Vol. 20 2005



v20/01 14 Jan 05: Swiss lawsuit dropped, funds to return under conditions

v20/02 28 Jan 05: Booming economy brings change of tack on transparency issue

v20/02 28 Jan 05: Expulsions cut diamond production

v20/11 3 June 05: Donors’conference likely to be delayed over oil accounts

v20/14 15 July 05: Opposition concerned about election schedule

v20/14 15 July 05: Opposition concerns grow about election schedule

v20/20 9 Oct 05: Dos Santos seeks to pass the buck on lack of donor support

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Case puts spotlight on operations of elite landholders

v20/22 4 Nov 05: First diamond polishing factory

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Swiss agree to release blocked funds

v20/23 18 Nov 05: Dos Santos promises free and fair elections

v20/23 18 Nov 05: Portugal proposes its own donors’ conference




v20/02 28 Jan 05: Zimbabwean illegals to serve jail terms

v20/20 9 Oct 05: Important players change sides in Bushmen saga



Congo DR

v20/01 14 Jan 05: Election delay sparks violent demonstration and strike

v20/01 14 Jan 05: Hate speech spreads notion of ‘diabolical plots

v20/02 28 Jan 05: Million clients for Vodacom

v20/02 28 Jan 05: Panic lies just below the surface in Kinshasa

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  Anglo accused of paying off rebels at Kilo Moto gold mine

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  SA forces shifted to Ituri as fighting surges

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  Uganda uses ‘rebel groups’ to keep up pressure

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Disagreement on basic structure of state

v20/04 25 Feb 05: IMF warns on economy

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Kabila ‘home truths’ cause anger in Kinshasa

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  Minerals price boom fuels conflict

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  Senate blocks federal state option favoured by ex-rebels

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  UN shows fresh will to quell Ituri conflict

v20/06 25 Mar 05: Belgian-SA rivalries loom despite DRC military pact

v20/06 25 Mar 05: Demonstrations add pressure for speedy agreement

v20/06 25 Mar 05: Kabila seeks Japanese investment

v20/06 25 Mar 05: UN fosters its hard line against militias

v20/07 8 Apr 05: Belgian and SA defence ministers visit

v20/07 8 Apr 05: Hutu rebels still far from effective disarmament

v20/07 8 Apr 05: Kabila’s security police accused of rights abuses

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Fresh UN sorties in Ituri

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Growing concern about transition in EU and ACP

v20/09 6 May 05: Constitution draft gives more power to Kabila

v20/09 6 May 05: Hutu rebels still not disarming

v20/10 20 May 05: Constitution limits Kabila’s presidential powers

v20/10 20 May 05: Constitution limits Kabila’s presidential powers

v20/10 20 May 05: Echoes from the past as Katangese ‘secessionists’ are arrested

v20/10 20 May 05: Echoes from the past as Katangese ‘secessionists’ are arrested

v20/10 20 May 05: SA to help rebuild public service

v20/10 20 May 05: SA to help rebuild public service

v20/11 3 June 05: China scoops up minerals, infrastructure contracts

v20/11 3 June 05: Final date for transition but concern grows on stability

v20/12 17 June 05: Election delay may spark chaos in Kinshasa

v20/13 1 July 05: Brutal police response ensures demonstrations fail

v20/13 1 July 05: Business still not in the picture as reforms are planned

v20/14 15 July 05: Optimism ahead of UN’s largest election operation

v20/14 15 July 05: Optimism ahead of UN’s largest election operation

v20/16 12 Aug 05: Conflict continues in northern Katanga

v20/16 12 Aug 05: Militias in Ituri province

v20/16 12 Aug 05: UN says main business federation is in cahoots with ex-warlords

v20/17 26 Aug 05: Repatriation from Tanzania to begin

v20/18 9 Sept 05: Big mining companies anticipate increased stability

v20/18 9 Sept 05: IMF waives conditions to lend $40m to Kinshasa in ‘fragile’ situation

v20/18 9 Sept 05: Kabila forced to share parastatal top jobs, loses access to funds

v20/18 9 Sept 05: Some progress registered as UN boosts mission

v20/19 23 Sept 05: Neighbouring countries may help disarm Hutu rebels

v20/19 23 Sept 05: Strikers angered by scandals and mismanagement

v20/20 9 Oct 05: Divisions follow increased pressure on Hutu rebels

v20/20 9 Oct 05: Unpublished report on war contracts may rock president

v20/21 21 Oct 05: EU’s plan for Congo River bridge hits an obstacle

v20/21 21 Oct 05: IMF calls high living leaders to account

v20/21 21 Oct 05: Katangan leaders incite hatred against Kasaians

v20/21 21 Oct 05: Uganda seeks to pursue LRA over its borders

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Major copper miner takes on Katangan venture

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Military fraudsters threaten the transition process

v20/23 18 Nov 05: Belgian minister proposes an EU African military base

v20/23 18 Nov 05: Kabila appoints a new finance minister

v20/23 18 Nov 05: Millions register for referendum amid suspicions of rigging

v20/24 2 Dec 05: Crisis between former rebels over amnesty law

v20/24 2 Dec 05: Foreign partners provoke governance row

v20/24 2 Dec 05: SA checks on projects

v20/25 16 Dec 05: Constitutional referendum is a first test for the transition




v20/04 25 Feb 05: Nigeria and SA in opposing corners for UNSC seat

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Pentagon wants increased cooperation with SA

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  Blair report seen as ‘paradigm shift’ in relations

v20/06 25 Mar 05: India makes a play for African business

v20/07 8 Apr 05: Chissano to join UN reform promotion tour

v20/15 29 July 05: Washington angered by China’s Zimbabwe support

v20/16 12 Aug 05: SA joins US military training scheme

v20/23 18 Nov 05: EU approval of chemicals legislation seen as setback

v20/23 18 Nov 05: Two SA security workers killed in Iraq

v20/24 2 Dec 05: Canada to buy more SA armoured vehicles

v20/25 16 Dec 05: Brazil-SA deal on air-to-air missile

v20/25 16 Dec 05: Lisbon aims to become China’s ‘partner in Africa’




v20/21 21 Oct 05: Aid shortfall adds to structural economic problems




v20/01 14 Jan 05: Treason plot claim prompts calls for national unity

v20/02 28 Jan 05: Boost to AIDS treatment

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  Uncertainty on anti-corruption fight after Mutharika bales out

v20/15 29 July 05: Maize exports banned in face of famine

v20/21 21 Oct 05: US ‘al-Qaeda’ concern blocks fertiliser import




v20/01 14 Jan 05: Renamo backtracks from demand to annul election

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  Hopes rise for anti-corruption drive from Guebuza’s new government

v20/04 25 Feb 05: 10,000 new state jobs promised this year

v20/15 29 July 05: Anti-terror, anti-drugs brigades now at airports

v20/19 23 Sept 05: Anti-corruption chief sacked

v20/19 23 Sept 05: Economy continues to grow, leaving out poor

v20/23 18 Nov 05: State finally gets control of Cahora Bassa company




v20/02 28 Jan 05: Caprivi triallists may reject court’s standing

v20/11 3 June 05: Textile sector stumbles as foreign owners pull out

v20/16 12 Aug 05: Nujoma linked to investment fraud company

v20/17 26 Aug 05: Swapo-linked company chief commits suicide

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Pohamba’s anti-graft campaign gets fresh impetus




v20/01 14 Jan 05: Grandiose Inga power scheme is vital for SA

v20/01 14 Jan 05: Oil beckons in Southern Sudan

v20/01 14 Jan 05: Uganda sees security risk in refugee flood

v20/02 28 Jan 05: Cloud over former Burundi leader adds to uncertainty

v20/04 25 Feb 05: SA police head for Darfur

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  Congo conflict speeds up preparations for SADC brigade

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  Controversy over ammunition factory for Tanzania

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  First SA troops fly to Sudan

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  SA companies sell arms in Great Lakes, says Amnesty

v20/06 25 Mar 05: Call for military aid, but poll doubt stays

v20/06 25 Mar 05: Claims by new SA intelligence chief fail to convince

v20/06 25 Mar 05: EU backs Mbeki’s mediation in Cote d’Ivoire

v20/06 25 Mar 05: SA troops’ behaviour comes under spotlight

v20/06 25 Mar 05: Ugandan leader finds route to indispensability

v20/07 8 Apr 05: Papal obstacles to AIDS prevention attacked

v20/07 8 Apr 05: SA tightens links with Sahara

v20/07 8 Apr 05: Sudanese training starts

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Key mechanisms in new ‘architecture’ start to fray

v20/08 22 Apr 05: New timetable for Burundi poll

v20/08 22 Apr 05: SA sends in police armour as Museveni faces civil unrest

v20/09 6 May 05: Civil society in revolt against EU-ACP trade agreements

v20/09 6 May 05: Mali becomes SA’s new strategic partner in West Africa

v20/09 6 May 05: Rapid demobilisation gives SA hope for Burundi success

v20/09 6 May 05: SA agrees to send more troops

v20/09 6 May 05: SA pension funds may go to African infrastructure

v20/10 20 May 05: Burundi’s post-war election campaign begins

v20/10 20 May 05: Burundi’s post-war election campaign begins

v20/10 20 May 05: SA, Nigerian rivalry ratcheted up in ADB stalemate

v20/10 20 May 05: SA, Nigerian rivalry ratcheted up in ADB stalemate

v20/10 20 May 05: Trouble ahead for community split by Zambia-Malawi border

v20/10 20 May 05: Trouble ahead for community split by Zambia-Malawi border

v20/12 17 June 05: Burundi’s local elections raise hopes for regional stability

v20/12 17 June 05: Museveni’s pride dented by Rwandan patrol

v20/12 17 June 05: SA team for Cote d’Ivoire is new call on depleted military

v20/12 17 June 05: World Bank gives out marks for business performance

v20/13 1 July 05: African paralysis dampens Blair’s G8 aspirations

v20/13 1 July 05: License withdrawn for Tanzania’s ammunition factory

v20/13 1 July 05: Military threat looms from Hutu losers in elections

v20/13 1 July 05: Ugandan police use SA supplies to disperse protesters

v20/14 15 July 05: Bid to disrupt Burundi vote fails

v20/14 15 July 05: Poverty, drugs and money laundering linked to terror threat

v20/14 15 July 05: Poverty, drugs and money laundering linked to terror threat

v20/14 15 July 05: Ten million in need of food aid, agencies warn

v20/15 29 July 05: Concern in Congo over Uganda’s military build-up

v20/15 29 July 05: Early warning centre holding up SADC brigade

v20/16 12 Aug 05: Malawi, SA in deal to counter cross-border crime

v20/16 12 Aug 05: SA MPs to visit troops in Congo

v20/16 12 Aug 05: SADC faces severe food emergency says UN

v20/17 26 Aug 05: Burundi president takes over, but risks abound

v20/17 26 Aug 05: Exchange rate concern for SADC business

v20/17 26 Aug 05: SA AIDS drugs company set for Africa sales

v20/18 9 Sept 05: Coup-struck oil territories sign security pact

v20/18 9 Sept 05: Main oil congress heads for SA

v20/19 23 Sept 05: 6,000 troops for SADC brigade

v20/19 23 Sept 05: Burundi’s rebels remain reluctant to open peace talks

v20/19 23 Sept 05: More SA police head for Sudan

v20/19 23 Sept 05: SA French spat prefigures conflict in Cote d’Ivoire

v20/19 23 Sept 05: SA may ditch visas as Zimbabwean refugees flood in

v20/21 21 Oct 05: HIV plus famine adds new dimension to state failure

v20/21 21 Oct 05: Trade union rights violations throughout SADC

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Concerns grow about terrorist fall-out from DRC gold trade

v20/22 4 Nov 05: EU draft legislation may threaten mining industry

v20/24 2 Dec 05: Only Botswana in on target for HIV treatment

v20/24 2 Dec 05: Opposition seeks SA support to free Besigye

v20/24 2 Dec 05: Risk report shows SA and Angola up, DRC ‘dangerous’

v20/24 2 Dec 05: Rwanda, Burundi leaders to form joint military force

v20/24 2 Dec 05: SA navy sees role in peace forces

v20/25 16 Dec 05: Development Bank boost infrastructure projects

v20/25 16 Dec 05: Mbeki’s rhetoric masks impact of SA capital in Uganda

v20/25 16 Dec 05: More pressure on Burundi’s FNL

v20/25 16 Dec 05: Stock market pulls in Southern African investment



SA development

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  Official AIDS figures awaited

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Cemetery spaces filled

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Church battle looms over condoms

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Funding boosted as AIDS devastation becomes clearer

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Land claims further delayed

v20/04 25 Feb 05: New blood test for donors

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  Whites remain pessimistic about future

v20/07 8 Apr 05: SA failing in AIDS treatment

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Erwin focuses on mini nuclear power

v20/08 22 Apr 05: New military chief announced

v20/09 6 May 05: Row breaks over costs of Airbus project

v20/09 6 May 05: US gives R300 million more for military AIDS research

v20/11 3 June 05: Riots may be harbinger of the future

v20/15 29 July 05: Foreigners may be called in to solve local council failings

v20/15 29 July 05: Land summit heralds change in official policy

v20/15 29 July 05: State intervention role stressed by Mbeki

v20/16 12 Aug 05: More funding sought for attack helicopter

v20/18 9 Sept 05: Ageing military to get more recruits

v20/20 9 Oct 05: Missiles head list of recent arms purchases

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Empowerment rules changed



SA economy

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  Cheap banking deal shows ‘informal’ accumulation levels

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Foreign affairs spending grows

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Increased demand but small rise in military budget

v20/07 8 Apr 05: Military offsets fail to materialise

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Arms producer to focus on peace force role

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Concern grows about size of US dollar holdings

v20/10 20 May 05: Moves to integrate diplomacy with business expansion

v20/10 20 May 05: Moves to integrate diplomacy with business expansion

v20/11 3 June 05: ANC moves to ease labour regulations

v20/12 17 June 05: Paean of praise for SA and call for labour flexibility

v20/16 12 Aug 05: Gold miners’ strike seen as political challenge to Mbeki

v20/20 9 Oct 05: India threatens arms deals, but Denel likely to weather the storm



SA politics

v20/01 14 Jan 05: Neo-liberal ANC looks back to Freedom Charter and RDP

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  After polarization Mbeki seeks to placate whites and the Left

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  Bid to uncover party donations goes to court

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  Police rescue ANC leaders from protest over services

v20/06 25 Mar 05: Killing of ANC official spotlights local tensions

v20/06 25 Mar 05: Tutu’s criticism still rankles, ANC prepares counter-attack

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Anti-terrorism law for SA, but SADC region lags

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Bid to make party donations transparent fails

v20/10 20 May 05: Factions seen behind official engagement with private grief

v20/10 20 May 05: Factions seen behind official engagement with private grief

v20/11 3 June 05: Newspapers gagged over ANC oil scam report

v20/11 3 June 05: Rough ride for Mbeki in face of riots and scandals

v20/11 3 June 05: Shaik case revives arms deal suspicions

v20/12 17 June 05: International and domestic considerations in Zuma’s sacking

v20/12 17 June 05: Mutiny in ANC as provincial racial balance breaks down

v20/12 17 June 05: Views on official corruption improve - except for president’s office

v20/13 1 July 05: Mbeki seeks to hold the ANC to its traditional course

v20/14 15 July 05: Ministers implicated in Oilgate

v20/14 15 July 05: Sense of crisis grows in ANC as ‘Oilgate’ follows Zuma affair

v20/14 15 July 05: Sense of crisis grows in ANC as ‘Oilgate’ follows Zuma affair

v20/15 29 July 05: Mbeki’s popularity soars over Zuma case, but not in ANC

v20/15 29 July 05: Whites join ANC Youth League

v20/17 26 Aug 05: Mbeki seeks to thwart development of new bloc around Zuma

v20/19 23 Sept 05: ANC seeks to develop Black capitalists and keep them at bay

v20/19 23 Sept 05: New party breaks away from Inkatha

v20/20 9 Oct 05: Curtailing Scorpions may end probe into magnate’s affairs

v20/21 21 Oct 05: Mbeki seeks to quash local level corruption

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Intelligence chief suspended in latest Zuma affair twist

v20/22 4 Nov 05: UN report on Iraq oil adds to ANC’s tribulations

v20/23 18 Nov 05: Shackland revolt will boost Left and Zuma camp

v20/24 2 Dec 05: Rape charge drains support from Zuma




v20/02 28 Jan 05: Strike fizzles out as soldiers block off capital

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  Foreign aid sustains royals, official admits

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  Mbeki seeks to bring embarrassing king to heel

v20/06 25 Mar 05: Anti-corruption action to counter massive fraud

v20/06 25 Mar 05: Opposition parties fail in court plea to lift ban

v20/08 22 Apr 05: AIDS effect starts to cut into civil service

v20/10 20 May 05: Church leaders protest against constitution

v20/10 20 May 05: Church leaders protest against constitution

v20/12 17 June 05: Contested constitution finally adopted

v20/14 15 July 05: King baulks at new constitution

v20/14 15 July 05: King baulks at new constitution 

v20/15 29 July 05: King finally signs constitution

v20/18 9 Sept 05: Civil society registers objections to constitution

v20/20 9 Oct 05: Arson attacks as king calls on Swazis to back constitution

v20/23 18 Nov 05: Tentative hopes for parties ahead of new constitution




v20/01 14 Jan 05: Protests mount over constituent assembly

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  Chiluba group reveals large fifth column in ruling party

v20/03 11 Feb 05:  UK promises debt relief, aid

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Malnutrition in refugee camps

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Mwanawasa baulks at further electoral reform

v20/06 25 Mar 05: Mumba seeks to oust Mwanawasa at MMD convention

v20/07 8 Apr 05: Mwanawasa changes adamant stance on constitution

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Presidential reputation sinks after bribes claims

v20/10 20 May 05: Opposition demands end to aid as president stalls

v20/10 20 May 05: Opposition demands end to aid as president stalls

v20/11 3 June 05: Allegiance plea buys corruption charge indemnity

v20/12 17 June 05: Good governance kudos may be lost ahead of G8 summit

v20/12 17 June 05: Opposition leader under treason charge cloud

v20/13 1 July 05: Constitutional draft welcomed, but timing remains an issue

v20/13 1 July 05: Opposition plans to impeach president

v20/14 15 July 05: Mwanawasa keeps control of MMD

v20/14 15 July 05: Mwanawasa keeps control of MMD

v20/15 29 July 05: Mwanawasa jails opposition chief alleging sabotage

v20/17 26 Aug 05: Civics warn of chaos as Mwanawasa backtracks

v20/18 9 Sept 05: $564m in copper exports despite production fall-off

v20/19 23 Sept 05: Mwanawasa warns on constitutional protests

v20/20 9 Oct 05: Riot police out as fuel crisis deepens

v20/21 21 Oct 05: Total likely to go after ‘scapegoating’

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Chinese firm invests $20m in copper mine

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Registration raises fears of another rigged election

v20/23 18 Nov 05: HIV test becomes necessary hurdle for presidential hopefuls




v20/01 14 Jan 05: Pro-Mnangagwa demonstrators challenge Mugabe

v20/02 28 Jan 05: Economic turnaround anticipated after election hurdle

v20/02 28 Jan 05: SA turns the heat on slightly as it faces election decision

v20/04 25 Feb 05: Voters agree that parties do not reflect their concerns

v20/05 11 Mar 05:  More signs that Mbeki is backing Mugabe to win election

v20/07 8 Apr 05: Brain drain is fatal flaw in plans for economic recovery

v20/07 8 Apr 05: Campaign begins to re-open Commonwealth doors

v20/07 8 Apr 05: Ethnic and class divisions exacerbated by election

v20/07 8 Apr 05: SA business concerned about economic crisis

v20/07 8 Apr 05: SADC and SA enthusiastic, AU muted, West antagonistic

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Major Chinese arms purchase is riposte to EU arms embargo

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Mugabe moves to neutralise Karanga backlash

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Mugabe turns to the East for economic help

v20/08 22 Apr 05: Price controls ordered as food costs rise

v20/09 6 May 05: Devaluation ahead for rapidly collapsing economy

v20/10 20 May 05: Coal concessions handed out in ‘Look East’ policy

v20/10 20 May 05: Coal concessions handed out in ‘Look East’ policy

v20/10 20 May 05: Mugabe seeks greater control of patronage system

v20/10 20 May 05: Mugabe seeks greater control of patronage system

v20/11 3 June 05: Clean-up operation seen as punishment

v20/11 3 June 05: Currency devalued in bid to ease forex shortage

v20/11 3 June 05: Mujuru gets into lucrative chrome production

v20/11 3 June 05: Unions are next on Mugabe’s list

v20/12 17 June 05: National strike attempt suppressed

v20/13 1 July 05: AU and SA ride criticism of failures to act on Mugabe

v20/14 15 July 05: Confident Mugabe rejects African pleas

v20/14 15 July 05: Confident Mugabe rejects African pleas 

v20/15 29 July 05: Appeal for humanitarian aid

v20/15 29 July 05: Dissidents in Zanu-PF angle for ‘Third Force’ alternative party

v20/15 29 July 05: Mbeki indicates he may pay off Mugabe’s IMF debt

v20/16 12 Aug 05: Eastern Europe style reforms ahead?

v20/16 12 Aug 05: Economic conditions set as a route to political change

v20/17 26 Aug 05: Charges against bishop show up divide in Church community

v20/17 26 Aug 05: Mugabe plays hard-ball as deadline for IMF expulsion nears

v20/17 26 Aug 05: Quarter of population has fled, most whites gone

v20/17 26 Aug 05: State ends grain monopoly and admits food crisis

v20/17 26 Aug 05: Zanu elite anticipates change, targets green belt farms

v20/18 9 Sept 05: Government opens way for reform, admits need for IMF funds

v20/20 9 Oct 05: Restiveness in army over wages and food

v20/21 21 Oct 05: Behaviour change credited for decline in AIDS

v20/21 21 Oct 05: MDC split may open way for Tsvangirai initiative

v20/21 21 Oct 05: Mbeki warns on fall-out for SA from collapse

v20/21 21 Oct 05: Most graduates are preparing to emigrate, survey shows

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Foreign money claim focuses police on MDC funding

v20/22 4 Nov 05: Mbeki does deal with Mugabe on fighter pilot training

v20/22 4 Nov 05: SA lags on asylum bids by refugees

v20/23 18 Nov 05: ‘Commandist’ bid to revive agriculture

v20/23 18 Nov 05: Power crunch looms for resolving foreign investment issue

v20/23 18 Nov 05: Unions attempt confrontation as opposition splits

v20/24 2 Dec 05: Security pact positions SA for transition


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