A bulletin of Southern African Affairs

INDEX 2004

Vol. 19





v19/01 9 Jan 04: Calls grow for more SA trade involvement

v19/02 23 Jan 04: Army sweeps through Bié diamond diggings

v19/02 23 Jan 04: Rights group takes up IMF report on missing millions

v19/03 6 Feb 04: Unified army will go on peace missions

v19/05 5 Mar 04: Donors and investors wary

v19/06 19 Mar 04: New constitution is condition for poll

v19/07 2 Apr 04: Ban on GM food angers Washington

v19/08 16 April 04: '60,000 expelled' to regain control of diamond sector

v19/08 16 April 04: Call for more transparency on diamond sector revenues

v19/09 30 Apr 04: 350,000 diamond diggers to be expelled

v19/09 30 Apr 04: Breakthrough on way to lending and aid

v19/10 14 May 04: Falcone issue rumbles on

v19/10 14 May 04: Military blames Church for Cabindan 'banditry'

v19/13 25 June 04: Refugees¹ repatriation soon

v19/17 20 Aug 04: 8,000 refugees return home from

v19/18 3 Sept 04: Relations warm with France after Falcone spat

v19/18 3 Sept 04: Unita returns to talks

v19/19 17 Sept 04: 2006 election to go ahead

v19/19 17 Sept 04: Chinese mega loan released

v19/20 1 Oct 04: Inside view - Dos Santos is likely to survive democracy




v19/08 16 April 04: Diamond record as resources go to AIDS fight

v19/09 30 Apr 04: Official concern at 'hate campaign'

v19/10 14 May 04: Tension boils over in small battle with 's illegals

v19/18 3 Sept 04: Debswana sackings cause concern




v19/01 9 Jan 04: Donors pledge $3.9 billion in new money in display of confidence

v19/02 23 Jan 04: Mbeki's milestone deal with Kabila boosts al integration

v19/03 6 Feb 04: A long way to go for the demobilisation of the ex-RAF

v19/03 6 Feb 04: Aid offered as integration of army hits delicate phase

v19/03 6 Feb 04: Massacre in the east

v19/04 20 Feb 04: Belgian companies pour cold water on Kabila's hopes

v19/04 20 Feb 04: Ongoing unrest in the east delays return of refugees

v19/05 5 Mar 04: Risk for exporters still prohibitive

v19/06 19 Mar 04: 'Generalised concern' over transition, but SA seals pacts

v19/07 2 Apr 04: 'Army of Heaven' at Kinshasa's gate

v19/07 2 Apr 04: 'Uranium leak' likely to be a scam on donors

v19/08 16 April 04: Concerns focus on constitutional provisions

v19/08 16 April 04: Tensions with Brazzaville eased after 'coup attempt'

v19/09 30 Apr 04: Rwandan cross-border sorties threaten peace process

v19/10 14 May 04: Dos Santos 'orders halt to expulsions' of diggers

v19/10 14 May 04: Governor jobs hand-out exacerbates tension

v19/11 28 May 04: Boost to gold production

v19/11 28 May 04: Turmoil in Katanga after governor¹s appointment

v19/11 28 May 04: UN reinforces troops in South Kivu fighting

v19/12 11 June 04: Kabila¹s party leader hit by diamond scam

v19/12 11 June 04: Katangese suspected in attempted coup

v19/12 29 Oct 04: Corruption and slow progress bring on row with Belgium

v19/12 29 Oct 04: Kabila gets slim pickings in parastatals grab

v19/12 29 Oct 04: Wartime deal may hit Washington lobbyists

v19/13 25 June 04: Army chief sacked after coup implication

v19/13 25 June 04: First war crimes court probe

v19/13 25 June 04: SA signs military deal as al tension mounts

v19/14 9 July 04: One year later and the transition hovers on the brink

v19/15 23 July 04: Goma is centre of fresh tensions

v19/15 23 July 04: Monuc seeks takeover of uranium mine

v19/16 6 Aug 04: Fears grow of conflict or secession in the Kivus

v19/16 6 Aug 04: Criminal Court ends visit

v19/16 6 Aug 04: Demobilisation programme

v19/18 3 Sept 04: Great Lakes tension decreases but problems remain

v19/18 3 Sept 04: Mbeki, Kabila sign cooperation pact

v19/18 3 Sept 04: Surge in diamond sales as smuggling is cut to Brazzaville

v19/19 17 Sept 04: Military offensive drives out Kivu rebels

v19/19 17 Sept 04: More 'stimulation' for weak rulers likely

v19/19 17 Sept 04: UN reinforcement debate reveals EU's contradictions

v19/20 1 Oct 04: Key citizenship law approved at last

v19/21 15 October 04: Row breaks out over control of parastatals

v19/21 15 October 04: Soldiers' defection in Belgium signals problems for army

v19/23 12 Nov 04: SA minister warns on election delay

v19/24 26 Nov 04: Brussels and Pretoria agree to train a 'mini-army' ahead of elections

v19/24 26 Nov 04: New tensions as Rwanda sends troops over border

v19/25 10 Dec 04: Parastatal scandal rumbles on after Kabila sacks six ministers




v19/01 9 Jan 04: New 'Millenium' aid will not deflect US security criteria

v19/02 23 Jan 04: Splits in European ranks over  sanctions

v19/03 6 Feb 04: Sexwale involved in UN Iraq oil for food deals

v19/04 20 Feb 04: Ministers prepare for WTO

v19/04 20 Feb 04: SA government digs itself deeper into a hole on Iraq security

v19/05 5 Mar 04: Mbeki tries to extend Œno coups¹ rule to diaspora

v19/05 5 Mar 04: New bid to stop Iraq security gold rush

v19/06 19 Mar 04: Frazer is new US ambassador to Pretoria

v19/06 19 Mar 04: Russian trucks soon for SA

v19/08 16 April 04: EU, SA move into 'special relation'

v19/09 30 Apr 04: Gadaffi offers help in rebuilding Congo

v19/10 14 May 04: Deeper Haitian engagement as Aristide gets asylum

v19/11 28 May 04: As trade booms China is seen as a new model

v19/11 28 May 04: Finding ways to boost Russia¹s image in Africa

v19/11 28 May 04: Israel to close trade office in Johannesburg

v19/12 11 June 04: Bad day for Mbeki and friends at G8 summit

v19/12 11 June 04: Development and security link made in failed states

v19/12 11 June 04: SA Œhelped Libyan nuclear programme¹

v19/13 25 June 04: SA hopes to unlock investment flood from China

v19/15 23 July 04: Free trade talks with US hit election deadlock

v19/15 23 July 04: Massive US arms market finally opens to SA

v19/15 23 July 04: Pretoria agrees to US military training as part of African security scheme

v19/16 6 Aug 04: Government seeks to quash 'al-Qaeda terror' panic

v19/16 6 Aug 04: SA, UK sign military pacts

v19/20 1 Oct 04: More evidence that 'coup' bid was well-known in UK and US

v19/20 1 Oct 04: SA seeks to keep UN competition under wraps

v19/23 12 Nov 04: and Cote d'Ivoire are key topics for Mbeki's visit to Brussels

v19/23 12 Nov 04: New push for market access

v19/24 26 Nov 04: Threat to low-cost ARVs

v19/24 26 Nov 04: US puts on pressure for rejection of criminal court




v19/06 19 Mar 04: Mbeki targets multinational corruption




v19/11 28 May 04: Opposition unites against new government

v19/12 11 June 04: Opposition strikes deal with new government

v19/12 29 Oct 04: Ex-finance minister arrested for alleged graft

v19/16 6 Aug 04: Presidential reforms create tensions in ruling party

v19/18 3 Sept 04: EU waits for results on anti-corruption drive

v19/25 10 Dec 04: UK boost for health industry may herald larger grant aid




v19/03 6 Feb 04: Prime minister announces resignation plan

v19/04 20 Feb 04: Former World Bank economist is prime minister

v19/10 14 May 04: Police arrested after Cardoso's murderer escapes

v19/12 29 Oct 04: Corruption rating high as Frelimo promises reform

v19/12 29 Oct 04: poll observers seek more transparency

v19/12 29 Oct 04: Mandela backs Guebuza for president

v19/14 9 July 04: Frelimo banks on timing and divisions in the opposition

v19/15 23 July 04: Election register massively expanded for December vote

v19/17 20 Aug 04: Renamo guards in gun battle with police

v19/20 1 Oct 04: Guebuza bids for investment but business stays wary

v19/23 12 Nov 04:

v19/25 10 Dec 04: Brazilian steel giant will exploit Moatize's coal deposits

v19/25 10 Dec 04: Low turnout as Guebuza wins by a large margin




 v19/01 9 Jan 04: Overspend on DRC war despite diamond promise

 v19/02 23 Jan 04: Nujoma fails to attend Herero commemoration

 v19/02 23 Jan 04: Troops head for Liberia

 v19/11 28 May 04: Tensions revealed in Swapo

 v19/14 9 July 04: Mega gas power project

 v19/16 6 Aug 04: Opposition criticises Swapo's land appropriation plans

 v19/16 6 Aug 04: SA in cross-border talks

 v19/21 15 October 04: Malaysian fiasco laid at door of Hamutenya

 v19/21 15 October 04: Secret oil vouchers from Saddam denied

 v19/21 15 October 04: Swapo makes land reform key plank of manifesto




v19/01 9 Jan 04: Burundi killing weakens remaining rebels

 v19/01 9 Jan 04: Italy gives E350,000 to peacekeeping force in Burundi

 v19/02 23 Jan 04: Historic agreement on African peacekeeping force

 v19/02 23 Jan 04: Massive pledges for Burundi but peace still uncertain

 v19/02 23 Jan 04: Museveni out of favour in bid for mass party model

 v19/03 6 Feb 04: raises obstacles to Great Lakes conference

 v19/04 20 Feb 04: EU focuses on trade and aid ahead of historic enlargement

 v19/05 5 Mar 04: AU summits clears way for al intervention force

 v19/05 5 Mar 04: Concerns in  after Caprivi trial releases

 v19/05 5 Mar 04: Donors fail to back aid project

 v19/06 19 Mar 04: Mercenary plot gives diplomatic boosts all round

 v19/06 19 Mar 04: Women's rights activist gets top job as SA steps aside

 v19/07 2 Apr 04: Chances for election fade amidst continued fighting

 v19/07 2 Apr 04: Minister warns of SA 'imperialist' image

 v19/08 16 April 04: US organises al anti-terrorism meeting

 v19/09 30 Apr 04: Burundi clashes after ceasefire

 v19/10 14 May 04: EU enlargement and trade are top ACP concerns

 v19/10 14 May 04: No fresh EU support for Botswana's AIDS efforts

 v19/11 28 May 04: African Union launches security council

 v19/11 28 May 04: Ugandan ex-intelligence chief for SA think-tank

 v19/12 11 June 04: Museveni wants SADC security model for Comesa

 v19/12 11 June 04: Nato seeks to bring Cape Verde into its orbit

 v19/12 29 Oct 04: SADC backs Mauritian candidate for WTO

 v19/13 25 June 04: Burundi elections preparations begin

 v19/13 25 June 04: DRC events lend urgency to strategic planning

 v19/14 9 July 04: Amnesty condemns Equatorial Guinea

 v19/14 9 July 04: AU seeks to bring Nepad fully under its control

 v19/14 9 July 04: AU troops for Darfur

 v19/14 9 July 04: French-speaking Africa opposes ivory sale bid

 v19/14 9 July 04: Nujoma suggests copper price control

 v19/14 9 July 04: SA signs Rwandan military deal, as with Congo

 v19/15 23 July 04: Mbeki steamrollers a Burundi deal despite Tutsi rejection

 v19/16 6 Aug 04: Fresh Burundi meeting after Tutsis boycott Zuma

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: Massacre sparks renewed fear of al war

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: Non-aligned focus on foreign issue and avoid

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: SA, France agree to boost Mozambican naval patrols

 v19/18 3 Sept 04: Burundi to set up SA-style truth commission

 v19/18 3 Sept 04: Uganda raises military profile, seeks influence in Congo

 v19/19 17 Sept 04: Burundi referendum may increase tensions

 v19/19 17 Sept 04: SA takes a hand in Museveni's hand-over of power

 v19/20 1 Oct 04: Burundi elections cannot be held before deadline UN admits

 v19/20 1 Oct 04: DRC slams  over fugitive Chiluba ally

 v19/20 1 Oct 04: UN peace force deal reopens debate on private security

 v19/21 15 October 04: turns its attention to n diamond smuggling

 v19/21 15 October 04: Burundi election postponed but tensions remain

 v19/21 15 October 04: Oil price rises boost exploration off and Congo

 v19/21 15 October 04: Shadows hidden in optimistic view of governance

 v19/21 15 October 04: Some SADC countries fail governance test

 v19/21 15 October 04: Uganda seeks southern pact

 v19/23 12 Nov 04: Angolan diamond arrests may lead high up in

 v19/23 12 Nov 04: More aid sought for Burundi and DRC

 v19/23 12 Nov 04: SA to send troops to Sudan

 v19/23 12 Nov 04: UN warns against optimism for Great Lakes conference

v19/25 10 Dec 04: Uganda arms itself for strongerregion al role

 v19/25 10 Dec 04: Lacking military means AU presses diplomacy in crisis




 v19/01 9 Jan 04: Instant fingerprint technique at all SA borders

 v19/04 20 Feb 04: Mbeki's slow roll-out puts AIDS activists in quandary

 v19/12 11 June 04: Purge at arms maker

 v19/12 29 Oct 04: Mercenary law fails to stop police moving to Iraq

 v19/13 25 June 04: Boost for intelligence service announced

 v19/13 25 June 04: New chief for army

 v19/15 23 July 04: Key constitutional issues raised by mercenaries¹ trial

 v19/16 6 Aug 04: Concourt dismisses 'mercenaries' appeal

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: HIV/AIDS in military given as '23 percent'

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: Sharp response follows government attack on media

 v19/18 3 Sept 04: Demonstrator's death spotlights government delivery

 v19/18 3 Sept 04: Land reform funding issue looms larger

 v19/24 26 Nov 04: Africa forays demand rethink on SA military policy

 v19/24 26 Nov 04: HIV threatens elections base says report




 v19/01 9 Jan 04: Unions may seek to regroup to face chill labour future

 v19/04 20 Feb 04: Capital flight involved 'billions' of Rands

 v19/04 20 Feb 04: Mbeki stresses 'developmental state' in further economic swing

 v19/06 19 Mar 04: Black empowerment boosts white women

 v19/11 28 May 04: Growth figures may be amended upwards

 v19/12 29 Oct 04: Exchange control easing and growth increasing

 v19/12 29 Oct 04: No empowerment charter for auto industry

 v19/13 25 June 04: Mbeki in quandary over investment and BEE

 v19/15 23 July 04: Mbeki prepares to follow EU al policy line

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: Arms companies face fines after failing offsets test

 v19/18 3 Sept 04: Warship widens trade gap

 v19/19 17 Sept 04: White collar strike signals Cosatu and ANC tensions

 v19/20 1 Oct 04: Pay dispute ends but economic pressures remain




 v19/01 9 Jan 04: Mbeki to see judge's report on Zuma affair

 v19/02 23 Jan 04: Haiti visit fallout continues

 v19/02 23 Jan 04: Zuma seems clear loser as dust settles on affair

 v19/03 6 Feb 04: Apprehension over ANC-IFP tensions ahead of election

 v19/03 6 Feb 04: De Klerk endorses alliance

 v19/03 6 Feb 04: Government dismisses Tutu's reparations support

 v19/03 6 Feb 04: Mercenary law may be used against Iraq security business

 v19/04 20 Feb 04: More African missions

 v19/05 5 Mar 04: Big companies move to funding ANC

 v19/05 5 Mar 04: Biggest post-election change may be for IFP

 v19/05 5 Mar 04: Government backs down on terror law

 v19/06 19 Mar 04: ANC challenges NNP allies in W. Cape

 v19/07 2 Apr 04: High percentage poll predicted for election

 v19/07 2 Apr 04: Parties turn to mass unemployment issue

 v19/08 16 April 04: ANC gains all provinces in 70% win

 v19/08 16 April 04: Strike threat reveals new political landscape for ANC

 v19/09 30 Apr 04: Mbeki's new cabinet promises steady course

 v19/10 14 May 04: Delivery starts now,  not then, says government

 v19/10 14 May 04: New Nepad appointment

 v19/11 28 May 04: Intelligence services are being boosted

 v19/12 11 June 04: AIDS chief resigns as health minister stays

 v19/12 11 June 04: Pact with ANC appears to herald end for NNP

 v19/12 29 Oct 04: Quest for TRC 'sensitive' documents continues

 v19/13 25 June 04: Mbeki promulgates new party line

 v19/15 23 July 04: African parliament promised conducive atmosphere

 v19/15 23 July 04: Atomic energy body seeks to mop up radioactive waste

 v19/15 23 July 04: Winelands share-out enrages unions

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: French arms maker seeks way out after Zuma case collapse

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: Mbeki welcomes NNP's demise, De Klerk resigns

 v19/18 3 Sept 04: ANC support expands slightly

 v19/20 1 Oct 04: ANC turns on newspaper over travel scam

 v19/23 12 Nov 04: Anti-terrorism law leaves out focus on strikers

 v19/23 12 Nov 04:  and BEE spark new disputes inside ANC alliance

 v19/24 26 Nov 04: Arms deal again questioned




v19/04 20 Feb 04: Emergency declared in face of all-round crisis

v19/09 30 Apr 04: King capitulates on labour law

v19/16 6 Aug 04: Amnesty hits at rights abuse




 v19/01 9 Jan 04: Chiluba trial teeters on brink of debacle

 v19/04 20 Feb 04: Massive strike against austerity plan

 v19/06 19 Mar 04: Barotseland anger over parks lease

 v19/06 19 Mar 04: Maize exports reversed to

 v19/07 2 Apr 04: Mwanawasa seeks to jail Chiluba for car theft

 v19/07 2 Apr 04: SA parks company pulls out

 v19/08 16 April 04: EU education support to counter HIV effects

 v19/08 16 April 04: Key Chiluba witness says he will return

 v19/08 16 April 04: Opposition fails to challenge Mwanawasa in the courts

 v19/09 30 Apr 04: Import duties threaten agricultural good news

 v19/10 14 May 04: IMF gives thumbs up just as oil prices rises hit

 v19/11 28 May 04: Ex-military chiefs on corruption charges

 v19/11 28 May 04: Rwandans told to leave

 v19/12 29 Oct 04: Anti-corruption crusade yields no advance

 v19/13 25 June 04: Obasanjo seeks to stop Mwanawasa-Chiluba battle

 v19/14 9 July 04: DRC still seeking n

 v19/14 9 July 04:  seeks maize imports

 v19/20 1 Oct 04: Angolan opposition leader to be deported

 v19/21 15 October 04: Mwanawasa's business deals come to light

 v19/24 26 Nov 04: Government seeks to quell opposition to its constitutional manoeuvres




 v19/01 9 Jan 04: Mugabe gleans more support in SE Asia

 v19/02 23 Jan 04: Central bank asserts itself to curb inflation

 v19/02 23 Jan 04: Mugabe aide to be freed from jail

 v19/03 6 Feb 04: Government seeks to close down Econet

 v19/03 6 Feb 04: Mbeki presses for formal talks before June

 v19/03 6 Feb 04: Nearly two-thirds of rural population need food aid

 v19/03 6 Feb 04: Zanu retains seat in low poll

 v19/04 20 Feb 04: Sanctions renewed by EU, but without enthusiasm

 v19/05 5 Mar 04: Mugabe clamps down on forex scams

 v19/05 5 Mar 04: Venezuelan deal may bring fresh fuel supplies

 v19/06 19 Mar 04: Mercenaries hand prize to Mugabe ahead of IMF visit

 v19/07 2 Apr 04: Gold scandal sours Mnangagwa's chances

 v19/07 2 Apr 04: Government shows new interest in privatisation

 v19/07 2 Apr 04: New mines draft law mimics SA mistake

 v19/08 16 April 04: UN rights body again stands by Mugabe

 v19/09 30 Apr 04: Cheers for Mugabe herald end of talks strategy

 v19/09 30 Apr 04: Finance minister in court for illegal forex deals

 v19/09 30 Apr 04: Media in frontline of battle for a fair election

 v19/10 14 May 04: Food 'to be used as political weapon'

 v19/12 11 June 04: Grain imports continue despite Mugabe's claims

 v19/12 11 June 04: Officials side-stepped EU forex sanctions

 v19/12 11 June 04: SA again rules out sanctions

 v19/12 29 Oct 04: Cosatu expulsion puts more pressure on Mugabe and ANC

 v19/12 29 Oct 04: Lukewarm NGOs produce ethics code

 v19/12 29 Oct 04: Ugandan expansion for hotels operator

 v19/13 25 June 04: Alarm grows over HIV in armed forces

 v19/13 25 June 04: Applause for Œanti-imperialist¹ speech

 v19/13 25 June 04: China arms purchase confirmed

 v19/13 25 June 04: Equatorial Guinea deal suspected on mercs and oil

 v19/13 25 June 04: Mugabe¹s Chinese opening hits textile industry

 v19/13 25 June 04: 'Nationalisation¹ a product of Zanu infighting

 v19/14 9 July 04: IMF delays expulsion for six months

 v19/14 9 July 04: Mugabe again rules out new talks with opposition

 v19/16 6 Aug 04: Malaysian water project for Bulawayo postponed

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: More trust Mugabe than Tsvangirai

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: NGOs mull over their survival strategy in face of new law

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: SADC sets itself a high standard for forthcoming election

 v19/17 20 Aug 04: World Bank impact was negligible in face of government refusals

 v19/18 3 Sept 04: Injuries and arrests at demonstration

 v19/18 3 Sept 04: Tobacco hits new low

 v19/19 17 Sept 04: Demonstrators target SA, African parliament

 v19/19 17 Sept 04: MDC keeps options open for election

 v19/23 12 Nov 04: Mugabe turns to minerals and Eastern contacts

 v19/23 12 Nov 04: Sharp rise in number of 'illegals' moving into SA

 v19/24 26 Nov 04: Mugabe ensures female presidency but at cost of more divisions

 v19/25 10 Dec 04: Tsvangirai sees no 'seriousness' in SA role




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