Short Guide to the Democratic Republic of Congo

A concise introduction for all those in the humanitarian, diplomatic and business worlds who are about to take the plunge at an exciting moment in the DRC's history.

• Practical setting-up help
• Lists of key figures, addresses and contacts
• Interviews with the leading figures in Congolese political and economic life
• Official regulations

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Published by SouthMedia

The October 2006 elections in the DRC were the first step in the establishment of a legitimate authority in the country and the beginning of reconstruction after long years of plunder and war.

Already foreign companies are taking a fresh look at the vast possibilities the country offers. Development and humanitarian agencies are planning visits over the elections and after.

But newcomers are often at sea in the turbulent social and business scene in the DRC.

What security arrangements should you make; where is the translator; where should you stay; where do you find a phone or a car?

And for your business visits - what is the current government thinking; what are the regulations; and most important - who are the key players?

Now we can put SOUTHSCAN correspondents' experience at your service in this concise version of our successful 'Practical Guide to the DR Congo' - for an introductory price of just $25.

The Short Guide - 30 pages - is available as a printable booklet in PDF format on CD-ROM; or it can be emailed to you direct.

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