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  • Angola
  • v17/01 11 Jan 02
    Tentative hopes grow for renewal of peace process as UN prepares to talk to Unita,
    Angola v17/02 25 Jan 02
    Government seeks new partners for Benguela line,
    Angola v17/03 8 Feb 02
    UN 'going too slow' on peace process,
    Angola v17/04 22 Feb 02
    Unita leader Savimbi reported killed after intense military sweep,
    Angola v17/05 8 Mar 02
    Economic change distant as Luanda fails reform test,
    Angola v17/06 22 March 02
    Scepticism grows about status of government ceasefire,
    Angola v17/07 5 Apr 02
    Ceasefire raises strategic importance of oil issue,
    Issue of missing billions takes gleam off historic ceasefire agreement,
    Angola v17/08 19 Apr 02
    Key conduit for money laundering faces bans,
    Unita seeks to put itself together again,
    Angola v17/09 3 May 02
    Unita officials still barred from free communications,
    Angola v17/10 17 May 02
    Peace forum may pre-empt Unita's re-formation,
    Angola v17/11 31 May 02
    Unita ban lifted but suspicion remains,
    Angola v17/12 14 June 02
    Accusations fly around starvation 'disaster' as Unita numbers swell,
    International forum planned on post-war reconstruction,
    NGO gets under the skin,
    Angola v17/15 26 July 02
    Reconstruction work begins on road infrastructure,
    US seeks 'transparency' over oil revenues,
    Angola v17/16 9 Aug 02
    Unita absorbs breakaway Renovada group,
    Angola v17/17 23 Aug 02
    Cabinda separatists call for an end to hostilities,
    Angola v17/19 20 Sept 02
    Reconciliation exercise 'hides bid to maintain single-party control',
    Angola v17/21 18 Oct 02
    In regional shake-up Dos Santos sends troops to Cote d'Ivoire,
    Political regrouping for elections begins,
    Angola v17/24 29 Nov 02
    SA sends aid cargo,
    Angola v17/25 13 Dec 02
    $18bn investment expected in oil sector,
    Unita and government agree new constitution,
  • Botswana
  • v17/04 22 Feb 02
    Mounting pressure to de-link Pula from Rand,
  • Congo DR
  • v17/01 11 Jan 01
    Dialogue meeting could be postponed as donors wait,
    Congo v17/01 11 Jan 02
    Laurent Kabila's alleged murderer was innocent, says key witness,
    Congo v17/02 25 Jan 02
    Zimbabwe election impacts on inter-Congolese dialogue,
    Congo v17/03 8 Feb 02
    Ahead of 'dialogue' Kabila refurbishes his image,
    World of arms salesmen and mercenaries revealed,
    Congo v17/04 22 Feb 02
    Bid to disarm militias begins,
    Representation disputes multiply ahead of Dialogue,
    Congo v17/05 8 Mar 02
    Talks about substance begin at last - but the clock is ticking,
    Congo v17/06 22 March 02
    Controversial trial of Kabila's alleged murderers,
    Resolve tested in walk-outs and returns to inter-Congolese talks,
    Congo v17/07 5 Apr 02
    Interahamwe issue threatens pull-out and Dialogue,
    Little progress in talks,
    Congo v17/08 19 Apr 02
    Funds for demobilisation,
    Sons at war over Laurent Kabila's patrimony,
    South Africa presses to become major Great Lakes player,
    Sun City talks end with forced agreement but not yet consensus,
    Congo v17/09 3 May 02
    Government signs up to 'conflict diamonds' pact,
    MLC and Kabila 'will form government' despite absence of Rwandan-backed rebels,
    Congo v17/10 17 May 02
    Threat of divide as gap widens between Western and Eastern camps,
    Congo v17/11 31 May 02
    Draft constitution talks stalled,
    Congo v17/12 14 June 02
    Constitutional debate starts as Rwanda prepares to go on offensive,
    Congo v17/13 28 June 02
    War intensifies in East while talks on a transition government make little progress,
    Congo v17/15 26 July 02
    Minerals and energy links keep Zimbabwe involved,
    'Peace deal' leaves unresolved key issue of disarming Interahamwe,
    Congo v17/16 9 Aug 02
    Doubts on SA's peace-keeping capacities,
    US throws weight behind capture of Interahamwe leaders, Rwandan return,
    Congo v17/17 23 Aug 02
    Big fall-out expected from Gecamines mass sacking,
    Peace agreements with Bemba and Rwandans prove difficult to implement,
    Congo v17/18 6 Sept 02
    Kabila buries the Sun City agreement,
    Congo v17/19 20 Sept 02
    More international backing for UN force, but not troops,
    Congo v17/20 4 Oct 02
    Fears of turmoil mount in the east as foreign forces pack their bags,
    Congo v17/21 18 Oct 02
    Diamonds from state company also paid for war,
    Fighting on Rwanda's border,
    State seeks execution for 115 in Kabila trial,
    Congo v17/22 1 Nov 02
    Report fingers top Congolese in Bank's reconstruction plan,
    UN plunder report embarrasses Kinshasa, rebels, IMF and Security Council,
    Urgency of boosting UN peace force grows as UK debates privateers,
    Congo v17/23 15 Nov 02
    Belgian cited by UN arrested,
    Continued fighting damages Kabila and the rebels,
    Key ministers linked to Zimbabwe are suspended, Yellowcake allegedly seized in Tanzania,
    Congo v17/24 29 Nov 02
    Major issues remain unresolved as inter-Congolese dialogue adjourns,
    Congo v17/25 13 Dec 02
    Donors make large pledges, wait for a political kick-start,
    Inter-Congolese dialogue presents study in expectations,
    Rebels fight block on Swiss accounts,
  • International
  • v17/03 8 Feb 02
    African military leaders focus on links between development and security,
    World meetings on Africa mount ahead of G-8 summit in Canada,
    International v17/05 8 Mar 02
    Handling of Zimbabwe crisis will impact on Nepad,
    International v17/08 19 Apr 02
    SA criticises Israel,
    International v17/10 17 May 02
    Missile technology may have been passed to Chile,
    US to give large boost to AIDS funds,
    International v17/11 31 May 02
    G8 steadfastly optimistic on Nepad as clouds gather ahead of summit,
    International v17/12 14 June 02
    SA soft soaps Gadaffi in search for investment,
    US security concerns, oil and Angola's ceasefire overlap as a new strategy is mapped out,
    International v17/13 28 June 02
    G8 focuses on self-policing aspects of Nepad plan, is modest on aid,
    Reparations action may throw spanner in the Nepad works,
    International v17/16 9 Aug 02
    EC to introduce diamond certification scheme,
    SA visit seeks to boost ties with Brazil,
    International v17/18 6 Sept 02
    Enthusiasm for Mugabe's populism deals blow to Nepad at Earth summit,
    Failure to shift US at summit boosts domestic SA Left,
    International v17/20 4 Oct 02
    EU aid disbursements - slowest for the furthest,
    SA sharply rejects UK's Iraq dossier claims,
    International v17/21 18 Oct 02
    SA sees 'dirty tricks' in allegations of nuclear support for Iraq, Senior US officials visit oil-rich Central Africa,
    International v17/22 1 Nov 02
    SA, UK renew defence deal,
    Swiss meeting aims for diamond certification,
    UN should quickly start Iraq arms inspections says SA,
    International v17/23 15 Nov 02
    Pretoria keeps quiet on compensation lawsuits,
    SA insists US is backing its constructive engagement with Saddam Hussein,
    Swiss corporations manoeuvre to avoid apartheid compensation claims,
    International v17/24 29 Nov 02
    Denel in satellite launch talks with Russia,
    Joint assembly cancelled as result of Zimbabwe row,
    International v17/25 13 Dec 02
    Visa ban may jeopardise Africa-Europe summit,
  • Lesotho
  • v17/06 22 March 02
    Focus on court case will put poll under spotlight,
    Lesotho v17/09 3 May 02
    Security conference called just ahead of election,
    Lesotho v17/11 31 May 02
    Electoral model may show the way in other states,
  • Malawi
  • v17/01 11 Jan 02
    Opposition politicians slam coalition government idea,
    Malawi v17/17 23 Aug 02
    Bad governance, ethnic and religious divides underpin food crisis,
  • Mozambique
  • v17/12 14 June 02
    Frelimo picks big businessman Guebuza to be next president,
    Mozambique v17/14 12 July 02
    Underworld life threatens to overcome star growth economy,
    Mozambique v17/15 26 July 02
    AIDS danger to public recruitment,
    Mozambique v17/23 15 Nov 02
    Top members of elite named in Cardoso case,
    Mozambique v17/24 29 Nov 02
    Donors fail to deliver on flood recovery pledges,
  • Namibia
  • v17/16 9 Aug 02
    War crimes alleged in Angolan province,
    Namibia v17/17 23 Aug 02
    Repatriation of Caprivi refugees begins,
    Namibia v17/18 6 Sept 02
    Nujoma takes on information after reshuffle,
    Namibia v17/19 20 Sept 02
    Reassurance on land reform,
  • Region
  • v17/02 25 Jan 02
    Anglo-French entente in the Great Lakes,
    Region v17/03 8 Feb 02
    Large-scale Indian Ocean military exercise begins,
    Trans regional highway will boost economy,
    Region v17/04 22 Feb 02
    SA embarrassed by private security operation in Sudan,
    SA's Indian arms plan builds on integration with European industry,
    Region v17/05 8 Mar 02
    Dead and injured after SA troops in Burundi argue,
    Denmark cuts aid on conflict diamonds issue,
    SA's business and political influence spreads in Uganda,
    Surge of famished refugees from Zimbabwe expected to cross border,
    Region v17/06 22 March 02
    SA troops face increasing risks from Tutsi extremists,
    Region v17/08 19 Apr 02
    Water is high on SA's Congo priority list,
    Region v17/09 3 May 02
    Donors slow to respond to Mugabe's food 'disaster',
    Rebel group may enter talks,
    Region v17/10 17 May 02
    Making a virtue out of necessity, SA prepares to reshape military for regional intervention,
    SA's Burundi force gets renewed mandate,
    Region v17/11 31 May 02
    Burundi faces new violence as peace process falters,
    Uganda seeks military interventionist policy,
    Region v17/12 14 June 02
    SA takes harder line against Burundi rebels,
    Region v17/13 28 June 02
    Familiar tale of mercenaries in Madagascar,
    Heritage fishes in Congo's troubled waters,
    Zimbabwe heads list for workers' rights violations,
    Region v17/14 12 July 02
    AIDS reports may force a change in focus of development policies,
    No 'natural limit' as AIDS continues to rise,
    Skilled and unskilled workers being lost says ILO, Target soldiers for HIV says new report,
    UN Africa economic body may provide peer model,
    Region v17/15 26 July 02
    Eskom seeks share in Uganda's power,
    Tensions mount on Tanzanian border,
    US military training programme is redesigned,
    Warning on democracy despite multi-party elections,
    Region v17/16 9 Aug 02
    Food crisis donations lagging as rainy season approaches,
    Governments move against arms trade,
    Region v17/18 6 Sept 02
    Army at the ready for Uganda's mining interests,
    Money lobby versus anti-poverty group in AIDS debate,
    SA rail company may bid for giant Nigeria contract,
    Wildlife under threat in Congo, Zimbabwe,
    Region v17/19 20 Sept 02
    Action plan against terrorism adopted,
    US naval base will increase military surveillance of region,
    Region v17/20 4 Oct 02
    Optimistic conflict report by Mbeki despite ominous signs from Cote d'Ivoire,
    SADC backs Mugabe but keeps him out of the limelight,
    Region v17/21 18 Oct 02
    After 'conflict diamonds' era comes relief fund,
    Region v17/22 1 Nov 02
    Hundreds of SA mercenaries head for Cote d'Ivoire,
    Nepad peer review pared down to socio-economic functions,
    SA provides more UN aid,
    South African accused of funding Liberian rebels,
    Region v17/23 15 Nov 02
    De Beers wants to return to Congo, Angola,
    Nepad summit decides to handle political peer reviews,
    SA still investigating as reports of mercenaries,
    Region v17/24 29 Nov 02
    Budget lends impetus to SA investment in rest of Africa,
    SA supermarket chain boosts Uganda's organic farming sector, Zimbabwe crisis tied to escalating AIDS and famine threat,
    Region v17/25 13 Dec 02
    International court threat over food issue,
    Peace hopes remain fragile after ceasefire,
  • SA development
  • v17/02 25 Jan 02
    Inkatha takes on government in anti-AIDS drug provision,
    SA development v17/03 8 Feb 02
    Mbeki indicates no change on AIDS,
    SA development v17/05 8 Mar 02
    Free drugs turned down as Manuel warns on ARV cost,
    SA development v17/06 22 March 02
    ANC makes hardline response to challenges on AIDS treatment,
    Black empowerment council to be formed,
    New law for chiefs,
    SA development v17/07 5 Apr 02
    Constitutional court AIDS decision is highly visible blow to Mbeki,
    SA development v17/08 19 Apr 02
    U-turn on HIV treatment for rape victims may reverse wider policy,
    SA development v17/09 3 May 02
    Corruption to be probed,
    SA development v17/10 17 May 02
    Education to be restructured to supply skills,
    Official study launched into AIDS linked deaths,
    SA development v17/11 31 May 02
    AIDS unity congress planned,
    Education department snaps up Microsoft offer,
    SA development v17/13 28 June 02
    AIDS is biggest killer in public service,
    SA development v17/14 12 July 02
    More than half of soldiers unfit for action,
    SA development v17/15 26 July 02
    Central government reproves AIDS fund for grant to KZN,
    Two-thirds of soldiers may be HIV positive,
    SA development v17/16 9 Aug 02
    Cosatu loses 200,000,
    Power plays before summit,
    SA development v17/17 23 Aug 02
    Anglo looks to importing generic drugs for AIDS,
    SA development v17/21 18 Oct 02
    Academy to boost quality of intelligence agents,
    Government now focuses on cost of anti-retrovirals,
    SA development v17/25 13 Dec 02
    Fewer and bigger universities after major shake-up,
  • SA economy
  • v17/01 11 Jan 02
    Perplexed government launches inquiry into Rand,
    SA economy v17/02 25 Jan 02
    Arms deal costs will be hit by Rand's collapse,
    No re-think on Gear economic plan despite currency crisis,
    Rand's collapse to be anatomised,
    SA economy v17/03 8 Feb 02
    Business confidence down,
    SA economy v17/04 22 Feb 02
    Budget puts stress on social spending,
    SA economy v17/05 8 Mar 02
    Denel in French helicopter engine deal,
    Peace breaks out between Cosatu and government,
    SA welcomes US decision on steel tariffs,
    SA economy v17/06 22 March 02
    Rand inquiry fails to find a hidden plot,
    SA economy v17/09 3 May 02
    Weak Rand finally delivers trade boom,
    SA economy v17/16 9 Aug 02
    Rand inquiry fails to find any one culprit,
    Shares fall in wake of mining industry empowerment report,
    SA economy v17/17 23 Aug 02
    Denel back in the red,
    SA economy v17/19 20 Sept 02
    R8bn generated by Earth Summit,
    SA economy v17/20 4 Oct 02
    FDI will not cure mass unemployment says report,
    SA economy v17/21 18 Oct 02
    Accolades all round after agreement on mining charter,
    SA economy v17/22 1 Nov 02
    Boost to investment in Africa from interim budget,
    SA economy v17/23 15 Nov 02
    Optimism on economic front but poverty increases,
  • SA politics
  • v17/02 25 Jan 02
    Foreign affairs in disarray as director quits,
    SA politics v17/04 22 Feb 02
    Break with AIDS policy shows up division in elite, SA politics v17/07 5 Apr 02
    Back from Mexico Mbeki balances between world and local stages,
    SA politics v17/08 19 Apr 02
    Go-ahead for aircraft order,
    SA politics v17/09 3 May 02
    Fresh delay on immigration law as food crisis threatens to boost refugee numbers,
    SA politics v17/10 17 May 02
    General amnesty may follow pardon for TRC test failures,
    Immigration law strains relations with IFP,
    New foreign affairs deputy director-general,
    SACP leader slams presidential attacks,
    SA politics v17/11 31 May 02
    Extended amnesty was sought,
    Funding scandal propels DP off moral the high ground,
    SA politics v17/12 14 June 02
    Alliance-making among black parties follows NNP's shift to ANC,
    Mokaba's death leaves Mbeki unprotected against challenges in ANC,
    SA politics v17/13 28 June 02
    Mbeki brings top intelligence figure into presidency,
    SA politics v17/15 26 July 02
    ANC retains loyalty come what may, report finds, SACP continues in its quest to manage contradictions,
    SA politics v17/17 23 Aug 02
    SA opens up to summit, but government seeks to quell local critics,
    SA politics v17/18 6 Sept 02
    ANC chairman sets sights on premiership of KZN,
    Falling membership and infighting in unions,
    SA politics v17/19 20 Sept 02
    Right-wing plot seen as naive, but included top officers,
    SA politics v17/20 4 Oct 02
    Misjudged strike on privatisation may open way for changed political landscape,
    SA politics v17/22 1 Nov 02
    Brandy and coke bomb brigade strikes again,
    SA politics v17/25 13 Dec 02
    Ahead of congress Mbeki sidesteps Zimbabwe crisis,
    Police claim breakthrough against right-wing bombers,
  • Swaziland
  • v17/06 22 March 02
    EU aid may force governance changes,
    Swaziland v17/17 23 Aug 02
    Alternative constitutional blueprint put forward,
  • Zambia
  • v17/02 25 Jan 02
    Crisis for new government as Anglo ditches mine, Zambia v17/03 8 Feb 02
    EU observer mission declares polls illegitimate,
    Zambia v17/13 28 June 02
    President launches anti-corruption purge,
    Zambia v17/19 20 Sept 02
    Congolese chiefs abandon their homes,
    Vendetta against Chiluba acquires regional dimension,
    Zim farmers move north,
    Zambia v17/20 4 Oct 02
    More scientists sent to uncover secrets of GM food,
    Sexual exploitation in refugee camps,
    Zambia v17/22 1 Nov 02
    Security stepped up on border with Angola,
    Zambia v17/25 13 Dec 02
    Split between president and IMF over privatisation,
  • Zimbabwe
  • v17/01 11 Jan 02
    Zanu seeks to emulate Zambian result,
    Zimbabwe v17/02 25 Jan 02
    After threats EU may follow SADC's line of mollification,
    Development projects fall away after anti-Zanu vote,
    Zimbabwe v17/03 8 Feb 02
    As pre-election violence increases uncertainty grows about how army will react,
    New radio station seeks to get on air,
    Upsurge of political violence marks entry of outside observers,
    Zimbabwe v17/04 22 Feb 02
    IMF sees economic crash,
    Organised violence continues say NGOs,
    Selective 'smart' sanctions rouse suspicions in the ranks of Zanu-PF,
    Zimbabwe v17/05 8 Mar 02
    Lekota spells out ANC's differences with Zanu,
    Zimbabwe v17/06 22 March 02
    Military on high alert despite lack of response for strike or civil disruption,
    Tsvangirai trial may reveal embarrassing background,
    Zimbabwe v17/07 5 Apr 02
    No recovery plan, more land reform as Mugabe clamps down on political protests,
    Zimbabwe v17/08 19 Apr 02
    Libya pulls the plug on Mugabe, concentrates his mind on deal with opposition,
    Workers seize assets at failing gold mine,
    Zimbabwe v17/09 3 May 02
    Mugabe seeks to undermine MDC support as talks face collapse,
    Mugabe's troops may be sticking point in bid for Congo agreement,
    Zimbabwe v17/10 17 May 02
    Government is 'manipulating resettlement figures',
    Zimbabwe v17/11 31 May 02
    Crisis of confidence in opposition ranks,
    Zimbabwe v17/12 14 June 02
    China's pressure likely to be more effective than others',
    Zimbabwe v17/13 28 June 02
    Amnesty report slams government's 'impunity',
    Mugabe battens down hatches, also against close lieutenants,
    Zimbabwe v17/14 12 July 02
    'Gays in cabinet' rumours plague Mugabe,
    Malaysians agree to massive loan for water project,
    Zimbabwe v17/16 9 Aug 02
    Mugabe begins regularising Congo military business,
    Zimbabwe v17/17 23 Aug 02
    Jailed British tycoon alleged to be backing MiG purchase,
    Zimbabwe v17/18 6 Sept 02
    Pleased Mugabe returns home to deal with Zanu succession issue,
    Propaganda increases as 'war cabinet' begins work,
    Zimbabwe v17/19 20 Sept 02
    Chinese funds sought for Bulawayo water scheme,
    Debt crisis deepens as government seeks Congo repayment,
    Food buys support,
    Minister fears assassination bid,
    Mugabe confident ahead of Commonwealth meeting,
    Two-thirds want Mugabe to step down,
    Zimbabwe v17/20 4 Oct 02
    EU quandary over visa bans,
    MDC faces major dilemma after defeat,
    Zimbabwe v17/21 18 Oct 02
    Outside focus on white farmers' plight 'paralysed' movement against Mugabe,
    Zimbabwe v17/23 15 Nov 02
    Changes ahead at intelligence agency,
    Mugabe faces threat of direct foreign intervention on food aid,
    Zimbabwe v17/24 29 Nov 02
    As economic crisis deepens new farmers turn to gold,
    MDC claims ruling party is killing its MPs off,
    Zimbabwe v17/25 13 Dec 02
    Libyans may take control of oil company,
    Mugabe rules out a deal with Tsvangirai,

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