Kabila's military ;

No.42 14 Nov 97: Mobutu's gold hoard discovered;

No.43 21 Nov 97: Bid to retrieve Mobutu gold; SA pleads for time for Kabila to prove credentials;

No.44 28 Nov 97: Battle lines on human rights; Doubts over Bechtel's reconstruction plan; Friends of ' meeting may not yield necessary aid;

No.45 5 Dec 97: World Bank lays groundwork for economic reform plan;

No.46 12 Dec 97: SA sends strong message of support for rehabilitation;


No.02 17 Jan 97: Leadership battle ends in court;

No.03 24 Jan 97: BCP faction fight intensifies;

No.05 7 Feb 97: BCP factions generate instability;

No.06 14 Feb 97: Armed stand-off between police;

No.07 21 Feb 97: Situation tense as Pretoria is accused of fanning confrontation;

No.08 28 Feb 97: Mandela in talks with king and government ministers;

No.09 7 March 97: Political crisis deepens as Mokhehle is demoted;

No.10 14 Mar 97: Pretoria refuses to hand over police mutineers; SA accused of delay on SACU;

No.11 21 March 97: Mass support for Mokhehle;

No.13 4 Apr 97: SA officials hold talks in Maseru;

No.16 25 April 97: Elections body agreed, PM to stay;

No.22 13 June 97: Fears of unrest after 'new' ruling party formed by Mokhehle;

No.23 20 June 97: Demonstrations amid constitutional confusion;

No.24 27 June 97: SA prepared to mediate;

No.28 8 Aug 97: Mokhehle reveals election uncertainty;

No.37 5 Sept 97: Suspended MPs disrupt parliament;

No.45 5 Dec 97: AIDS cases to rise to 40,000;




No.04 31 Jan 97: Senile Banda faces fraud trial;

No.08 28 Feb 97: Chief justice to be investigated;

No.13 4 Apr 97: Date set for Banda's trial;

No.17 2 May 97: Call for talks over strike;

No.18 9 May 97: Strikers return to work;

No.20 23 May 97: Civil servants' strike finally ends;

No.28 8 Aug 97: Court upholds Banda's acquital;

No.31 29 Aug 97: Shock AIDS fatality estimate;

No.41 7 Nov 97: New political party formed;




No.01 10 Jan 97: World Bank approves $100 million loan as investment, aid flows in;

No.02 17 Jan 97: Cashew industry jobs decimated;

No.03 24 Jan 97: More pay for ex-combatants; Renamo threatens poll boycott;

No.04 31 Jan 97: Opposition to developing Indonesian trade links; Renamo seeks more UN cash to pay election bills;

No.05 7 Feb 97: Germany to be main poll funder; Iranian submarine facility denied; Man who signalled revolt dies;

No.08 28 Feb 97: Cell phone contract won;

No.09 7 March 97: 60,000 flee severe flooding;

No.13 4 Apr 97: Delays raise doubts over poll date;

No.16 25 April 97: Government funds for Mosagrius; Renamo confirms participation;

No.18 9 May 97: Opening shots fired in local election campaign; Work on Maputo-Witbank private road in six months;

No.19 16 May 97: Agent held over Palme killing; Renamo threatens to take demonstrations into capital; US soldiers arrive for training;

No.20 23 May 97: $500m pledged in aid; A third of Frelimo's central committee to leave;

No.21 6 June 97: Smaller parties ally with Renamo;

No.22 13 June 97: Date given for first local elections; Germany pardons debt; Police co-operation ahead with SA;

No.24 27 June 97: SA's Gencor smelter will be largest private investment; Sweden cancels debt;

No.25 4 July 97: Peacekeeping role planned; Unita arms report played down;

No.26 11 July 97: Delayed land tenure law comes under the spotlight again; SA farm project begins;

No.29 15 Aug 97: Election registration postponed;

No.30 22 Aug 97: Crack down on passports racket; European aid for local elections; Joint steel project delayed; Unions seek migrant law changes;

No.31 29 Aug 97: Mass defection' from Renamo;

No.33 12 Sept 97: Debt relief expected;

No.34 19 Sept 97: Entry into club of poorest debtors; New SA farmers' trek stalled; Renamo official launches attack;

No.35 26 Sept 97: Cuba wants joint ventures; Lusophone military co-operation;

No.37 5 Sept 97: Call for sharper debt reduction; Last commercial bank privatised;

No.37 10 Oct 97: Conscription law coming soon;

No.39 24 Oct 97: Renamo closes down private radio;

No.40 31 Oct 97: Anti-corruption bill rejected; Unexpected surge in growth;

No.41 7 Nov 97: Levitation allegations;

No.42 14 Nov 97: Local election date finally given;

No.43 21 Nov 97: Cholera epidemic fears;

No.46 12 Dec 97: Attorney-general dismissed; Renamo predicts power sharing;




No.02 17 Jan 97: Bushman arrested in Etosha;

No.04 31 Jan 97: Moscow meeting to develop military pact; US backs investment in Walvis Bay free trade zone against SA;

No.08 28 Feb 97: R1.2bn debt write-off;

No.09 7 March 97: Documents go to World Court; Rains bring hope as budget aims for deficit target;

No.12 28 March 97: Russians discuss co-operation;

No.13 4 Apr 97: Nigerian military officials visit;

No.15 18 Apr 97: Executive Outcomes denies subversion claim;

No.20 23 May 97: Transit agreed for Angolans;

No.21 6 June 97: Swapo congress endorses third term for Nujoma;

No.22 13 June 97: Military co-operation deal with SA;

No.23 20 June 97: Chiefs lobby in Europe;

No.25 4 July 97: Former guerrillas in battle for jobs;

No.26 11 July 97: Closer links with Kinshasa after Kabila visit;

No.27 18 July 97: Opposition slams presidential ban;

No.30 22 Aug 97: Genocide suspect for extradition;

No.37 10 Oct 97: SA security team deported;

No.40 31 Oct 97: Pressure on media set to increase;

No.41 7 Nov 97: Ex- fighters demonstrate;

No.44 28 Nov 97: Lubowski inquest date set; Overspending puts additional strain on economy;

No.47-8 19 Dec 97: Nujoma reshuffles his cabinet;




No.01 10 Jan 97: Angolan government to block Zairean rebel bases; Savimbi agrees to SA peace role after meeting Mandela; Zambia screens Zairean refugees;

No.02 17 Jan 97: Zambian-based Katangans prepare for Zaire invasion;

No.03 24 Jan 97: SA mercenaries on UN agenda;

No.04 31 Jan 97: ANC leaders met with mercenaries over Angola deal; SA police in regional stolen car recovery operation;

No.05 7 Feb 97: Sugar war hots up;

No.07 21 Feb 97: Hopes that Mandela's influence will break Zaire deadlock; Sudan's leaders reported to be seeking arms in SA;

No.08 28 Feb 97: Sudan leader cancels visit; Zimbabwe exercise prepares SA for regional peace keeping role;

No.09 7 March 97: EU fishing call resisted; Sudanese rebels use SA arms;

No.11 21 March 97: SA arms 'used in coup bid';

No.12 28 March 97: Eminent persons' to mediate; SA ahead as Zaire crisis shakes up regional balance; Troops gather for peace exercise; Unita says rebel advance threatens Angolan peace;

No.15 18 Apr 97: Comesa sacks chief; al force backed by Britain;

No.17 2 May 97: Fears expressed as SA's trade surplus with SADC increases; SA hints at military involvement; Zaire war may crack open fragile unity government in Luanda;

No.18 9 May 97: SA moves to tighten border controls with neighbours;

No.21 6 June 97: Mugabe, Annan clash on rights; OAU meeting in Harare changes focus to development; SA mercenaries offered ousted Sierra Leone government deal;

No.22 13 June 97: Resting place for Mobutu sought;

No.23 20 June 97: Partial change on ivory trade; US investment fund set up;

No.24 27 June 97: SADC will suffer a cereal;

No.25 4 July 97: US initiates its crisis force;

No.28 8 Aug 97: Province seeks links with Namibia; SADC fails to agree;

No.29 15 Aug 97: Mandela prestige helps in Sudan; Plotting' generals to be checked;

No.31 29 Aug 97: Bitterness boils over at SA's industrial dominance; Business concerned at Mbeki's 'favouritism' in Congo scramble;

No.33 12 Sept 97: Botswana rejects non-interference; Congo wins membership in sudden expansion of SADC;

No.33 12 Sept 97: Regional force discussed in Bonn;

No.35 26 Sept 97: SA companies get guarantees to invest in risky regions;

No.35 26 Sept 97: Thousands killed in Rwanda;

No.36 3 Oct 97: Cross border anti-crime pact;

No.37 5 Sept 97: SA law will have little effect on demand for private armies; Storms ahead for free trade talks at SADC summit and in Brussels;

No.37 10 Oct 97: Kenyan arms request vetoed; Zimbabwe to use Zambezi water;

No.38 17 Oct 97: Angolan military intervention unsettles Central African stability; Modise sees regional instability ahead, calls for boost to military;

No.39 24 Oct 97: Illicit arms sales to region; Pretoria reveals policy confusion over Brazzaville events; Upgraded power for Caprivi;

No.40 31 Oct 97: US wants international Great Lakes conference;

No.41 7 Nov 97: Territorial dispute in Caprivi;

No.42 14 Nov 97: SA promises to boost ACP case; SA supplied helicopters and pilots to Lissouba in Brazzaville;

No.43 21 Nov 97: SA railways lead the way in expansion north;

No.45 5 Dec 97: AIDS figures revised upwards in dismal picture for region; Unita's new links in the north bode ill for peace;

No.46 12 Dec 97: Rights group confirms SA mercenary involvement in Burundi;

No.47-8 19 Dec 97: Arrested Mobutuist generals 'met with Unita in central Angola';




No.05 7 Feb 97: SA unions back arrested colleagues as crisis deepens;

No.06 14 Feb 97: Workers shot as crisis deepens;

No.07 21 Feb 97: Unions still taking hard line;

No.08 28 Feb 97: Government calls in old debts;

No.09 7 March 97: SA unions trumpet blockade success as strike ends;

No.10 14 Mar 97: Mswati yields to pressure in review of party ban;

No.12 28 March 97: Dismal economic picture painted in wake of strike; Trade unionists to sue;

No.14 11 Apr 97: Fears mount over SA-EU trade;

No.16 25 April 97: Hopes rise for gaining Taiwan's SA investment;

No.18 9 May 97: State will 're-design' editorial;

No.19 16 May 97: Senate threatens to close paper;

No.22 13 June 97: SA help on constitution offered;

No.26 11 July 97: GDP falls under impact of unrest;

No.34 19 Sept 97: Anger at Mandela's 'interference';

No.35 26 Sept 97: Malaria and AIDS to create crisis; SA still seeks reforms;

No.37 10 Oct 97: Legislation to control media;

No.38 17 Oct 97: Strike collapses;

No.39 24 Oct 97: Cosatu meets trade unionists after failed strike;

No.41 7 Nov 97: ANC officials 'banned';

No.44 28 Nov 97: Parliament defers media bill;

No.46 12 Dec 97: Claim laid on part of Mozambique;


Zaire (name changed to DR Congo after rebel take-over in May)


No.04 31 Jan 97: French, Belgian fascists lay claim to mercenary offensive;

No.05 7 Feb 97: Rebels advance as Mobutu's 'counter-offensive' fails;

No.06 14 Feb 97: US urged to take stand on government's use of mercenaries;

No.08 28 Feb 97: Cloak of silence over peace manouevres;

No.09 7 March 97: Angolan forces are fighting alongside rebels says Unita;

No.10 14 Mar 97: France threatens to enter conflict as regional forces gear up;

No.11 21 March 97: Rebels target Lumbumbashi as government crumbles;

No.13 4 Apr 97: Kabila's rebel forces face revolt from their own side;

No.14 11 Apr 97: Concern mounts that foreign troops may enter fray; SA seen as displacing former Belgian, French colonists;

No.15 18 Apr 97: Tensions emerge between Shaba opposition and rebel leader Kabila; Zimbabwe accused of supplying rebels with arms;

No.16 25 April 97: France calls for transitional government, seeks to limit losses; Mbeki warns against threat of secession in deals with Kabila; Museveni's relative 'seeks mining concessions';

No.18 9 May 97: Diplomatic rifts may loom over US covert support for Kabila; Mobutu 'threatens Angolan oil installations with rocket attack';

No.19 16 May 97: Denard's involvement in mercenary operation confirmed; Katangese Gendarmes chief indicates rifts ahead; Pressure on Swiss banks grows; Rebels fear military victory will be thwarted by foreign troops;




No.01 10 Jan 97: Newsweek' libel case for trial;

No.02 17 Jan 97: Barotses 'plotting secession';

No.09 7 March 97: Anglovaal bids for ZCCM copper;

No.10 14 Mar 97: Plea for aid for Zaire refugees;

No.13 4 Apr 97: Cuban doctors to be invited; Hopes for gold mining boom;

No.15 18 Apr 97: Government drops media bill;

No.16 25 April 97: Faction fights inside Unip;

No.24 27 June 97: Emergency call rejected;

No.27 18 July 97: Donors renew aid, conditionally;

No.31 29 Aug 97: Kaunda capitalises on wounding;

No.34 19 Sept 97: 27% will have AIDS in 1998;

No.35 26 Sept 97: Do not press democratisation; News agency to be disbanded; Saudi Arabia plans bank;

No.36 3 Oct 97: Public service strike disrupts;

No.37 5 Sept 97: China's opens first African bank;

No.40 31 Oct 97: Coup bid undermines tales of regional stability;

No.41 7 Nov 97: Chiluba uses coup bid to crack down on opposition;

No.42 14 Nov 97: Donor meeting postponed;

No.44 28 Nov 97: Ex-Zaire soldiers seek to escape;

No.45 5 Dec 97: Chiluba appoints new vice-president, defence minister;




No.01 10 Jan 97: Government to seize white farms;

No.02 17 Jan 97: Zim-SA traffic increases;

No.04 31 Jan 97: Government begins land take over;

No.06 14 Feb 97: Bid to control NGOs thwarted;

No.07 21 Feb 97: Freer tariff regime leaves out SA;

No.08 28 Feb 97: Accusation undermines Mugabe; Thousands clamour for army jobs;

No.10 14 Mar 97: Cellphone scandal deals blow to state's commercial reputation;

No.11 21 March 97: Affirmative action legislation plans criticised as racist; Courts rule no ID cards needed; Reformist newspaper chief sacked; World Bank brings no new cash;

No.13 4 Apr 97: Breakthrough on textile tariffs;

No.14 11 Apr 97: Bishops suppress atrocities report; Bulawayo to get water pipeline; Zanu claims it is infiltrated;

No.17 2 May 97: New tax proposed on idle land;

No.18 9 May 97: Leak of massacre report 'harms reconciliation';

No.19 16 May 97: Inquiry into housing fund; Minister's wife in 'rigging' group;

No.20 23 May 97: Mandela pours cold water on trade deal hopes; MP refuse to ratify airport loans;

No.21 6 June 97: First evening paper launched;

No.22 13 June 97: Presidential interference thwarted by independent judiciary;

No.23 20 June 97: Calls for anti-corruption body;

No.24 27 June 97: Cone assets sold to Iranians;

No.27 18 July 97: Industrial boiling point reached as different sectors strike; Official silence greets report;

No.28 8 Aug 97: World Bank relents on aid after budget deficit pledge;

No.29 15 Aug 97: Government targets white farms;

No.30 22 Aug 97: Mugabe bends as pressure against Zanu fraud mounts; World Bank resumes funding;

No.31 29 Aug 97: Government capitulates to war veterans' demands;

No.33 12 Sept 97: Arms ship 'disappears'; Court cuts off Zanu funding; Military wing challenges civilians in ruling party;

No.34 19 Sept 97: New blow as World Bank retreats;

No.36 3 Oct 97: Farm workers strike over pay; German military aid announced;

No.37 5 Sept 97: Higher threshold for investors; Top Zanu member speaks out;

No.37 10 Oct 97: Fresh borrowing for new items;

No.39 24 Oct 97: Tenders invited for mine-clearing;

No.40 31 Oct 97: Mugabe opens quest for finance;

No.42 14 Nov 97: War of words over trade imbalance flares again;

No.43 21 Nov 97: Government goes ahead with land seizure plan despite crisis; IMF set to bale out government;

No.44 28 Nov 97: Mugabe suggests war veterans get paid in bonds; Sithole pleads not guilty to plotting to kill Mugabe;

No.45 5 Dec 97: SA indicates concern over Mugabe's land take-over; Unions protest against vets' levy;

No.46 12 Dec 97: Mugabe makes u-turn after massive one-day strike;

No.47-8 19 Dec 97: Mugabe again dismisses appeal;




No.01 10 Jan 97: CIA chief wanted SADF backing in Afghanistan, Nicaragua;

No.03 24 Jan 97: Mandela slams US warning on Syrian arms deal;

No.04 31 Jan 97: SA-EU free trade deal likely, but on European terms; US-SA relations set to improve as Armscor case is settled;

No.05 7 Feb 97: Controversial foreign arms sales make up for local orders; Mandela defiant on Syrian arms;

No.06 14 Feb 97: Gore seeks to convince unions to come on board Gear; Syrian arms deal leaked by foreign affairs department?;

No.07 21 Feb 97: ANC gives support to Labour; SA in talks on Hong Kong office; US and SA gloss over foreign policy embarrassments;

No.08 28 Feb 97: EO prepares for fighting in PNG;

No.09 7 March 97: EO force in Bougainville said to include Namibians; Indian Ocean group formed; Nzo presses for deal on Lockerbie;

No.10 14 Mar 97: Asian drive will net R1bn; Beef war with Brussels may sour wider trade talks; First foreign helicopter sale ahead; Swiss give SA tariff preferences;

No.11 21 March 97: EU to boost KZN democracy; Mercenaries eye Middle East; SA government backs off from Syrian arms deal;

No.12 28 March 97: Way opens for SA to join Lome Convention;

No.13 4 Apr 97: India, SA agree on 'strategic partnership', focus on UN; UK is favourite for arms resupply;

No.14 11 Apr 97: SA takes high profile as NAM seeks restructured UN;

No.16 25 April 97: SA hopes for massive helicopter order from Turkey;

No.18 9 May 97: Conflict management conference; French help over illegal fishing;

No.19 16 May 97: SA's N. Ireland talks bid flounders;

No.20 23 May 97: Cuba decorates SA priest;

No.21 6 June 97: N. Ireland relations fail to thaw;

No.22 13 June 97: Closer SA-Libya economic ties;

No.24 27 June 97: EU trade talks creak into motion again after SA presents offer;

No.25 4 July 97: Iranian oil storage 'unlikely'; SA hopes to compensate at WTO for concessions in EU talks;

No.26 11 July 97: France sets about changing its Africa policy; SA hopes for Czech arms trade; SA needs to 'flex its muscles'; SA upgrades links with Algeria;

No.27 18 July 97: Britain, SA set up bilateral forum; EU asked to pay for damage trade deal will cause to region; Mandela baulks at involvement in East Timor issue; NP to help form conservative African grouping;

No.28 8 Aug 97: Gaffes almost sink Mandela's peace initiative; Media wins battle to name Saudis;

No.29 15 Aug 97: Portugal's anger may hit EU deal;

No.30 22 Aug 97: Denial of Iran nuclear claim;

No.33 12 Sept 97: Mandela urges Timor autonomy; SA seeks Brazilian trade; SA visit to Ukraine tied to expanding military links;

No.34 19 Sept 97: Lome ratification now sought; Saudi arms deal may herald end of benefits from regional wars;

No.35 26 Sept 97: Arms will be bartered for Saudi oil; SA slams US proposals on UN; Swiss helped SA buy chemicals;

No.36 3 Oct 97: German visit will inaugurate new bi-national commission; SA military chief visits Saudi;

No.37 10 Oct 97: Bi-national commission in Bonn; Carolus given London posting; German crash was of 'secret surveillance aircraft'; No lobbying for UN seat; Priority for arms counter trade; Question mark over use of Kasrils name in FBI sting;

No.38 17 Oct 97: Empowerment not a priority; EU Christian Democrat institute for Cape Town; Malaysian donations stay secret; Massive Indian arms deal denied;

No.39 24 Oct 97: Algeria asks for helicopter demo; SA flouts US anger, calls for lifting of Libya sanctions; Spain joins offers of counter-trade arms supply deals;

No.40 31 Oct 97: Mandela and Manuel signal unease about neo-liberal policies; Military sale to Algeria casts doubt on arms committee; SA misses out on Lome pact's business opportunities; SA-EU trade talks 'on track';

No.41 7 Nov 97: Chinese visit heralds rapid rise in trade, investment; Despite US disfavour SA agrees to boost Iran links; EU accepts SA's deadlock breaking mechanism in trade talks; FIS appeals for arms block; UK funds boost ANC; Varied finance part of UK offer;

No.42 14 Nov 97: Chinese in deals worth $540m; EU trade talks 'most difficult'; French 'involved in assassination';

No.43 21 Nov 97: East Timorese hopeful for change after Suharto's visit; Saudi oil and arms deal will placate Washington;

No.44 28 Nov 97: Blair and Mbeki agree; Iran 'seeks nuclear technology';

No.46 12 Dec 97: Russia seeks joint deal on upgrading MiGs for Africa;

No.47-8 19 Dec 97: Asian financial crisis will have investment knock-on effects; China ships out N-plant parts

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